MI State Senator files a series of complaints against Dominion CEO

Peloni:  Patrick Byrne has been anticipating this event for the past several months, and Byrne discussed it brieflyin the past few days when he described the fallout surrounding the Uppercut being delivered to the SCOTUS.  I am honestly amazed that this story is not being reported elsewhere.

Peloni    April 17, 2024

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Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck:

“What we’re doing today is filing a series of complaints that alleged that during the December 15 2020, testimony of dominion CEO John P for the Michigan Senate oversight committee, that we have documented evidence that alleges 15 counts of criminal perjury during that testimony.  And as a result that testimony was put into … let’s just say less than professional Michigan Senate Report that came to some conclusions based on that testimony that should be called into question based on this new evidence.
“And by the way we this is almost over three years after the election was conducted, and a lot of people are struggling with why did it take so long to get access to this information.  Well I’ll tell you why: more and more of our election activities are being outsourced to non-government organizations like Dominion voting systems.  I can’t issue a Freedom of Information Act request for internal Communications to Dominion.  I required a lawsuit, I required discovery, I require a criminal investigation, something along those lines in order to get access to that information.  We didn’t have that access until recently.

“Attorney Stephanie Lambert, who was a counsel for Patrick Byrne in his defamation lawsuit involving Dominion, obtained documents that involved internal emails from Dominion that indicate there was criminal activity going on in a civil lawsuit.  As an attorney Stephanie Lambert was obligated to report her findings in Discovery to law enforcement, which she did.  She shared that information with Sheriff Dar Leaf of Barry County Michigan.

“Now Sheriff Leaf proceeded to present that information online.  Once it was available online, it was public information and investigators such as myself and others were able to review that information and connect the dots to a variety of claims made about the 2020 election including the testimony made by Dominion CEO John Poulos.

“So what we’ve just done today..[is] filed a request for a criminal investigation into these perjury charges [to] be conducted by the Secretary of Senate in concert with the sergeant of arms which are police officers as you may know.  We provided the legal grounds for that investigation, that’s in the cover letter that was submitted to them.  We also plan on going to Michigan Attorney General’s office in filing the same complaint, and we will file the same complaint with the state police.

“And we encourage everybody who’s listening to this to go to MIGrassrootsalliance.org, download the complaints for yourself, and file it with your own lawful law enforcement.   Everybody is impacted by this not just the folks here in Ingam County, not just the folks that work inside the capital building.  We’re talking about all Michigan citizens are impacted by the Integrity of information that was presented before the Senate during that testimony.

“And I’ll just encourage everybody to investigate it.  There’s going to be a lot of media stories about what the contents were of these complaints, and they’re going to try to debunk it. I just encourage everybody that’s here to actually read it for themselves, and then compare the news stories that are presented with the contents that are presented.  And you guys make your own decisions because this has been going on for too long.

“We’ve got an election coming up here in 2024, we just had a special election yesterday, and the time for action is long overdue.”



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  1. Thank you for posting this article. I agree it is damning that this receives no MSM coverage. But that fact is important. It tells us how hard the deep state is working to try to hide all their crimes. It is not just the deep state, this includes members of Congress who are now working to protect the deep state from We the People.

    This is just one of many efforts being undertaken in all the states where ballot fraud has taken place in multiple elections.

    Little by little the truth is leaking out and Americans (most of whom have given up on the MSM) are seeing the pattern of criminality, deceit, lying to the voters, and obstruction of justice carried out at the state and federal level.