A Third Lebanon War? | Miri Eisin on the Risk of War with Hezbollah and Iran

Miri Eisin, State of a Nation with Eylon Levy    April 17, 2024

Somewhat overshadowed by the Gaza war, Hezbollah has been consistently firing rockets at Israeli towns since October 7, forcing the mass evacuation of more than 60,000 Israeli civilians, and a no-man’s-land security perimeter inside Israeli territory.

So far, Hezbollah’s aggression has not broken out into a larger war. But Israel now faces a strategic and moral problem. Will it be forced into a full-scale escalation in Lebanon before it can send its citizens home and its children to school? Or is there a chance of a diplomatic solution?

Miri Eisin, a retired IDF colonel, expert in military intelligence, and government spokesperson during the Second Lebanon War answers this question. She’s spent the last few years mapping out this scenario and its consequences.

In a difficult and frank conversation, Miri outlines the genuine dilemmas Israeli leadership faces in the days ahead, what ordinary Israelis should anticipate, and how they can prepare.

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