8 Disturbing Similarities between the Democrat and Nazi Parties

By D. Parker, AM THINKER

Steve McCann’s “Eight Startling and Uncomfortable Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party” was just the tip of the National Socialist iceberg.

The fascist far left have always had to lie to survive.  They’ve always been on the wrong side of history, and the only way they can remain viable is by gaslighting people on a full-time basis.  For decades, their biggest lie has been that the supposedly pro-freedom side of the political spectrum, imbued in the precepts of individual liberty and limited government, is somehow connected to totalitarian collectivist regimes that displayed the exact opposite of those values.

Anyone who has debated leftists for the past few decades has been subjected to the same bluff abuse in their trying to maintain that nonsensical lie.  But the close similarities between fascism and communism have been obvious for at least 75 years:

“In certain basic respects — a totalitarian state structure, a single party, a leader, a secret police, a hatred of political, cultural and intellectual freedom — fascism and communism are clearly more like each other than they are like anything in between”. 

—Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Associate Professor of History at Harvard, New York Times Magazine, Sunday, April 4, 1948

Even if you set aside the preposterous argument that totalitarians would also be proponents of liberty and limited government, there are still a myriad of parallel characteristics between the Democrat party and the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party.  That’s what was so startling about the first eight ways.

Our follow-up along those lines will make the case even more.

1. Democrats and the Nazis were/are obsessed with gun confiscation.

We’ll start with the one issue the fascist far left never bring up when they try to make their absurd claims: that the Democrats and the Nazis were obsessed with gun confiscation.  You will never hear them try to make this accusation of the pro-freedom right because even they know that their lies can only carry them so far.  This obvious common collectivist trait also destroys the far leftist mythology of the “party switch,” which supposedly took place sometime in the late ’60s.  This was one glaring item that didn’t switch, so they avoid mentioning it.

Anyone who has been paying attention for the past few years knows that saying that the Democrats are obsessed with gun confiscation is an understatement of massive proportions.  Every day, it seems they’ve come out with a new scheme on the national, state, and local levels to deprive the people of their commonsense civil rights.

2. Democrats and Nazis are collectivists.

There are essentially two political philosophies: individualism and collectivism.  The fact is that all academic disciplines are based on foundational principles, and this is an ironclad rule that separates the two sides of the political spectrum and also eviscerates the fascist far left’s biggest lie.  According to F.A. Hayek, students today are often taught that on the imaginary “political spectrum,” socialism and communism are “left of center,” and capitalism and fascism are “right of center.”  This is frightfully misleading.  Socialism, communism and fascism are all peas in the same collectivist pod.  Hayek held that they all despised both competition and the individual, and he was precisely right.

3. The overarching philosophy of both Democrats and Nazis is centralized control.

The individualists on the pro-freedom side of the political spectrum favor liberty and limited government.  The collectivists of the anti-liberty side of the political spectrum favor control and unlimited government.  This can easily be seen in the Democrat’s obsession with controlling not only basic liberties, but also gas stoves, dishwashers, and air-conditioners.

In the case of the German National Socialist Labor Party, this was set out as point 25 in their 25-point program:

25. In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.

4. The centralized collectivist control philosophy of the Democrat and Nazi parties is epitomized in the phrase “the Common Good” (Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz in the original German).

How many times have you heard the fascists of the far left parrot the phrase “the Common Good” when trying to shove a draconian, authoritarian rule down our throats?  The COVID crisis was particularly egregious in this regard, exemplified by this piece in USA Today: “The COVID culture war: At what point should personal freedom yield to the common good?”

5. Far-left fascists of the Democrat and Nazi parties see force as means to their political power.

While the German national socialist party exploited force, Democrats started the practice with the KKK and perfected it with the Burning, Looting, and Murder riots during the summer of 2020, making it clear to everyone that if they didn’t get their way, the BLM violence would continue.

The tradition continues with Mr. Liberty Control himself, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), threatening a “popular revolt” if they don’t get their way in ramming the pre-stages of gun confiscation down our throats.

6. Democrats and Nazis are proponents of single-party systems.

It should also be obvious that the authoritarians of the far left would love to keep everything nice and simple with a single party — theirs.  This is why the Nazis attacked the rival collectivists of the communist party.  Just like the rival factions of Islam, they had the same ideology; it’s just that they wanted to be the people in control.

This was exemplified in a piece from the New Republic, “The Constitution Is the Crisis,” with this lovely quotation: “We’ve seen multiple periods of one-party dominance in our history; we’ve also seen defeated political parties wither and die. Why shouldn’t the Republican Party join them?”

7. Democrats and Nazis are fascistic.

You can always tell when a leftist defines fascism, because aside from the inevitable circular logic that supposedly prevents them from being fascist, such as oh, so cleverly labeling themselves as “anti-fascist,” they will define the term based on an arbitrary set of subjective (and thus meaningless) criteria.

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  1. @FelixQuigley The short answer is ‘No’. The long answer requires a lot more explanation. Let’s just say, I am no stranger to Jews, Judaism, Zionism, and Israel.

  2. Raphael … Are you Jewish. Just curious. This is the smartest by far comment I have ever read on Israpundit since Joseph was here. And it is not flannel it’s concrete and is a guide to action. So brave.

  3. As @peloni and others have said, the alliance between Russia and Iran is very troubling. Aside from their historical affinity, we have only the west to thank for pushing them closer together. I wonder, though, if perhaps Russia might not have the potential to be a moderating factor on Iran. Israel’s main problem as I see it, is that it has become vassal of the US. This hasn’t been good for Israel. The US is still pushing for a two-state solution, and routinely threatens Israel on a variety of other issues. Just consider, however, that with Russia’s mediating influence, China and India are now working together. If Israel indicated a willingness to distance itself from Washington, perhaps Russia could act as a buffer between Iran and Israel. The world is in the process of realigning itself, and the west is getting weaker, so perhaps its time to start thinking outside of the box.

  4. Peloni

    I am puzzled. Where are we disagreeing?


    “I would suggest that Israel make the effort to increase her ties with Russia but with less solidarity than I believe to be desired by Felix.”

    Means what?

    Actually my position too.

    You are never concrete always abstract. Another word to describe that is WAFFLE.

    I always refer this terrible situation to the NeoCons war in Ukraine.


    TROTSKY was always concrete and very specific on every question eg Spanish Civil War

  5. @Felix

    “yes Russia is allied with Iran but not on Israel and on Jews”

    Russia no longer cooperates with Israel in Syria, is buying weapons from and selling weapons to Iran. Russia is a nuclear power and may already be giving technical assistance to Iran which has crossed the nuclear threshold. Russia always votes for sanctions against Israel when they come up in the UN General Assembly and Security Council of which Russia is a permanent member. Russia has fraternal relations with Fatah and Hamas both, as well as Syria, not to mention, Hezbollah.

    What change of leadership will change that? Where? Russia hasn’t changed its stance since the Soviet days and how long has Putin been there? Israeli leadership has no control over Russia’s vote. You are blaming the victim, here.

    Only the U.S. under Trump put sanctions on the ICC on behalf of Israel. The U.S. has nearly always blocked sanctions against Israel.

    Russia has always been against Israel with the exception of two short lived moments in which Russia sought to play off Israel against first Great Britain and later, the US under Obama behind the scenes at Netanyahu’s request.

    Moreover, Russia, along with Iran, backs Armenia against Azerbaijan which backs Israel against Iran. Armenia has no diplomatic relations with Israel. Azerbaijan has an embassy in Israel and has broken off relations with Iran.

    “Russia to buy SU-35 planes from Iran – Iranian broadcaster”


    “Iran to buy Russia’s fighter jets”


    “Russia’s Aeroflot sends aircraft for repair in Iran”


    “Report: Hezbollah to send hundreds of fighters to Russia.”


  6. @Felix

    @Sebastien, I think your attempt to convince Felix has been quite articulately explained. Felix is simply not predisposed to accepting views which he does not already support, which are fairly focused on Russia’s interests over Israel’s. Of course, Israel would be well disposed of gaining Russia’s support, but she should be cognizant of her own interests in doing so, or she would simply be swapping a sycophantic position with the US for that with Russia, which would not in any way advantage Israel, herself.

    @Felix, the alliance between Russia and Iran is a very troubling concern, and always has been. In truth and in all fairness, it has been fostered and enhanced by the specific loopholes in the US sanctions program targeted against Russia over the years which have allowed Russia to specifically aid Iran’s nuclear program, but these loopholes have had their effect and continue to do so to this very day. It has aided Russia’s ability to carry on trade with Iran and has aided Iran’s ever expanding nuclear program, and all of this predated the Russian purchase and employment of Iranian arms purchases, to the level that these purchases are actually taking place. Also, the Russian arms purchases and notoriety of their battlefield successes have had a force multiplier benefit for Iran which is all by itself an issue of concern for Israel. Furthermore, the political ties between Russia and Iran which have been intensifying since before the Iraq war have only increased since the war began, and, as Israel’s existential enemy, empowered with the US support of its nuclear program, this is a particularly concerning development which has only increased since the Ukraine war broke out.

    There is, however, an important context to remember in this alliance between Russia and Iran, and that is that both Russia and Iran are particularly independent of each other. So while Russia’s ties are strengthening with Iran, they are in no way dictated by Iran. If you have not watched the interview by Alex Grinberg I highly suggest you take the time to do so (the audio is terrible but his perspective is an important one to consider) :
    Consequently, Russia’s position with Iran is subject to be influenced by Israel’s actions. Unfortunately, Lapid’s actions at the UN leading the American anti-Russia agenda following the Bucha propaganda campaign particularly influenced Russia in the wrong direction, and this has had its effect. Personally, I still hold out hope for Russia to be influenced back towards Israel. Israel’s position in the region is a particularly important one, and her alliance with the US has been, if we are to be generous, providing a diminishing benefit. Both Israel and Russia could benefit from an arrangement of support from each other, and doing so could also cause the US to pay closer attention to the interests of Israel over that of the US allied Iranians.

    Indeed, Iran numbers both the US and Russia among her allies, but Russia does so for her own advantage, while the US does so for the advantage of Iran, which has always been a discouraging point of concern for Israel. In fact, the faithful ties by Israel to the interests of the US has failed to maintain a faithful support of Israel’s interests by the US. With specific regard for the US support of Israel in the UN, the US uses its support as Israel’s only ‘friend’ at the UN in a way which is both abusive and controlling, which is at least in part a cause for her to cedes undue deference over its domestic sovereign affairs to the whims of the US, even as the US govt is currently financing riots in the streets of Jerusalem and across Israel.

    The goal of Israel seeking support from Russia at the UN has its significant benefits, but not just for Israel. Indeed, simply upsetting the Americans and providing a similar upset as was done by Russia at the end of Obama’s second term could be strong enough of an impetus for Russia to repeat such an act in the future, all things being similar. Of course, all things are not similar. The world is moving towards a multipolar divide, where the poles are expected to be isolated like sycophantic minions around their preferred ally. This is particularly true in the US, but I suggest it is less so with regards to Russia. I would suggest that Israel make the effort to increase her ties with Russia but with less solidarity than I believe to be desired by Felix.

    Establishing itself as an independent actor of the US is what brought the Abraham Accords into existence but it also provided the basis upon which Russia came to support Israel in the UN when the US refused to do so, albeit the incoming US administration was also in support of Russia doing so. Such independence and awareness of its own self interest should always have led Israels policies. Failing to do so has fostered the unintended support of Iran (among other things) by the US without any consequence for doing so.

    Israel is a sovereign nation, with assets and importance far greater than representative by its limited geography and population (link). She needs to recognize this fact and utilize it towards winning the respect and support of the worlds great nations, of which the US and Russia are only two. Yes, China is another point of interest which should be explored by Israel, but I think this thread is already long enough, and hopefully I have made the case for what I believe should be the best path towards Israel’s relationship with Russia and why.

  7. @Peloni @Felix Peloni, please explain to Felix why this four part statement of his makes no sense, if you can. I don’t know where to start and you are so much more articulate than I am.

    “yes Russia is allied with Iran but not on Israel and on Jews

    Voting in UN.yes but that’s an issue of leadership

    Nothing changes without leadership

    And Israeli leaders are bankrupt”

  8. Re the note I have made regarding the ICC is that you BOTH are threatened

    (You’ve distorted my suggestion totally)

    Form a unity

    Be explicit Netanyahu

  9. Sebastien Zorn

    You said

    I’m a second generation Hungarian Jewish Holocaust survivor and Iran is threatening another one against Israel’s 7 million Jews.


    Bread and butter issues that affect my personal survival aside, preventing that, that’s my issue.


    I’m a single issue voter, as well I should be.


    yes Russia is allied with Iran but not on Israel and on Jews

    Voting in UN.yes but that’s an issue of leadership

    Nothing changes without leadership

    And Israeli leaders are bankrupt

    So truly your position as expressed is hopeless

  10. Sebastien

    This is very debatable indeed

    “Israel is on her own, now, no matter who wins.)

    Yes correct. But also nobody is ever truly on their own.

    Do you read only some comments. My suggestion re Putin and threat to Putin from the ICC and what Israel could do is being ignored …perhaps…please discuss and question me if you need

  11. The National Socialists, (and probably all socialists), also control the narrative by means of the print media, the broadcast media, and by the entertainment industry. In these modern, technological times, they also control Social Media, which is arguably even more powerful. Google and Meta are the big dogs on the block.

  12. Hyperbole and minimizing the Shoah, . And if the Republicans persist in trying to deny medical benefits to a third of Americans and supporting judges and legislation enabling predatory landlords against vulnerable tenants, I won’t be able to vote for them either, next time round. Israel doesn’t have these problems as it has universal healthcare and most land is publicly owned. Why should I vote for people who want to cut my lifeline just because the Dems are corrupt*, unpatriotic, incompetent, and 6 kinds of crazy, as well as more hostile to Israel (the bright side of that is that they have united the right in Israel and are less likely to get concessions. Last time, it was the stopping the Iran Deal that won my support but the horses have already fled that barn; Israel is on her own, now, no matter who wins.)

    *Though Clarence Thomas is at least as corrupt as the most corrupt Democrat you could name and in a way that affects me directly as a rent stabilized tenant. I want no more like him on the bench.

  13. For many years, I have been saying that the closest thing this nation has ever had to Nazis is today’s Democrat Party.