90th Anniversary of the San Remo Resolution

A Conference was recently held in San Remo to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the San Remo Conference. It was organized by European Coalition for Israel, a Christian grass roots movement based in Brussels which promotes EU-Israeli relations. Eli Herz attended along with my friends from Toronto. Danny Danon was the only Israeli in attendance.

Howard Grief, addressed the conference by video.

International law DOES recognize Israel’s right to exist
By Tomas Sandell

At a time when even the core existence of Israel as a Jewish state is being challenged by its enemies it is of vital importance that we take a closer look at international law.

The San Remo Resolution of 1920 recognized the national Jewish sovereignty on the land of Israel under international law, on the strength of the historical connection of the Jewish people to the territory previously known as Palestine. That still applies today.

I have just returned from San Remo,where the “Second San Remo conference” reaffirmed Israel´s legal right to exist as a Jewish homeland.

Invited guests from three continents, among them the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Danny Danon, commemorated on Sunday 25 April the 90th Anniversary of the signing of the San Remo resolution of 1920 at a gathering at the actual site of the original conference, the historical Villa Devachan in San Remo, Italy.

At the event Deputy Speaker Danon spoke about ”the importance of raising awareness of the reconstitution of the Jewish state 90 years ago in San Remo which has since been forgotten and ignored by a large part of the international community, including the media. However, in recent years several respected international lawyers and scholars, among them Jacques Gauthier and Howard Grief, have helped raise awareness of the legal foundation of the modern state of Israel which came into effect when the Balfour declaration was incorporated into international law by the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers in San Remo in 1920 and later approved unanimously by the League of Nations at the Peace Conference in Lausanne in July 1922.

To read more about the status of Israel as a Jewish State under International law, read this essay by Howard Grief entitled “Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel and Palestine under International Law”

Tomas Sandell is Founding Director of the European Coalition for Israel, a Christian grass roots movement based in Brussels which promotes EU-Israeli relations. www.ec4i.org

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