A Boy in Jerusalem Found This Ancient Hebrew Note by ACCIDENT

August 26, 2023 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Ted: thanks for pointing out that you posted the video too. It was not obvious from the picture that it links to a video.

  2. This is no secret. I have a book in which the whole matter s described and discussed as to how the ancient diggers were able to meet up with a deviation of merely a few feet.. I must have read it about 50 years ago already. It describes how the approaching groups heard voices and tspped their picks getting a response etc

    .I have been through the tunnel at least 2/3 times and there is that step, above which is an inscription that this was the spot where the two digging groups met. I read later that the original had been removed to some foreign museum, and this was just a notice-in English- as I recall.

    It may also have been in Hebrew which I do not remember.

    The system of measurements was fully described as how it MUST have been , which, of course was speculation, but of a high order, considering the various systems available at that far away. time.

    A marvellous achievement.