A Microcosm of the Jewish Self-Defense Problem

A brief look into the Jewish people’s faulty immune system

by Francisco Gil-White, Historical and Investigative Research –

A prominent Los Angeles rabbi physically assaulted a Jewish woman on the steps of Royce Hall, UCLA. This woman was then attacked again — and the rabbi defended — on the pages of Los Angeles Magazine. What is at stake? The survival of the Jewish people.


In journalism there is a wise old joke: the headline “DOG BITES MAN” is not news, but the headline “MAN BITES DOG” will get people to read your article. Why? Obviously, because we find interesting those things that violate our assumptions, whereas run-of-the-mill confirmations of our prejudices are less exciting.

If I were in the business of yellow journalism, I might have chosen the headline “RABBI KICKS WOMAN,” for the present piece. Because a rabbi indeed kicked a woman, a fellow Jew, and this violates the expectations that most people have for the behavior of rabbis. But I am not in the business of yellow journalism, and to me, in fact, that a rabbi kicked a Jewish woman is not in itself interesting. The point of Historical and Investigative Research is to explain the mechanisms of politics, geopolitics, and propaganda to ordinary people.

So why talk about a rabbi kicking a fellow Jewish woman?

September 6, 2007 | 3 Comments »

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