Post-nationalism is swimming upstream.

ISRAEL’S STRENGTH IS THAT IT EMBRACES NATIONALISM IN THE FORM OF ZIONISM. The left in Israel and throughout the world condemn Israel for its nationalism i.e., Zionism. But for the vast majority of Israelis and for the countries of the world, even in multicultural EU, nationalism matters. Ted Belman

By Dr. Shlomo Zadok, ISRAEL HAYOM

At the London Olympics, as with any other major sporting event, we focus on the winners and losers according to the results. But it’s possible to see in the games a different type of defeat: a political, ideological, conceptual and romantic defeat. Who was defeated? The romantic idealists, proponents of post-nationalism, which seeks to create a new world order free of nations.

What are their claims and what do post-nationalists want? They believe that “nationalism” is an expression of the politicization of the “we,” and that it is unnatural and creates tensions. Post-nationalist romantics claim that nationalism is not “built in” to the natural world order, but is a product of social construction. It had its beginning and its end has already arrived, all part of the natural process of evolution. In short, in the new, post-nationalist world, there is no “collective identity” that creates nations; instead there are “citizens of the world” who compete against each other in the framework of global, universal social networks.

What good comes from the post-nationalist world? According to the post-nationalists, there are only advantages: There are no wars and there is no terror; there is no importance to territory as an aspect of national identity; there are no longer be tensions between different peoples, tribes and ethnocultural communities; the economy thrives; the hole in the ozone layer will close, and so on. In essence, a new, perfect world would be born.

There is not enough time to discuss all the inherent contradictions in the process of creating such a new world order. Instead, I am interested in claiming that the Olympics are actually the expression of strengthening nationalism and patriotism, which clearly shows that the path to post-nationalism is still long, if there is even a chance at all.

One main expression of strengthening patriotism can be found in the media coverage of Olympic events. It was incredible to see how BBC broadcasters, for example, flew off the handle while covering the various events. They did not wear the hats of objective journalists; instead, they brandished the flags of proud citizens who happened to be journalists. Broadcasters were clearly excited or disappointed in accordance with “their” athletes’ performances. Broadcasters from Israel’s Channel 1 were no different from their friends from around the world, including television broadcasters from Iran, Egypt, Great Britain and the U.S.

Another expression of this was the behavior of many athletes following victories: Most of them sought their flag and wrapped themselves in it to make a victory lap around the pitch. True, the achievement was personal, but it was also part of national heroism. In other words, the athlete did not earn a personal medal, but a national one.

In conclusion, the Olympics are a challenge to the proponents of multicultural utopias and a world without nations. This point of analysis is relevant to our region and claims that Jews should give up their nationality to create a civil state, as part of the post-nationalist global process. If anyone still thinks we should, just take a look at the Olympics and the universe.

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  1. People on the left think that they can rewrite world politics by wishing their dreams so. One little thing keeps getting in the way and fouling things up — human nature. Ever since Lorenz’s seminal work on learned and instinctive behaviour and his introduction of “territorialism” as a prime motivator for our behaviour, these post-nationalists and their ideas should have been banished from all discussions re “nationalism”. The desire for one’s own territory is instinctive in man. The extent of that territory depends on how many of our fellows we identify with and how strong is the basis for that identification. Here there are many variables. The degree of identification may be affected by culture, ethnicity, or political structure, but the underlying thesis does not change. Man will ALWAYS seek and fight for territory and those Jews who think that they can identify with the world in some grand self-effacing gesture are simply fools. Normally we can suffer “fools gladly” but in some cases we suffer them unto death — our death.

  2. @ yamit82:

    The commander of the NATO mission in Libya that toppled Muammar Gadhafi’s regime last year vehemently opposes a military strike on Iran at this time, regardless of whether it would be carried out by Israel or the United States.

    Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, who retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force four months ago, told Haaretz in an exclusive interview Sunday that he doesn’t believe Israel would take such an illogical and irresponsible step as to attack Iran without international support.

    And NATO won’t unanimously support a military campaign against Iran any time soon, he said, nor will the UN Security Council.

    As someone familiar with Israel’s senior military leadership, because of his work at NATO, Bouchard said he is convinced that Israel will not set in motion a process that could lead to chaos in the entire region, by launching a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    The military option, he said, could be a boomerang that will end up harming Israel and uniting the entire Muslim world against it.

    Bouchard, a native of Quebec, is a former deputy commander of the joint U.S.-Canadian military operation NORAD. He said the strategic price of a preventative war against Iran would be several times higher than the tactical benefit that might be gained.

    The chance of a 100 percent success rate in a military operation is infinitesimally small, said Bouchard, adding that Israel won’t get a second chance and that it won’t be a quick lightning strike like the Six-Day War.

    He added that while all countries obviously have the right to defend themselves, Israel should take into account that global jihad would exploit an Israeli military assault and use it to incite against the West. He said Islamic fundamentalists can be expected to portray an attack as a Jewish-Christian conspiracy against Islam.

    Bouchard called on whoever wins the next U.S. presidential election to look to historic groundbreaking diplomacy for examples of what could be accomplished, like Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to China and Anwar Sadat’s 1977 visit to Jerusalem.

    The solution is not a zero-sum game, said Bouchard, but a compromise in which each side concedes something.

    Russia holds the key to securing international support on Iran, he said, adding that this is a chance for Russian President Vladimir Putin to act like a leader by preventing another round of a Cold War. The situation around the world, and in the Middle East in particular, needs to settle down first, Bouchard said, warning that Israel must not get itself dragged into hasty and premature actions.

  3. @ Canadian Otter:

    Their “idealism” is as hypocritical as their coverup of Arab degradation and crime.

    Well said.

    Methodology: “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lies became truth.” Orwell 1984

    @ Canadian Otter:

    Once the Nazis lost the war, Israel’s “allies” outsourced the killing of Jews to the Muslims.

    Your “allies” are pouring money and weapons by the tons on your enemies, including on the “Palestinians”.

    And you still call them “allies” and “friends”.

    And some still call the PA “moderate partners for peace”.

    If the West were really interested in Peace they would arms embargo everyone in the region including Israel. There is no money to be made if peace breaks out and no control and influence over the barbarians.

    Notice the code term: “Comprehensive Peace Agreement” is the modern Pax Romana as in, “they made a desert and called it peace,” or, “you need protection.” From whom? “From us” or is that, from USA? Notice: as the threat of attack from Persia and its Syrian satellite grows so does the American protective presence in what remains of the land of Israel.

    America has sold over 100 Billion $$$$ to the Saudis and gulf states since the Last two years of the Bush admin. Must keep American factories and workers producing and working.

    Nobody wants Peace just a process called Peace to keep the pot constantly boiling for big bucks and if Israel must be sacrificed on the alter of Big Bucks and Big Business….They are prepared to pay the price.

    “when the battle’s lost and won,” when “fair is foul and foul is fair,” And thus, “nothing is but what is not”


    Anti-Zionist Jews (AKA Post-Zionists), still don’t appear to notice there is a war going on where they are the victims.


    Once the Nazis lost the war, Israel’s “allies” outsourced the killing of Jews to the Muslims.

    Your “allies” are pouring money and weapons by the tons on your enemies, including on the “Palestinians”.

    And you still call them “allies” and “friends”.

    And some still call the PA “moderate partners for peace”.

  5. Creeping Dhimmitude.

    Israel’s Independence Day in 2012: Israel Railways prevents youth from hanging a ‘Proud to be Israeli’ sign for fear of offending Arab passengers.


    August 2012 – Police bar signs with 1967 commander’s famous cry, ‘The Temple Mount is in our hands!’

    Not clear whether they will also ban book with the same title.


    In the meantime, Palestinian Authority incitement against Jews and Israel keeps going up.

    Other than some minor comments by officials, there no policy change regarding Arab incitement. The government keeps renting air frequencies to Nazi PA-TV.

  6. Nature’s strategy for species, group, and family survival is based on the protection of one’s own at all cost.

    Secular Jews should be able to grasp this concept. It’s part of every species, no matter how microscopic. They all react to “the other” with caution and, when threatened, with hostility. They defend their companions, their young and their territory.

    In this regard amoebas, who can identify and react to the presence of a threat, are more evolved than enemy-loving, anti-Zionist Jews.


    We humans call this instinct nationalism and it can lead to positive inspiration and creativity (music, architecture, science), or to mass murder, depending on the particular group’s national values. It all depends on how a culture guides this instinct. But the instinct is here to stay. It can’t be denied or stifled. It would be unnatural and suicidal.

    Much of anti-Zionist ideology is nothing but a scam to destroy Zionism, and not part of a sincere and naive idealism. At least not for those over 30 years old.

    Their “idealism” is as hypocritical as their coverup of Arab degradation and crime.