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Felix Quigley commented today to one of my posts. It was addressed to Bill Narvey who keeps challenging Felix as much as Felix keeps challenging me. I found it very lucid and compelling and didn’t want Israpundit’s readers to miss it.

Bill Narvey

Let me explain my position re Yugoslavia.

Why was Yugoslavia broken up into these component parts? Was it a matter of the Croats et al seeking their national liberation? You can make a case for that but this Croatian nationalism was interlinked with Nazism and with the Holocaust. The same for the Islamists in Bosnia led by
Izetbegovic. And in Kosovo there is a long history of Islam trying to take this part of Serbia under its control.

But then in the 90s there were outside forces at work. This was the US and EU, and their creation NATO, and the creation of NATO in the International Court on Yugoslavia in the Hague.

But why did they get involved? Why the somersault from the War, when the Serbs fought on the side of the Allies, and were never friendly at all to Stalin?

This is where people part and go different directions.

I follow the line that capitalism is a system that has inbuilt certain basic tendencies. One of these is to follow where profit can be made from the investment of capital. And this has inbuilt within it likewise that war will follow, where capitalist state is pitted against capitalist state. Trade wars become the prelude to physical wars.

I feel that the intervention came on the part of the US and EU in Yugoslavia because the way was being cleared towards the exploitation of markets for profit in the Baltics, and further in all those ex Soviet satellites, and then on to the huge markets of China, India and Russia.

It was hoped that the dramatic changes in Russia and its satelites would do this, but not really, Russia remains a very nationalist state. It wants to hold onto control of its industry and wealth base. Just yesterday BP has sold back its huge holdings in Siberia to the Russia industrial complex. The Russians are tightening their grip on these resources.

I predict that we are entering a period when wars with nationalist states like Russia will follow, when I am not sure, but the trends are there.

But Russia itself is very dangerous to Jewish people and there is a residue there of antisemitism, which I have written about.

But I emphasise that the drive to war is something outside of that antisemitism. There are many things happening at the same time…as FGW says it is a complicated model indeed.

Yugoslavia gave a window into understanding how these large power blocs, the US and the EU, actually operate.

There is the preparation of public opinion by means of a Media which can carry through a lie very consistently. The most graphic and blatant example of this may be the ITN picture (picture which fooled the world), which turned reality inside out, and which is still defended by the
Media Empires today even though it was so surely a fake. eg Kamm denies it was a fake.

You as a Jew should apreciate this because the same thing was happening in Qana, to use just one example, and although EU Referendum dissected the Fraud in minute detail, the large Media Blocs on the issue held firm. It is very difficult to crack this contemporary Media.

There was the ruthlessness involved. This is what remains in my mind. The information is at hand in relation to the Croats in Krajina, the crude remarks of Tudjman on this re Serbs, a pure racist. But Kosovo showed the ruthlessness best in that we know the Serbs, Jews and Romany have been driven out, only a few percentage Serbs remaining in a few outposts, but they too will go. That was the ruthlessness of Islam, but in this case backed and led on by the US, the EU and NATO.

Then there is the reality that the whole Lie continues. Just 2 weeks ago a Serb General was given 35 years in prison for his role in among other things the Srebrenica “Massacre” and Serb leaders are being tried today and every day.

Once a lie like this gets underway there can be no stopping halfway by these huge power machines. So the injustice is happening as we speak.

For people like me, non Jewish, the same thing that drives me to support Israel and the Jewish people also drives me to support the Serb people, who really have also lost all, because they are now ruled by Serbs who are part of their own repression, just as Olmert a Jew is part of
the repression of the Jews, as was Sharon over Gaza. Olmert will not hesitate to drag far more Jews out of Yesha as Sharon did in Gaza.

That is what drives us. We are people who can not tolerate a lie and injustice on such a grand scale when it is happening anywhere in the world.

A good example of this is to study the way that the press totally rewrote the famous speech in Kosovo by Milosevic. They still stand by that reworking. It is extremely difficult to defeat a lie. But when the liars have the power in their hands it is very nearly impossible.

This is our disagreement. If you were to take just one piece of evidence we have produced, such as this speech, and deal with it in deatail, we would not think the same.

Evidence is at the centre of the whole problem and of how we proceed. EU Referendum did a great job over Qana but the Lie still is on the books, as it were.

I have read Kamm and read him closely in the relevant parts. Kamm does not deal with the evidence, as simple as that. He has a method which will start by muddying the waters, and then as sure as night follows day will come an attack on the messenger. A kind of personal cum political dredging attack on the individual.

In the case of Laksin of FPM he did the same. He did not deal with any evidence, rather he said “but look who is supporting Milosovic, like Ramsay Clarke etc, who also supported Saddam.” in so many words. Here is the point:

The evidence of what happened in Yugoslavia is separate from Clarke, and is separate from anybody who might have supported, or said they supported, Milosevic.

Even if antisemites like Counterpunch supported Milosevic it does not effect the evidence.

Evidence is evidence. It has to be dealt with in the objective manner of my friends. You as a lawyer must know that.

Something similar must happen in Israel. There must be an objective and a scientific method to understand these phenomena.

FGW suggests pay very close attention to the outcome of actions. He reckons the actors disguise their roles so he looks for a pattern in the outcomes, And I agree because when you have a certain pattern repeating itself then you are in a more real position to draw conclusions.

This is especially so in the case of the Jewish people, where so much hatred is flying about because the world is still filled with antisemitism.

With Fatah in the above FGW used the simple stratagem of pointing to the origins of Fatah, to Hajj Amin el Husseini, and you begin to have the real key into understanding the coup.

Their strategy (of the enemies of the Jews) has all along to get that Palestinian state lodged onto that high ground of Judea and Samaria.

But it is not only the high ground. It is also the high ground of victimology. Again as a lawyer you understand.

The great achievement they have made against the Jews has been the creation of this “Palestinianism” concept, it is the battering arm of antisemitism today, globally, existing in Dublin as in Los Angeles, as in Mexico. It is all tied up with religion, political correctness, the
deterioration of the Left following the murder of Trotsky and much else.

These Palestinians out of this creation may murder etc, but it is extremely difficult to dislodge the myth, or the Big Lie. That in fact is the real basis for insisting on an historical unity between Serbs and Jews coz they have both been victims of this kind of contemporary Big Lie.

And Jews have to fight historically and scientifically. We need a new party to do that, a new type of party. I measure politicians and political parties against that yardstick and I am certain that such a party does not exist. It is the absence of leadership that is the big, big danger to the Jews in the coming months and years. So from this you should be able to conclude that my thinking far transcends this pro or anti US Imperialism stuff.

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  1. Nor should Felix and other readers miss the fact that I am not always at loggerheads with Felix and do have admiration for his views when we are both in less cantacorous moods.

    I am therefore reproducing my comment to his.

    Thank you Felix for your thoughtful views.

    I think you finally have understood that I never took a position, one way or another with the version of Serb history you and the others were putting forth. My concerns and disagreement were only with the way you and the others were advocating that version of history. Further, for reasons I explained at length earlier and will not repeat here, I do not think pro-Israel advocacy should include pro-Serb advocacy for it could confuse and distract from the central purpose and message of pro-Israel advocacy.

    That is not to say that I am against pro-Serb advocacy. I just believe it should be independent of pro-Israel advocacy.

    I think you also now understand that I do want to believe your version of the Serb-Muslim history is accurate. I hesitate to do so only because I do not know enough to make my own informed decision, as free as possible from what I would like to believe. To reach an unbiased decision as to which version of the Serb-Muslim history is more accurate, I must therefore also read the conventionally accepted history of that region.

    Only by studying and comparing the evidence both pro and con will I be able to satisfy myself on what version of history is the more accurate. That takes time. While I have begun to read more on the subject, I am still far from being well enough versed on the subject to confidently decide.

    I can only encourage you and others who have already reached your conclusions on this matter to give thought to my views that your version of that history must be credible and delivered to the public in a credible fashion.

    It was in my view completely unnecessary for you to include in your advocacy, attacks on well known pro-Israel activists and advocates and those attacks actually resulted in undermining your credibility. Only once you gain a foothold of substantial acceptance of your historical views would you be able to engage in such personal attacks and even then it is questionable whether such attacks would be necessary to draw others to your views.

    As I have noted before, your version of Serb-Muslim history must make it into the MSM and especially to those credible pundits who question Pres. Bush’s policy to push for an independent Muslim state of Kosovo and who are prepared to incorporate your hsitorical evidence into their criticisms of the Bush policy in their MSM op-ed pieces and their TV expert interview appearances.

    Enough said on that score.

    I generally agree with your comments about Russia. It of course has a very imperialistic and colonialistic history that is probably more imperialistic and colonialistic then America’s history. So many leftists and people, groups or nations that, while not left leaning are nontheless blind to that aspect of Russian history because of their own anti-American sentiments spawned by their own politics of jealously and resentment.

    Russia as it has gained strength has been steadily re-positioning itself as the counter-balance to American power and again has chosen the Middle East theatre to do so. We are moving back into a kind of cold war. This new developing cold war between America and Russia, while perhaps less cold is potentially just as dangerous if not moreso for Russia is catering to and supporting the more radical elements within the Muslim Middle East.

    An obvious example of how Russia is adding to the danger the West faces from radical Islam has to do with Iran. Russia was the one to provide Iran with nuclear technology and aid to allow it to further her nuclear ambitions, well knowing that those nuclear ambitions included the ambition for Iran being enabled to have nuclear WMD capacity to make good on her threats against Israel, America and the West. In addition, Russia together with China have armed Iran to the teeth with both offensive and defensive military weapons and munitions capability. Futher, recall that it has been Russia and China that have run interference for Iran at the U.N. and stymied efforts for the longest time for any effective U.N. actions to be taken to curb Iran’s headlong rush to complete her nuclear agenda.

    Though we have had and still may have some disagreements on views or details as regards Israel, needless to say Felix that I am both very pleased and thankful for your strong advocacy and support of Israel.

    Thank you again for your thoughtful comments.


    Bill Narvey

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