ADL’s Interfaith Summer Camp Infiltrated by Supporters of Al Qaeda Terrorist

ADL’s Interfaith Summer Camp Infiltrated by Supporters of Al Qaeda Terrorist
By Ilya Feoktistov and Charles Jacobs

Janet Levy brought this very important expose to my attention with this covering email.

The ADL is teaching children who attend their summer camp that Hezbollah is an organization of freedom fighters and that Israel is harming Palestinian children.  They have an annual budget of $50 million, mostly from wealthy Jews.
The ADL is AS BAD as the Jewish Federation, whose chapters consort with vicious anti-Israel, BDS groups and send college students to meet with Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and Hamas operatives, including one Hamas operative who was arrested by Israel FOUR times.  All buy ONE Jewish Federation chapter REFUSED to sign a pledge not to support anti-Israel, BDS groups.  (JFed has an annual budget of $3 billion).

(NOTE:  When Jewish Federation chapters have been confronted about their organization’s actions that place Jews and Israel in danger, they have attacked the messengers who are trying to SAVE Jews and Israel!  They deny that THEIR own chapter is involved yet NEVER criticize or attempt to put a STOP to the actions of the so-called “bad” chapters.  Clearly, money is fungible and $3 billion can go a long way toward harming Jews and Israel).
READ the important expose below and GET THE WORD OUT!  How are JFED and the ADL different from JSTREET?
P.S.  Jewish organizations are NOT alone in this idiocy!  Many, many Christian organizations and churches are actively involved in treacherous “interfaith” and anti-Israel activities.
Janet Levy,


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  1. Agree.

    To my understanding, that three billion annually could supplant the three billion Israel gets from the US! Israel could thus free itself from the financial yoke of the US. Then this self-hating group could focus on something else. What are the chances.

  2. It is the net result of the unJewish process. The degenerate volunteer capos and Judenrat of yesteryear, as Soros himself, turned themselves into organized groups today. As such they train their scions to become the core for the future unJewish organizations.
    The individuals in those groups must be identified and never allowed to infiltrate Eretz Israel.