Advancing Human Rights

By Ted Belman

Remember Robert Bernstein? He founded Human Rights Watch and remained at the helm for 20 years until 2009 when he wrote an Op-Ed for the NYT titled Rights Watchdog, Lost in the Mideast in which he accused it of “issuing reports on the Israeli-Arab conflict that are helping those who wish to turn Israel into a pariah state.”

He has now started a new organization called Advancing Human Rights. Irwin Cotler and David Keyes are on the Board of Directors.

Its mission statement reads in part:

    We therefore believe that our time is best spent focusing on authoritarian countries without free speech or corrective mechanisms.

    To achieve our goals, AHR will utilize the Internet to support freedom advocates and give them a platform to exchange ideas. This arm of AHR is called and it is already at work engaging democratic dissidents in autocratic countries.

    The qualifications and methodology human rights organizations have used in judging civilian death in war is highly questionable. AHR will investigate current procedures and offer new recommendations for an improved understanding of the interplay between war and human rights and the treatment of international humanitarian law by human rights groups. We will also monitor the work of human rights organizations to encourage accountability, fairness and transparency.

This is in stark contrast to HRW which admittedly goes after western countries and in particular, Israel.

It is sure to restore respectability to the cause of Human Rights

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. I thank you deeply for your comment.
    Our groups has been for over a decade identifying and acting to the limited ability we have to do so, precisely to remove that internal poison. The unJews must go. Unless that is done and the institutionalized anti-Jewish systems razed nothing either here or overseas can be repaired.

  2. Expose blatant abuse of Jewish human rights in Israel.

    If anyone really wants to help the Zionist cause in Israel, they should not be afraid to demand that Israeli authorities respect Jewish civil and religious rights – as well as international law supporting Israel’s legal right to Yesha.

    Too many Israeli Zionists and their supporters abroad are under the mistaken notion that the Israeli government represents the majority. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    There cannot be any progress in the legal and PR situation of Israel as long as it’s under the control of a powerful anti-Zionist elite that dictates how the country is run. This has to change before we see change in attitude abroad.

    – Elections in the present political landscape are pointless because no matter who gets elected, he/she has to abide by a pre-determined anti-Zionist agenda.

    Likud has a misleading platform that everyone ignores.

    – Those who accuse Israel of being an occupier have the tacit support of the Israeli government, which refuses to cite international law recognizing Israel’s right to the land (League of Nations).

    – The Israeli government has perpetrated pogroms against Jews. Big ones, as in Amona; smaller ones in the middle of the night against families in Judea and Samaria.

    – The judiciary protects Arabs while it leaves Jews on their own (unless they’re nationalists, which makes them a target for police).

    – If Jews walk or drive in parts of their capital, they are routinely attacked by Arabs. Police refuse to get involved. Arabs proceed with impunity. They are favored by authorities at all levels.

    – Arabs are allowed to murder with impunity.

    “A year ago two drunken teens in Jerusalem beat an elderly Jew with wooden planks for refusing them a cigarette. Their brutal actions were properly recorded on street CCTV cameras.

    The court convicted them of merely ‘death by negligence’. The maximum sentence is three years while the realistic one is two years or less.” (Samson Blinded News.)

    – When Arabs murdered Asher Palmer and baby son, police tried to blame the victim for careless driving. But a photo taken by a witness showed the huge rock that had hit the driver still inside the vehicle. Police had somehow not noticed that important detail.

    – When Jews dare to defend themselves, they get arrested!

    Ownership and use of defensive weapons by civilians is severely restricted.

    – The government appears indifferent to PA-TV constant incitement against Jews. It has no problem renting air frequencies to PA-TV and collecting fees. The level of anti-Semitism on PA-TV could easily compete with the old Nazi rag Der Sturmer.

    – Jews are arrested for daring to pray at Temple Mount!!!


    So unless we break the picture of Israelis as a unit facing anti-Semites all around, and expose the way Jews are being disrespected and victimized by their own government, no progress will ever be made with Israel’s image abroad.

    Respect for Jews and Judaism starts at home.

  3. Too many Jews involve themselves in ventures which harm the Jews and Israel and often only recognize that fact after the damage is done. A great deal of damage has been done to the Jews and Israel by Jews in recent times. Damage is also being done by those Jewish organisations who spend their time defending the rights of others while other forces are hell bent on re-marching Jews to the oven. They are not as dangerous as the manic suicidal Jews but their ostrich like demeanor is squandering Jewish resources at a very dangerous time(when is it not for Jews?). There is little that can be done to protect oneself from inside the oven therefore intelligent judgment based on facts of history is an existential requirement. I wonder how many Jews are financing the democratic party in their “misguided” alliance with the hitlers of the muslim brotherhood? What could be more insane and suicidal than that?