AI Could Become the Biggest Problem for the 2024 Elections


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Artificial intelligence is now being framed as a public threat, including to elections, to public safety, and even to race and equity. To mitigate this threat, the government has created new programs that can manage key systems that influence AI information. And these programs raise some serious questions about who controls information.

Meanwhile, the Chinese regime has large-scale military programs involving bioweapons. Unfortunately, these programs tie into technology the United States provided to the CCP. And now the United States and the world are facing a very real threat from China’s bioweapon programs. To learn more about this we speak with Brandon Weichert. He’s the author of “Biohacked: China’s Race to Control Life.”

In this episode of Crossroads, we’ll speak about these topics.

Microsoft’s president issues warning that foreign adversaries are using AI to ‘defraud’ Americans

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  1. As I understand it, “AI” is software that is written to function autonomously, and that is able to create its own logic, as needed. That would make it (more or less) analogous to the human brain. But…isn’t it still all based on the original programming?

    The great danger of AI is that the original programming may not be perfect, which would allow AI to create (and act upon) flawed logic. The results would be unpredictable at best. This unpredictability is the great danger. We already have enough problems from the unpredictability of human brains, why multiply the risks?

    It wasn’t long ago that we were fighting killer zombies. Are we now ready for killer robots?