AIPAC is misguided. Jordan must be the “Palestinian state”

By Ted Belman

I have been watching the conference videos and will be posting those that I think worth while.

In doing so I have been saddened to hear expressed by many that we must encourage bi-partisan support. This is so wrong in many ways, chief among them is that what the Democrats want as a Party is what the left in Israel wants namely a two state solution at virtually any cost. Israel ignores the left and rules from the right. Similarly AIPAC should do likewise. It should support the policies of the government of Israel. The more they pursue bi-partianship the more they remove themselves from Israel and even work at cross purposes.

I used to think, and perhaps it was true at the time, that AIPAC used to fight for Israel’s battles in Congress. Now they are focused on giving the left their due at the expense of Israel. That’s not right.

The object of the exercise is not to fight to water down Israel’s policies so that they are more acceptable to the Democratic Party but to encourage the Democratic Party to get on board Israel’s policies.

Executive Director Howard Kohr said at the conference “We must all work toward that future: two states for two peoples. One Jewish with secure and defensible borders, and one Palestinian with its own flag and its own future.”

This will only work if the Palestinian state is Jordan.

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