Alan Dershowitz Responds To Durham Report

Dershowitz argues that the named bad actors were well intentioned. He also said that he also thinks, like them, Trump was a danger to national security.  He also said that Hillary was a good friend and that he contributed to her campaign. He said the same about Obama.  He voted for him twice.

May 20, 2023 | 11 Comments »

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  1. Double talk as usual. These good people committed crime.
    BIG CRIME. They are not people, they are criminals.

  2. Alan Deshowitz Is Very Confused: “These Are Good People”
    They Lie, Distort truth, commit Treason, destroy the Constitution, yet he calls them decent people and friends, & contributed to them and voted for them – really?
    What, In G’s Name, Makes A Good Person, Alan?
    Alan Loves Liberty But Still Wants To Keep His Friends And “Good Person” Status On The Left As They Destroy Our Society
    *The Road To Hell Was Paved With Good Intentions*

  3. Get Dershowitz out. Anyone who believes that those who knowingly, and falsely, smeared Trump, did so with good intentions is a loon. [Maybe some notable people or ideologies of the last century had good intentions, too, eh?] Likewise, those who think that Trump is (or was) a great danger, are clueless. Look at all the good he did for the country, in spite of the huge opposition that rose up against him. I can think of very little to fault him for. So, I wouldn’t give Dershowitz the time of day.

  4. I wrote off Dershowitz years ago after he supported arch enemy Obama twice!
    He still supports a ‘2 state solution’! Sure, sometimes he says the right thing and is on the right side of history. But his intentions are certainly questionable. He has certainly proved to me at least that he cannot be trusted. He continues to seek publicity where ever he can find it. One day Fox, next CNN, MSNBC, where ever. Any excuse to sell another book.
    I wish we’d stop giving him our ear.

    I asked my friend a few years ago, why are so many well educated people especially in the West and especially my Jewish brothers/sisters, so dumb? (They hate Trump and love Obama, Clintons and Bidens!) I love his answer:
    They blew their brains out at medical/law school!

    Dershowtiz epitomizes this point.

  5. “Dershowitz argues that the named bad actors were well intentioned. He also said that he also thinks, like them, Trump was a danger to national security. He also said that Hillary was a good friend and that he contributed to her campaign. He said the same about Obama. He voted for him twice.”

    This “summary” is NOT what Dershowitz spoke about. He is clear that the Durham report reported malfeasance, that Hilary deserved as much if not more scrutiny, and that Trump was unfairly singled out. No one should comment on Dershowitz’s interview about the Durham report unless they listen to it. The Israelpundit synopsis is not accurate and not at all reflective of What Dershowtiz said.

  6. First of all, Dershowitz is trying to sell his book. Secondly, he stated in several previous interviews that he has been hounded by friends on the left, his family has been hounded and rejected by former friends on the left, and the family has voted democratic in elections, and given money to support democrat candidates. Nevertheless they have received a lot of hostility because (a) the left is intolerant towards those who disagree with them and (b) because he defended Donald Trump in the impeachment. Mr. Dershowitz tries to remind the audience that he is still a progressive, but that doesn’t mean he will overlook crimes by those on the left. From this video it appears that he thinks the rule of law still exists in the US and he tries to comport himself with respect even for those with whom he disagrees.

    His statement that those on the left did what they did because they viewed Donald Trump as a danger to national security needs to be evaluated. Donald Trump didn’t use a home server and compromise top secret documents which found their way to the CCP, Hilary did. Donald Trump didn’t use the full force of the US government to spy on his political rival, Hilary did. Donald Trump didn’t sell a container port inside the wire at Port Canaveral to an Islamic terrorist, Obama did. Donald Trump did not sell US Uranium interests to Russia, Hilary did.

    So on the basis of zero evidence, those on the left “thought” Trump would be a danger to national security. I believe this is a function of three things:
    1) a rationalization
    2) a projection The political elites on the left were and still are the primary danger to national security.
    3) A form of psychological warfare in which the intelligence community smears and demeans a candidate they do not want elected, by creating a reprehensible persona out of whole cloth and by twisting every quote so it matches something a reprehensible person would say. The result on the populace: Trump Derangement Syndrome. The goal: to make Trump appear unelectable and a threat to national security.

    So on the basis of rationalization, projection, and psychological warfare, those on the left broke the law and trashed the constitution.

    These same people are still in government.

  7. For a guy as bright as we all know he is, Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat, sometimes comes off as a complete moron.

  8. YES, Sure, Trump was a danger to national security because he wanted to secure the borders, How Absurd from A Dershowitz

  9. Dershowitz once again rises to the occasion to disappoint. I wonder how long it will take him to walk this back like he did with the assertion that the mandates were legal and that the Israeli judicial reform would make it impossible for him to defend Israel.