America’s top law schools are openly abandoning the Constitution

By Andrea Widburg, AM THINKER

America was founded as a nation that had the rule of law. The Constitution is the fount of those laws. It, in turn, looks back to the best of the British legal system. The Constitution is what has maintained stability in America and, when we’ve erred as a nation, it’s the compass that has put us back on the path of ordered liberty. And for 250 years, America’s lawyers have been the repository of constitutional wisdom and the guardians of the rule of law. That’s why every one of us should be deeply concerned by a report showing that, at the nation’s ostensibly “top” law schools, professors are attacking the Constitution and demanding its deletion.

A lot of nations claim to have constitutions, but they’re not what we Americans have long understood to be a constitution. They are simply statements of the privileges the governments of these nations have extended to their citizens. And, of course, if a government can “giveth,” it can also “taketh away.”

The American Constitution is a very different animal. Written by lawyers steeped in the English legal system, it is a contract between the people and their government…with the rights and equities favoring the people, not the government. The main document sets up a governmental framework that carefully allocates power between the separate branches of government in a way intended to have each branch ensure that the other cannot become tyrannical.

For most Americans, though, the Constitution’s core is the Bill of Rights. These ten amendments to the Constitution do not state privileges that the new American government graciously extends to its citizens. Instead, it states a series of rights that are inherent in America’s citizens and that the government must respect. Power vests in the citizens, not the government.


America has undoubtedly deviated from these rights. Leftists have used these deviations to say that the rights themselves are defective and must be ignored. And nowhere is this leftist line of argument more dangerous than when it appears in America’s law schools among the professors. But that’s what’s happening, and it’s taking place at many of America’s most influential law schools.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation examined courses in the country’s top ten law schools. These schools include Yale, Stanford, and Harvard, among others. What the study found is disturbing, to say the least:

Law professors at elite schools are open about their disdain for the U.S. Constitution, the researchers found.

“They’re saying they want to get rid of the Constitution—they’re making no secret about it,” said J. Christian Adams, president and general counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. He’s also worked for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center and former DOJ counsel, agreed.

The radicalization of law schools is a threat to freedom not previously encountered in the nation’s history, Mr. von Spakovsky said.

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  1. Ted, thid is an abridged version of what is already an overly short article in Amrtican Thinkser. Please publish Andrea Widburg’s entire article.

  2. The “liberals”, many among them Jews (antisemitic), are bringing us back to Marxism then Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism and “Castroism”! All had or have their “GULAGS” and an elitocracy!
    “The future is the past”!

  3. No doubt these schools would be part of those who condemn the Israeli government for trying to reform the supreme court in Israel. If I am not mistaken, a law professor at Harvard argued that decisions of the US supreme court can be ignored. The administration of the crooked demented fool in the white house is trying to find a way to circumvent the recent rulings of the US supreme court on using discriminatory criteria for admitting students to university, the very same administration who had no compunction calling the Israeli government’s efforts in this matter anti-democratic. It’s enough to make one chuckle.

  4. This is something new?
    This has been so since 1913 & Woodrow Wilson.
    that was when the Bankers captured America with their political stooges,the Democrats,as their political front.
    That year the Federal Government in Washington became an illegal central government.
    In my opinion,Washington is beyond salvaging & salvation will come to the USA thru a political awakening of the sovereign states!

    Read Carroll Quigley,

  5. The Left has been shredding our Constitution, one little piece at a time, for well more than a century now. The Left has nothing but utter contempt for the rule of law. The motto of the Left: Power and control, at any price, at any cost, by any means necessary.