An Opportunity to Change the Law on J & S

By Yehuda Yifrach: (Google translation)

Judea bloom, who started the wave of hunger strikes to protest the destruction intentions of Prime Minister and calling ministers and Knesset members to support the regulatory law, told Arutz 7 log feelings on the seventh day on hunger strike two days before voting in the plenary.

He said the body had been exhausted and dazed, but the feelings are encouraging in light of which receive public support for the strikers. In this context he mentions integrity councils encampment moved their protest activities. So also the ancient council members of the council which canceled a trip and brought the people to the camp. “A sense of awakening from the field,” as it will bloom.

He estimates the change in land protest stems from recognizing that it is combating “the heart of the settlement. Not for another trailer. Fall Ulpana may herald a more serious condition disengagement first,” he says, adding that the decision of the Attorney General against the outline Netanyahu solution in the form of building alternative military area near the Al illustrates the already loaded. “Once the counselor rejects the cutting layout, there can be an engineering perspective, it is clear that every move is actually a legal disengagement. If the first disengagement from Gush Katif was a difficult though we passed in the Knesset as a betrayal of voters, here is the whole that is the creation of legal officials within cooperation of radical Left elements petition the court. This is something that is unmatched. Cabinet ministers opposed the move, the majority of elected officials oppose and the Prime Minister opposed the move, and yet it moves only because of course that leads to court officials. This course has no parallel in any democratic system. ”

Regarding the possibility of regulatory law by the Supreme Court would fall bloom emphasizes that the public may be unaware that but the team lost at the polls, Kerry left, has established an alternative arena itself will be able to subordinate her worldview system, which is the legal arena. “What is happening today in all the communities in Judea and Samaria rely on legal infrastructure rotted. We are dancing on rotting wooden porch. This tree is going to crash and fall with a clatter. Current infrastructure does not allow normal life in Judea and Samaria. To ensure the life settlement should create a fundamental change in the legal infrastructure. ”

According to flourish despite this reality, and despite the wishes of the legal system to promote world views certain lacks the possibility to act, but in action they are the law, and now reality in the West Bank is torn laws British, Ottoman, and others are functioning in the field and they are constructed such interpretations and others, “as soon as the State of Israel take responsibility and Israeli Knesset enacted laws that regulate the life, automatically court officials have no choice but to fall in line with the law, so the effort is legislation. Regulatory law is an integral component of being able to maintain the survival of settlements in Judea and Samaria. ”

Regarding the prospects of survival of regulatory law at the left’s intentions, as we have stated them, to submit petitions to the High Court against him, saying bloom that can not already predict how the system behavior the day after the enactment of the regulation. “Difficult to predict but we do know one thing. There is a unique opportunity to change the depth. It’s not a deal or Combina but an opportunity for real change. Transfer of regulatory law is strategically long-term historical achievement significantly. We constantly during excavations from a community not known one another, Givat Assaf Migron, and Migron Amona, one can not spend energy on all of these struggles. We must find a solution root and such a solution is just change the legal infrastructure, land class series. When this is resolved we will be in a much better in terms of survivability and our stance and we can direct resources to move forward and not just to keep existing. ”

As Judge Levy Committee bloom says that her work before completion and conclusions will be published in the coming days, but to facilitate the system to implement the conclusions of the public to prove his position. “The Committee of Levi going maybe improve a little the situation aspects are important. To whose recommendations will happen must be an awakening genuine public. If the public will remain in a dormant, if people do not be visited en masse the marches, the Mahal hunger strikers, the protests, Prime Minister and ministers will not feel the requirement from the field. these test days. should arise from the trauma of the failure of the destruction of Gush Katif struggle, prove that we can stand up to fight for our life’s work, or we would roll eyes expecting a savior to rescue us. ”

Referring to the calls that arise not to participate in protest to not return to the symptoms of Kfar Maimon, said Ifrah shoulder opening up camp on Tuesday last week, he knows its management requires a lot of energy and cooperation, and that has put the difficult past behind and focus on the true purpose is to save the burning house, while the claims, precipitation and arguments now leave behind, with all the justice that have. “If we learn to transcend and coordinate efforts – this struggle becomes a public flow Likud ministers and the prime minister will not be able to remain sealed to him.”

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  1. Please, no more Google translations. The result is almost totally incoherent. Trying to make sense of it leads only to frustration.