Another Jordanian-made knife in the back of Israel

By Mordechai Kedar, MAARIV [Google Translation]

In Israel, many wonder why the UN Human Rights Council has placed Israel at the center of its goal – why is this bias so prominent in the council’s decisions against Israel?

“The UN warns blacklisting companies that some of them will leave Israel,” Ha’aretz reported on the same day in its headline: “The Human Rights Commissioner has begun sending warnings to about 150 companies. An Israeli official: The fear is realized, foreign companies do not differentiate between Israel and the West Bank and stop operating in Israel. ”

Barak Ravid writes: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Jordanian Prince Zaid bin Ra’id (Al-Hussein), began issuing warning letters two weeks ago … ”

Do you understand? The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which has almost exclusively targeted Israel, is a Jordanian, a second cousin of King Hussein, the father of the current king and a central member of the Hashemite family In Jordan. Zaid bin Ra’ad was very close to King Abdullah II, who served as Jordan’s ambassador to the UN for seven years (2000-2007) and Jordan’s ambassador to the United States for three years (2007-2010). After a number of roles, Zaid Ben Shaked also played in international organizations. In June 2014, he was elected to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and has been behind the unbridled onslaught of the Human Rights Council against Israel.

Anyone who understands the meaning of being the Jordanian ambassador to the United Nations and the United States understands that such a person must be very, very close to the king, a confidant, whom the king speaks with almost every moment. The word “close” does not reflect the full meaning of the closeness, and the appointment of this man to the post of UN human rights commissioner, the king pushed for what to deal with the rights of women in Jordan to see how the king handles the Palestinian majority in Jordan. Which is sent to the Syrian refugees in Jordan on its tortuous path to these poor people in the tent cities?

no and no. The king pushed the appointment of a member of his family for one thing only: to defame Israel, to disgrace Israel’s smell in the world through harsh reports by a member of his family so that Israel would be forced to establish another Palestinian terror state in Judea and Samaria with East Jerusalem as its capital, They could continue to control millions of Palestinians in the artificial production called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan so as not to give the Palestinians a state where they are the majority in north-west Jordan.

It is true that the UN Human Rights Council did not begin its blatant activity against Israel in 2014 with the appointment of Zaid bin Raad, since it has had a very negative record against Israel many years earlier, but this is why the king pushed his family to head the council , Since such an anti-Israeli council would be relatively easy to pass anti-Israeli resolutions such as the one that supports an economic boycott of Israel.

Then Zaid bin Rid performs his family duties faithfully, issuing warning letters to companies operating in the Land of Israel. Thus, King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom is sticking a knife at Israel’s back, and Israeli politicians still say that “peace with Jordan is a strategic asset.” In return for the quiet along the border with Jordan, we will pay Qassams from the Palestinian state that the king is pressuring us to build in Judea and Samaria, missiles that will fall on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Dimona, Afula and everything in between, including Ben Gurion Airport, Sent to us from Gaza.

If that’s how a friend looks, I do not know what an enemy looks like. It is time to wake up to rethink the Hashemite Kingdom, for it seems that some of our politicians, novices on the winding paths of the Middle East, have fallen asleep at the wheel and do not read the bright warning signs along the way, only because they are written in Arabic.
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  1. The Hashemite family has a record since 1918 of an on-again, off-again relationship with Israel. At times they have made some quiet efforts to make peace with or even form an alliance with Israel. Abdullah’s great-great uncle, Faisal, signed a peace pack with Chaim Weizmann in 1918 (brokered by T.E. Lawrence, “Lawrence of Arabia,”), but added a proviso that the deal was off if the Allied Powers of World War One refused to give him Syria to rule. The Allies refused to give him Syria and even kicked him out of the country, so he reneged on his deal with the Zionists. Later, Abdullah the Second’s grandfather, Abdullah the First, met with Weizmann and other Zionist leaders, and offered to sell vast tracts of land in what is now Transjordan to the Jews. The Arab Beduin sheikhs of Transjordan agreed to the sale as well, which would have put a lot of money in their pockets. But the British learned about the deal and forced both sides to cancel it. Abdullah I and the Zionists conducted negotiations in an attempt to reach some kind of peace deal in 1947, but Abdullah broke them off, telling Golda Meir that he was under enormous pressure from the other Arab governments to join their war against Israel, which he did. After the armistice was signed, however, he reopened negotiations with Israel, even initialed a draft peace treaty with Israel, and even told his people about the proposed treaty in a radio broadcast. He was promptly assassinated. Abdullah II surely has not forgotten what happened to his great-grandfather. In 1970, after Israel helped Jordan fight off attempts to overthrow Abdullah’s father King Hussein by the PLO and Syria, Hussein agreed to close Jordan’s border to terror attacks on Israel. The Hashemites have more or less kept to this secret agreement ever since. At some point (1994?) Hussein did sign a peace treaty with Israel and established diplomatic relations. When Jordanian soldiers followed up by murdering six Israeli schoolgirls, Hussein publicly apologized on his knees to the grieving Israeli families.

    Since the most recent Palestinian intifada got underway, and Jordan has been swamped with Israel-hating Syrians, Abdullah has stepped up his anti-Israel rhetoric. This consistent with the Hashemites one-hundred-year pattern of seeking peace with Israel when they thought they could do so safely, but taking hostile action against Israel when they believed that either other Arab governments or the Arab “street” would kill or overthrow them unless they did this. What Abdullah really feels about Israel and Jews is impossible to know, but his current behavior is probably dictated by what he thinks is political nicessity if he is to stay in power.