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  1. The veracity and credibility of Snopes do not qualify them as the fact checker. They are just plain ideological outfit.

  2. I cannot verify the legitimacy of The Antifa Manual, but I can verify that Snopes is entirely illegitimate.

  3. Here’s a video of a genuine protest (not riot, though they’ve had that too in the past week). Both sides were protesting, Americans and Antifa. The Americans were flying an American flag, and the Antifas have been flying Antifa and Soviet flags. In this particular demonstration, one young “pro-Antiufa/BLM” fellow made the “mistake” of sporting an American flag on his backpack, and he was criticized and insulted for it, because the “memo” has specifically said people should NOT fly US flags, which the leader called “a fascist flag:

    To his credit, the young man did not take down his American flag.

    This doesn’t verify or discredit the “manual”; but the fact that the local leader at the demonstration referred to a “memo” shows that these protests (which seem to turn into riots at curfew time) are highly orchestrated. To this, though, I must add that many of the people at the demonstrations are not hard-core Antifa types. Some may have come because of Facebook notices, etc., and still others are just neighborhood people who come out to see what’s going on.

  4. “Antifa ‘fight instructor’ tells prospective rioters how to cause ‘CRIPPLING PAIN’ to victims in Project Veritas exposé (VIDEO)”

    RT is a Russian propaganda outfit and I don’t normally post anything by them but for whatever reason they posted this Project Veritas report and Project Vertitas is credible.
    5 Jun, 2020 15:21 / Updated 4 days ago

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