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  1. Good Morning Joy,
    I will use the Lefts concept of Loyal and Happy interchangeably.
    Arabs have every reason to be loyal to ethnic-blind democratic Israel – that is, the state envisaged by leftists, where the Law of Return is repealed, national anthem doesn’t mention a Jew, and the flag hosts internationally acceptable sickle and hammer. Lying Arabs could pledge loyalty to any state, but wholeheartedly – to the leftists’ Israel.
    Suppose the Arabs are loyal to Israel. They cease hostilities. They only breed. One day they outbreed the Jews and, remaining loyal to democratic principles of Israel, vote it out of existence.

  2. Hello. I hope a tidal wave of good health is crashing down on Israel.

    Israeli Arabs are happy in Israel, so they want to turn it into an Arab dictatorship, just like illegal Mexican aliens are happy in America, so they want to turn it into Mexico City, which is a toilet. They’re not very bright, which explains their station in life.