Are the constitutionalists realistic?

By Ted Belman

The Real Newt Gingrich from Frank on Vimeo.

I found this video fascinating. It pits the views iof the Council of Foreign Relations whose members include Gingrich, Kissinger, Clinton and 500 others who support internationalization, globalization and World Government (which implies a loss of sovereignty) against the views of the Constitutionalists who want limited federal government as mandated by the constitution. This means that if a power is not specifically given to the federal government, it resides in the states. It also means that sovereignty must be guarded at all costs.

The constitutionalists argue that being the policeman of the world is not constitutional and all troops should be brought home including from Japan, Germany and S. Korea. Nevertheless Palin who argues for constitutional government still wants a militarily strong US and wants to support Israel.

Is it a pipedream to believe that in this modern day and age that the vision of the founding fathers is workable. In other words are the constitutionalists realistic?

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