Arens: “Put the Qassams out of range”

By Ted Belman

I have not given the daily attacks on Sderot the attention they deserve. Nor have I castiigated the Government for its abject failure to put a stop to them.

Moshe Arens shows the futility of Taking Lieberman’s advice to starve the Gazans, and demands instead that we put the Qassams out of range.

The Qassam rockets are being launched from a distance of one to three kilometers from the wall surrounding the Gaza Strip. The only way to put a stop to this is for the IDF to enter Gaza to this depth, and put the Qassams out of range. There is no other way. Just as in the Second Lebanon War, the only way to stop the rocketing of Galilee was for IDF ground forces to reach the launching sites of the short-range rockets. Now the Olmert government, reinforced by the new defense minister, is repeating the same mistake they made then. Who cares about the Winograd report?

How long are we going to stay there after the IDF has put the Qassams out of range, ask the perennial doubters. The answer is simple – as long as the children of Sderot will need protection.

Daniel Pipes has a different take in Cut Gaza’s power? where he argues for

In a Jerusalem Post piece six years ago, Preventing war: Israel’s options I called for shutting off utilities to the Palestinian Authority as well as a host of other measures, such as permitting no transportation in the PA of people or goods beyond basic necessities, implementing the death penalty against murderers, and razing villages from which attacks are launched.

But what I liked best is his classic line

if you don’t win a war, you lose it

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