Aryeh Deri: We underestimated our enemies, we thought we were the strongest army

T. Belman. It is plain for all to see. Thanks for admitting it. Bibi is speaking weakly. On the one hand he says no ceasefire before we destroy Hamas but goes on to sayno ceasefire before the hostages are returned. Is he suggesting that the return of the hostages will end the war with Hamas standing?

He is also saying that Israel will take “overall security responsibility” in Gaza indefinitely after its war with Hamas,  That’s no solution at all.  Liberman is saying “turning over Gaza to the PA is dellusional”.

Bibi should be planning to annex Gaza sans Gazans but not saying it.

Bibi is not standing strong again.
He is trying t manage the problem rather than end the problem..

Shas chairman says he believes Lapid and Liberman will ultimately join the government, just as Gantz did.

  Nov 8, 2023, 4:31 AM (GMT+2)

Shas chairman MK Aryeh Deri spoke about the war in an interview with Channel 12 News on Tuesday evening and stated that, in his opinion, the government and the defense establishment both failed.

“We underestimated our enemies, we lived with the feeling that we were the strongest and best army,” Deri said, adding, “Our first duty as a government is to provide protection to our citizens, I’m not talking about quality of life. This is where the government failed, the army failed and the Shin Bet failed.”

“I have been accompanying governments and cabinets for almost 40 years, there have never been so many fateful and dynamic decisions that need to be made every moment,” he said.

Deri commented on the political situation and said, “I believe that both [Yair] Lapid and [Avigdor] Liberman will eventually join the emergency government. On that Saturday night [when it was falsely reported that Liberman would be joining the government], the Prime Minister and I called Liberman together and tried to get him in – we haven’t spoken since.”

On the security situation, he said, “There will still be a lot of time to analyze the situation, but there is no doubt that there was an unprecedented act of deceit under our eyes, not thousands of kilometers away, right next to us, everyone seeing everything [Hamas is doing] but commenting that that it is only training. We never imagined that we were dealing with such murderers who are capable of acting with such cruelty.”

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  1. Given his relationship to Trump going back at least 40 years – they both contributed to the Town of Beit-El in the 80s – Friedman endorsing Sovereignty with only legal residency and enclaves for the Arabs of YESHA and Gaza, is a game changer though he claims he is the first to think of it, just as those on the right today, claim they came up with the idea of voluntary emigration which was Kahane’s, but no matter.

    re Deri’s remark: frankly, it’s absurd to suggest that Lapid, who is calling for a “Palestinian State” along with Barak, will join the government he is trying to overthrow to prosecute the war he is trying to stop. Especially since the municipal elections that took place were a major repudiation of Lapid. Lieberman, who knows? Will he cooperate unless the Haredim are drafted, which is a divisive issue, as Bibi complained when it was raised publicly just now? Also, can he overcome his gut hatred of Bibi? I’d be surprised.

  2. that’s what happens when you engage in idol worship and the military in israel is an idol, the idol

  3. I’d Israel clears out the strip of all Palestinians, the problem is solved. There aren’t any other solutions that work. All other variants cause headaches downstream.

  4. Bob-Frank Adam (losers is spelled with ONE “o”)

    Shas was DOMINATET by their Rebbe Josef, who was senile for years whilst still top dog. And a bigger politcal ignoramus one could not find.

    Deri is valued by Netanyahu because, as he says, he has a wealth of experience in Ministerial posts far more than any other, to bring to the Cabinet. He WANTS him there in the worst way, and he is right.

    Why should you care about Deri, Israel needs him NOW.

  5. Deri and his homologues – opposite numbers in UTJ – have not been helpful in army and defence matters and he would do well to be careful about telling Tsahal how to suck lemons.
    It looks like a re-jig of organisation and policy when Gaza is over to include a lot more plain infantry or border police Civic Guard to shoot and catch rebels and loosers who think they can work off their loosers’ rentments by attackng civilians. It is time for the Yeshiva bunch to sign up and do their three years or there will not be an Israel to featherbed them. It does no good for the reputaton of religion when it is an excuse to avoid a public duty or needs shabbat goyim support it.

  6. Please avoid publishing that jerk , Deri is just an opportunist looking for another millions $ extorsion under cover of saving our souls . When shall his public join the army ?