AUSTRIA: Anti-Islam Freedom Party will expand into Germany

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Austria’s far-right Freedom Party has announced plans to expand into Germany, where it hopes to join forces with another militant anti-Islamic group and campaign against Turkey’s accession to the European Union as part of a widening bid for political power.

Austria’s far right Freedom Party (FPO) is causing outrage with its advertising campaign. The slogan causing all the fuss appears in bold letters across huge billboards next to the smiling face of Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. “Mehr Mut für Wiener Blut” – more courage for Viennese Blood. The next  line says – “Too many foreigners does no one any good”

UK INDEPENDENTThe party, which swept to power in Austria under the leadership of the late Jörg Haider a decade ago, made huge gains in Vienna elections earlier this month when it won 26 per cent of the vote and overnight became the city’s second most powerful party.

The dramatic resurgence followed an anti-Islamic election campaign in the Austrian capital’s traditionally white working-class districts, which now have big immigrant communities. The party’s vote-winning tactics included distributing a free computer game (BYE BYE MOSQUE) that allows players to shoot at mosques, minarets and muezzin.

The party’s current leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, said at a right-wing political congress in Vienna at the weekend that his organisation’s growing appeal meant it was now time to move into Germany. The party plans to open its “German office” with the little known Pro-Deutschland ultra right-wing movement, which recently gained seats on Cologne city council.

“We have a lot in common,” said Hans-Jörg Jenewein, the Freedom Party’s general secretary. “The Pro-movement should achieve in Germany what we have in Austria.” Both parties will hold a press conference in the west German town of Leverkusen this week to announce what was described as a “patriotic movement at federal level”.

The Pro movement won five Cologne parliament seats last year after campaigning fiercely against the construction of a new mosque in the city’s suburbs.

Mr Strache’s plans for expansion were unveiled at a conference in Vienna attended by delegates from far-right parties across Europe. Declaring that he wanted to combat “bad developments” within the EU, he claimed that Turkey’s proposed accession threatened to turn Europe into a “Euro-Asiatic-African Union,” which “cannot be allowed to happen.”

Other far-right parties at the meeting included the Sweden Democrats, who entered parliament for the first time in Stockholm last month, Italy’s Lega Nord and the Danish People’s Party. Bruno Valkeniers, the leader of Belgium’s far right Vlaams Belang was also reported to have been present.

In Germany concern about the far right had, until recently, been limited to the activities of the openly racist neo-Nazi National Democratic Party. However, worries that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives have become too left-wing on key issues such as immigration, have prompted talk about the possible formation of a new right-wing conservative party.









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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. Bill, move on 60 years. Europe is irrelevant in the ‘civilised’ world now, their empires have gone. Go and take a trip to Europe and talk to the average man, they do see a threat to the civilised world, and it’s not the ‘musloids’ it’s your country. Any European here will tell you that. Reversing their roles and pretending otherwise won’t change the facts. It ain’t gonna happen. Besides, I don’t understand why American conservatives, whom are seen playing the role of Hitler’s minions by the ones they want to save see Europeaans as victims of ‘musloids’, when they happily embrace them. You see the ‘musloid’ threat through your own eyes, not how it is to them, in Europe, the USA is seen as the prime threat they also think the ‘musloid’ threat is a made up one. Take a trip to Europe my friend, and see what the reality is.

  2. C.R, as I mentioned in the other thread halting Moslem immigration won’t make the Europeans pro Israel, because the influence upon Europe isn’t coming from their migrant Moslems. They do not bring the oil wells with them when they migrate. I do not understand why some think ending Moslem immigration will make Europeans either pro American or Pro Israel. If anything, alliances with right wing populists turns neutral Europeans anti Israel. As the economic crisis get’s worse, anti Israel sentiment is rising. The Occupy Wall St protesters didn’t even bother to couch their Jew hatred into Anti Zionism.

    Bill Levinson, i’m curious to know why you’re such a defender of Europe. With the economic crisis, anti semitism is rising in Europe. I’d like to see what your POV is, as my own is that it is a fitting punishment for them.

  3. On the other hand, with europe being the choice for muslim immigration there is less pressure for such to the US. After all the US is still unable to see it as negative.

  4. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. what is sometimes viewd as nationalism is not always nationalism butcover for corruption. If a govt could afford a war then it could send its cannon fodder to be killed abroad, if not it could keep the locals occupited venoming their frustrations on the Jews. The jews did not side as much as pay tribute to the masters of the moment in order to survive. It didnt matter much what govts were in power as the Jews usually, not always, came to a poor end.(arab spring will probbably prove the same) Not much time has passed since the last obvious holocaust and the Jews know that todays apparent enemy of a govt may tomorrow be them. Therefore, it is not simply a matter of living in the past but with a sense of the truths evidenced by history. However,the enemy of my enemy can be a friend even temporarily(stlin & Hitler) I do not agree that the Naziis were really nationalist but instead were using nationalism to assume power to achive an agenda: to wipe out the treat of creeping communism. The Nazis were financed by international capitalists, monarchists, etc such as Henry Ford(notorious anti semite) who identified the Jews as being the carriers of the “disease” of communism. I believe the holocaust agenda was originated by such people, and entities, as a prime weapon against the feared spread of communism to their interests. that the murder of the jews was planned before hitler, and that Hitler and Germany were the tools to accomplish the murder.

  5. This is a good thing for the Europeans to end all Islamic immigration–if the Europeans hadn’t been such fools they never would have allowed this evil! Unfortunately for the Europeans they have ruined their cultures–there is no coming back for them because of the Godless Marxism they have fully embraced–the general trend for them is down, down, down!

  6. I can see that this is a divisive issue among Jews. The conflict is between Nativism-Nationalism-Clanism, on the one hand, and, for lack of a better word, Authoritaian/ Imperialism on the other. For centuries, Jews have benefitted from authoritarian governments. In Poland, for example, the Jews sided with the Polish-Lithuanian imperialsts against the Ukrainian nationalists. They also did well under the authoritarian regimes in Spain, producing the Golden Age of Sephardic Jewry. They did not do well under nationalist governments, such as Hitler’s Germany.

    Israel is a nation now, and Zionist Jews are, as a consequence, nationalists. That puts them on the same footing as their old nemesis, German nationalists. Jews who live in the present, by and large, should welcome the recent nationalist trend in Europe. Those who live in the past, of course, are horrified by it.