Baby Obama was found in a basket floating on a river.

By Ted Belman

Apparently Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii or Kenya but was discovered by his alleged mother, floating in a basket on a river, the name of which, which cannot be disclosed. This, according to David Solway who reported on this startling fact in his article in Pajamas Media on the question of the birth controversy. Before he makes this startling revelation be describes the quandry.

    For some time now, even before his assumption of the presidency, the subject of Barack Obama’s origins has been a vexed and tenacious issue, with no sign as yet of diminishing. Is he a “natural born citizen,” as per Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, the criterion of eligibility for the office of president? Was he born in Hawaii or Kenya or possibly in both places at the same time? Or is there, as potential 2012 presidential candidate Donald Trump speculates [1], “something on Obama’s birth certificate he doesn’t like”? Is there no dispositive evidence anywhere to be found that would give closure to the rumpus once and for all? Only one thing is certain: there is no denying the exceptionalism of Obama’s nativity.

    “There are those who,” to use a favorite locution of the president, claim that the documents he has released to confirm his place of birth are incomplete and unpersuasive. These so-called “birthers” contend that, in the absence of a “long form” birth certificate replete with precise details regarding the name of the hospital, attending physician, and such-like, the president’s credentials are suspect. Others are content that a short-form “certificate of live birth,” two newspaper announcements, and state attestation are more than enough to settle the issue regarding the president’s authenticity and good faith. This is the argument of diverse reverend elders regularly trumpeted from the towering summit of Mount Media to a rabble of dubious and ungrateful nullifidians.

    For example, in the Introduction to Our Choice [2], the redoubtable Al Gore points out that “the governor of Hawaii … personally examined and publicly verified the official certificate” and that the libraries of Hawaii “provided copies of contemporaneous birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers.” Gore then dismisses the affair as an “odd faux controversy [that] is hardly worth mentioning,” and many will agree. But many remain unconvinced. After all, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, who promised to release the original document, now concedes [3] that state privacy laws forbid him do so, and a personal affidavit from a government official and two newspaper notices do not constitute an actual birth certificate. They are merely bulletins whose provenance is not definitive and which serve as distractions from the real issue rather than incontrovertible proof of a blessed genesis.

    These bothersome birthers also point out that the list [4] of presidential birthplace addresses omits only one, that of the current occupant of the White House. As a result, the debate continues to rage.

    Thus Trump remains highly skeptical [5], believing there is something very curious about the whole affair, as does [6] Rush Limbaugh. This is perhaps to be expected, but then even President Obama’s ardent disciple, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, asks [7] where’s the harm in making the cryptic document public. Of course, people like Limbaugh and especially Trump, since he harbors presidential aspirations, will be mocked by the mainstream punditariat (though Matthews, obviously, gets a free pass). David Frum at Frum’s Forum thinks [8] Trump may be “crazy” and Time’s Joe Klein feels [9] “he…just…can’t…help… himself.” The problem is that ridicule is not an argument. Indeed, the problem is that the problem won’t go away.

But the issue is much more than what is on that birth certificate that Obama wants to hide. Whatever it is it is also on the papers and documents that are lodged with Harvard, Columbia, Occidental and many other places and institutions. Or perhaps there are additional things on these documents he is trying to hide.

It is not just a matter of whether he is constitutionally eligible to be president. Perhaps what is on those documents will disclose that he has perjured himself or committed a fraud. Perhaps he is not even a US citizen.

Enquiring minds want to know.

Lest anyone think he is the second coming of Moses, Obama cleared up the matter by saying “I don’t have horns”.

By the way the State of Arizona has passed legislation requiring all candidates for the Presidency to prove they are eligible by delivering a long form birth certificate. And it is not alone. Another 12 states are considering similar legislation.

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16 Comments / 16 Comments

  1. Ted,

    Either you did not review the links I posted above, or you just want to discount them. To be a natural born citizen, under current law, only one parent need be a citizen. Review the 1st & 2nd links, not the 3rd.

  2. Strangelove

    the evidence is overwhelming that Obama is a “natural born citizen”,

    Not so fast. There is no evidence that he is a natural born citizen. To be natural born citizen both your parents must be American citizens.

    Read the post I did today from American Thinker. If that doesn’t convince you that this is important and far from settled, then you are hopeless.

  3. Ted, Bush 43 tried everything he could to hide the truth about his National Guard service, but it all came out anyway. Never heard a complaint from his supporters. In fact, they did everything they could to claim it was all a lie. Which it wasn’t because there was too much evidence. If anyone should have never been elected President, just think G. W. Bush.

    I don’t know if Obama’s hiding anything damning, and I don’t care, just as you probably didn’t care that Bush was. And that was only one thing regarding Bush, but probably the most significant.

    Anyway, the evidence is overwhelming that Obama is a “natural born citizen”, and that is what the main issue is regarding his legal right to hold office. Do you still want to deny that?

    Most of us have some dark secrets in our backgrounds that we would like remain hidden. The most important thing is who we are today. I admit, there are things concerning Obama that I’m not happy about (which I don’t want to discuss here). I didn’t vote for him in the primary. However, I’m very happy that McCain/Barracuda are not in the White House.

  4. Strangelove, the bottom line for us “birthers” is that Obama is hiding something crucial to his reputation and standing and narrative. So don’t focus on the question of his birth. Do you think he is hiding anything damning?
    I for one think a President’s life should be an open book. the people have a right to know.

  5. After law school and three years of “community disruption”, by obama’s own words he stated that he was so discouraged
    he traveled to Kenya to “find his roots”.
    Why would obama make that comment referring to “finding his roots” in Kenya?
    To this day, the press has never asked obama
    where he stayed when he visited Kenya? Who did he stay with while visiting Kenya? Where did he travel and with whom while visiting Kenya? Who paid for the trip? And lastly…..did he find what he was looking for?

  6. I’m new at entering links to this website. So, all of the writing in red is my 2nd link, to follow “also this”. The last link goes with the 2nd red paragraph.

  7. Kim, Hawaii became a state 8/12/59. Obama was born 8/4/61!
    And Obama could have been born on Jupiter and still be NATURALLY BORN. Check this out and carefully read paragraph (g).
    Also, this:
    Some will argue that since the code was changed years after Obamas’ birth it doesn’t include him. This is a specious argument. Amendments and codes become retroactive. As an example, if you were 19yrs old when the 26th amendent was passed, you were eligible to vote. You did not have to wait til your 21st birthday because you were illegal before the passage.

    Now, for those of you that believe Obama proclaimed he was born in Kenya, go to the following link. Watch the video, read the comments, click on “show more” directly below the 1st comment, then click on “source video” and have fun watching.

    You guys are just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
    My suggestion to all of you “birthers” is GIVE IT THE HELL UP. You must get an awful lot of agita thinking about this all the time.

  8. According to the latest news Donald Trump’s popularity is on the rise. To mention Obama’s birth certificate was a stroke of genius since it has helped him secure such a good position within the Republican Party. I think Sarah Palin will get mad at him when she realizes that she could have come up with the issue herself.

  9. I wonder why that America would believe Obama is legal. Even if he was born in Hawai would not make him legal as Hawai was not a state of the US then. I wonder why the missionaries in Kenya who replaced the other older missionaries who were there when Obama was born. every gov official said he was born there. The Imam who is there now said his uncle the Imam blessed him with the name and that born into a muslim family is that you ARE automatic one. and that no one dare take the name given to obama unless he is a muslim His own gramma said, what is that rascal think he is doing ? all of his family say he is a muslim born in kenya until he shut them up. the man some say is his dad, is NOT. His mom was a hippie type, known as against gov and was called like a witch type. she went to night school not day at Wash univ. all her friends and obama’s is socialist, commie’s is another meaning of same. She was PG and going into labor in Kenya or Indonisa and they would not let her on the plane. did not want the responsibility. four or within four days, he was reg in Hawai. I have been reading how his long form birth cert if in Chenny’s desk. most of the old dog Rep and Dem’s know he is not a citizen, paid for by the rich here who we let rip us off with unconstitutional taxes. Does anyone know their constitution or that we the people ARE THE GOV,,somethng we have forgoten. and that not a dime goes anywhere here or to other countries without our vote of approval which gov does anyway. and we let them,,PLeaseeeeeeeeeeee Islam promised to take us down without firing a bullet, from the inside out. and most still think good guys are the REP…some are most aren’t as with Den’s. If anyone had a clear brain they would stop following the herd while we crumble from the inside out, suporting every immoral law that the flesh likes. How many people have to loose it all and how much debt to make us fall so the UN mostly Islam takes over with the EU for their dreadful deadly one world gov, one world rel and every detestable thing? gov will NOT save you. but just like with Hitler..he promised it all and once he got voted in, he took it all back, killed millions and took over all business’ and money, jewelry and killed even his best men..trying to not leave any witness’. same plan here and hey, it works folks..look at all of you while they continue their deadly game, even saying global warming is a fact..Genesis 8:22 says the seasons will never change and no flood like in the days of noah ever again. misiles shot into space and all over cause weather changes, and wiat till they continue to destroy the earth and it gets so dry and no rain comes to grow food, kinda like the cold winters have killed most foods. All the nations protesting is planned. and see all of them come together to hate Israel and America and anyone who is not Muslim. I don’t care who you are or what color and what you belive..all people want to be free..and you are all throwing it all away..Just like Hitler, all your freedom will die..just as if you look around and really see reality.. Gov is lying. stand on our constitution or let freedom die as we all become slaves to the dictors of the world…do you really like what you see..

  10. The Donald said he is going to HI to investigate. I hope his team visits every single hospital in the state, and then report. Let us pressure Trump to do just that.

  11. Donald Trump is the only potential Presidential candidate to call the Fooler in Chief on this matter. He continues to rise in the polls, and the mainstream media (including Glenn Beck) continues to alternately belittle and ignore him. As Jesus said, “This is the hour of Darkness, and the power thereof”. Let them have their day; but in May and November, 2012, I plan to vote for Donald — and I don’t think I will be alone in doing so.

    I’m not sure that the birth in the river will wash. More plausible, is that Obama was hatched in Hawaii from an egg, laid by a rabbit.

  12. It is incredible that the gullible american public don’t demand evidence of birth, and compliance with the constitution, for the highest office in the land and transparency on his background. The ridiculed Bush provided all his records to the public.

  13. A quote from the 2009 Preserving Western Civilization conference:

    To a Jew there is no greater accomplishment than getting a black man into the White House. The thinking goes: “Our work is done. It’s OK if the Muslims come kill us now.”