Dear Followers

Last week I sent out an appeal for funds.

Some of you responded by making a donation but the large majority of you didn’t.

The number of people who opened my email exceeded 3000 yet only 1% responded. As it was, that 1% was a good start.

I would have expected that 10% would have wanted to show their appreciation especially since the title in the email alerted them to my request for support.

Perhaps more of you will decide that you too could help by making a donation.

I would love to increase that 1% to 3%.

Thank you.

Ted Belman

March 31, 2017 | 8 Comments » | 152 views

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Okay. I can respond to a strong hint. As promised, I will forward a donation via PayPal some time over the weekend. If I can donate to the local black-hats of Beit Chabad in nearby Madison WI, I can do the same for you. The Lubavitchers and Israpundit are both vital to the interests and needs of the Jewish nation.

    By the way. I notice this morning that pulling in Israpundit on the internet on this laptop computer, using Safari rather than Firefox or Chrome as the web search engine, doesn’t send back threatening messages about unsafe websites. Nonetheless, make sure your web hosting service sets you up for HTTPS feed-in with SHA2 encryption levels.

    I commented too soon about Chrome and Firefox from this MacBook Air laptop. Both those search engines seem to bring in Israpundit with no squawk-backs fro the computer this morning. Does this imply that your website hosting service upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS, and SHA1 to SHA2 encryption?

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  2. Arnold, you know far more about this stuff than I do.

    But following your advice I got an SSL Certificate for Israpundit and loaded it yesterday. Maybe that made a difference.

    I also have been viewing proposals for redoing Israpundit to make it faster and more secure. I think I will let the contract on Monday.

    I intend to follow very closely the FrontPagMag site.

  3. xx
    I posted this yesterday on another article, which you may have missed;

    It’s possible that some contributors mailed in donations to the address you gave in Jerusalem, and therefore it might take a week or more to arrive. I believe that 1% is abysmal, and 10% more fitting.

    3% doesn’t even get a Knesset seat……

  4. Ted, you have provided me a service, in giving me a forum wherein to publish my thoughts. It is not a “jot and run” forum, like Facebook and Twitter; rather, I am able to collect my thoughts and put them out in an inteligent manner. You even give me an opportunity to EDIT what I say, and correct typos! Bliss and heaven!

    I am a retired person, living on a VERY small Social Security pension (I never have had good-paying work), and my wife’s income until she retires; so I cannot give much, but I want to give something.

    My big hangup is, I have never used PayPal, and never want to have to: I am too much of a dinosaur for that. Is there an address I can send a check to?

  5. You can make the check in favour of Ted Belman and send it to Ted Belman, Hagdud Haivri #1, Jerusalem, 92344, Israel.

    Or you can use your credit card only to donate through Paypal. I can tell you how if you are interested. Thank you.

  6. Ted

    I wanted to make a donation by utilizing a credit card
    The card on your site was not accepted. I even had to reach
    out to you for assistance . It still didn’t work . I then had to
    opened a Paypal account which took funds directly out of my
    account. My question to you Ted is.. Many people use credit
    cards and may not follow up as I did by opening up a Paypal
    account and therefore you lose a potential contributor. As the
    gentleman in his above comment does not want to open a Paypal
    account, ask yourself how many more people would like to donate but do not want to go through hoops to make a donation. Your disappointment may be of your own
    doing I am sure there are some small fees involved but so what ? You
    are running both a service and a business . The business part
    being the donations . Had I not read the above that CREDIT cards are only acceptable through Paypal at least I would have known better. Not trying to criticize but help, I have to believe that your coffers could be fuller by
    making it as easy as possible to donate

    Leopold d

    Costa Rica

  7. @ Ted Belman:
    Ted, I located my old Paypal account, which I have not used for many years. But I no longer have the information you sent out about which account of yours to which a payment should be directed. If you don’t want to post that information publicly, then send me another email. You have my email address on record. Sorry about the delay.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

  8. Hi Ted, i have indeed sent you a donation of $100 in appreciation for all that you do in keeping us updated with vital and verified information on Israel and the world. Please add my name to your donor’s list. Malcolm Hedding.

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