Benazir Bhutto leads the way

The Face Of Our Enemy

By Gary Bauer of American Values

Yesterday’s vicious and brutal attack against former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto once again showed the true face of our Islamofascist enemy. Mrs. Bhutto is widely regarded as one of the most high profile voices for “moderate and modern” Islam. Yet, when she attempted to return home after eight years in exile, extremist thugs attempted to assassinate her. Fortunately, they failed, but hundreds of innocent bystanders were slaughtered and maimed.

Reacting to the homicide bombing attempt on her life, Bhutto defiantly said,

    “We believe democracy alone can save Pakistan from disintegration and a militant takeover. We are prepared to risk our lives and we are prepared to risk our liberty, but we are not prepared to surrender our great nation to the militants.”

Earlier this year, I had the honor of hearing Mrs. Bhutto strongly condemn radical Islam at an interfaith summit I also addressed in Kiev, Ukraine. The attempt on her life exemplifies the extreme hatred the Islamofascists have for freedom. The fact that they were willing to sacrifice hundreds of their fellow Muslims shows the lengths to which they are willing to go in order to silence those who dare to challenge them.

Unfortunately, the “moderate” moniker is very poorly defined in Middle East politics. Consider, for example, Hashemi Rafsanjani, the president of Iran from 1989 to 1997. A political rival to the current Iranian “president,” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani is often referred to in Western media as a “moderate.” You decide.

Earlier this month, Rafsanjani heaped praise upon Adolf Hitler by referring to the Holocaust as a “relatively successful” effort to “save Europe from the evil of Zionism.” Rafsanjani remarked:

    “Europe resolved a great problem – the problem of the Zionist danger. What Hitler and the German Nazis did to the Jews of Europe at that time was partly due to these circumstances with the Jews. They wanted to expel the Zionists from Europe because they always were a pain in the neck for the governments there. …The first goal was to save Europe from the evil of Zionism, and in this, they have been relatively successful.”

Perhaps for a leading Iranian politician, merely acknowledging the Holocaust is enough to make one “moderate.”

Like Mrs. Bhutto, who has vowed to “never surrender to the militants,” and like the survivors of the Holocaust who have vowed, “Never Again,” this generation of Americans must find the courage to defend Western Civilization and stand with our allies against the evil of Islamofascism.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Shalom Stuarts 14,

    I think you’re getting way too precise.

    Mrs Bhutto’s “corruption” is probably no more nor less tht comparable situations. Her corruption record is surely less than many US political personalities.

    In that area of the world “democrat” is a synonym with corpse. They don’t last long.

    Remember, Pakistan was once a cooperating member of CENTO – until the barbarians made a return entrance.


    The article refers to “moderates”. I have a political cartoon here. It shows 2 mullahs dressed in traditional garb with both carrying picket signs. The sign on the left says “Death To Americans”. The sign on the right says “Serious Injury To Americans”. The cartoon’s caption: “The one on the right is a moderate.”

    Kol tuv,

  2. Whatever Gary Bauer’s standing as a conservative, his comments regarding Benzir Bhutto are simply ignorant.

    Bhutto has, in fact, served as Pakistan’s Prime Minister twice. Her record for corruption, coddling Islamic radicals, and sponsoring the nuclear work of A.Q. Khan, far surpasses her credentials as a democrat.

    Of course, she says the right things – in English – for gullible Westerners, like Bauer, who fall all over themselves in praise of Muslims who give the slightest appearance of promoting the political and social values we espouse. Probably Bauer praised Hosni Mubarak as a great democrat after Sadat’s assassination.

  3. I could not help but notice how the media has covered this. This act of naked aggression against Mrs. Bhutto has generally been talked about by the main stream news media in the same casual manner that one might talk about the weather.

    The way the media covered Abu Ghraib, the Haditha incident, the way it is covering the shooting involving Black Water security personnel, and the way it covers the Guantanamo Bay prison are radically different. The way the media covers these things generally involve hysterical anti-Americanism in which the context of these things are ignored or they are minimized.

    I can only engage in educated speculation as to why the media covers these things differently. One possibility is the main stream media is racist. As such, bad behavior from Muslims is expected and since they are viewed as inferior forms of life we should not hold them to any kind of standard for decent behavior. Another possibility is the main stream media really is in league with our Islamic enemies. Either way this reflects very badly on the main stream news media.

  4. Ted

    I like the article especially the very last sentence. You are spot on. It will require courage. Any American or Western leader who attempts to take a strong stand against Islamic extremists will find themselves vilified in the main stream news media and they will face the wrath of the Government bureacracy.

    While I like the statement, I should point out that the Americans cannot do this alone. If we are to prevail, we are going to need the help of the British, the French, the Italians, the Canadians, the Israelis, and the rest of the free world. While I am not excusing American appeasement tendencies in any way shape or form, they are largely occurring becuause the US and Israel have gotten so little help from the rest of the free world. So far, we have been unable to get NATO allies to fully honor their committments to Afghanistan!!

    Israel is going to have to find the courage to say “NO” to pressure from the Americans and to anyone else who tries to pressure them. If they do this, it will make it easier for those in the US and throughout the free who support Israel to defend its cause. When Israel’s soverign government agrees to surrender land it cuts the legs out from under their supporters.

    While it will require courage on the part of the Americans, they cannot bear the burden alone. If America and Israel have to bear this burden alone, Western civilization will be destroyed. While America is a very powerful country, it oes not have sufficient power to confront this enemy alone. This enemy is vast and it is very powerful. The rest of the free world will need to step up.

    I will need more information before I delcare Mrs. Bhutto to be an ally. She could simply be an America hater who simply uses different methods in her quest to destroy the US and the free world than her more radical cousins do. Generally the difference between a “moderate” and an “extremist” in the Muslim world is that they emply different methods in their attempts to destroy the US.

    To many people in Western Europe think that if only they throw the US overboard ever thing will be okay. To many people in both the US and Western Europe think that if Israel is thrown under the bus everything will be okay. There even seem to be some Israel supporters who seem to think that if only they and Israel will be hostile to the US this will enhance their position. Ntohing could be farther from the truth. We will all hang together or we will hang separately.

    Israel should strive for complete and total independence from US aid. Also, it should chart a course for its foreign and domestic policies that are completely separate from the US. Having a strong and independent ally is in the best interests of the US and being independent of the US is clearly in the interests of Israel.

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