Bennett: Liberman, Netanyahu scandals politicized

[I couldn’t agree more. And it was a smart move by Bennett.]


Bayit Yehudi head says it is no coincidence that Liberman indictment, “Bibi-Tours” report come out just before elections.

Bayit Hayehudi's Naftali Bennett.

Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett on Friday came to the defense of his political competitors, Likud-Beytenu leaders Binyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Liberman, slamming recent legal moves against each as politically motivated, Army Radio reported.

Speaking at a Ramat Gan political discussion, Bennett slammed both the attorney-general’s decision to indict Liberman and the state comptroller’s decision to promulgate his draft report on Netanyahu’s “Bibi-Tours” affair just weeks before the general election.

“Theoretically it helps us because it hurts our rivals, but this is not acceptable. How is it that they’re investigating Liberman for 12 years and it pops up suddenly just before the elections?” he asked.

“And how is it that the ‘Bibi-Tours’ Affair is sitting with the state comptroller for such a long time and exactly three-and-a-half weeks before the elections they found the need to distribute it? It wasn’t possible to wait until a week after the elections?” he continued.

Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein presented the Knesset with an updated and somewhat more serious indictment for fraud and breach of public trust on Thursday against Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman regarding the Belarus Ambassador Affair.

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. One never can be sure about politicians in general, but, Mr. Bennett has vastly out maneuvered all of the supposedly expert politicians.
    As to the incredibly idiotic sudden “legal” disclosures by the ever present unJewish saboteurs.
    They must be either hysterical at the prospects or self assured in their immunity to stern reacions from the citizens. Or both.
    After I resigned from the Likud and Central Committee a year ago, several veteran members of both kept in touch with us.
    Internal polls ordered by the top levels of the Party show even worse numbers than those published in the MSM controlled outlets.
    The Likud on its own would be obtaining 17 – mandates! Other privated polls concide or are even worse. Lieberman is being persecuted for over a decade. The outcome of such hunt could well result on the destruction of the “file fabricators”.
    We may be observing the near end of the elites era.

  2. @ Bernard Ross:

    Because in Israel, as in America, the left controls the media. So when the left plays dirty tricks, it is covered up or justified. When the right does it, it is made as blaring negative headlines 24/7.

  3. Bennett knows that the leftist media-academic-legal-arts complex is a far greater enemy than Likud could ever be even on its worst day.