Beyond Self-hating

By Rachel Neuwirth, American Thinker

The most potent weapon in the arsenal of the Arab and Islamist extremists seeking the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people has always been, not bombs, not guns, not missiles, not aircraft, not even the barbarism of suicide-homicide bombers,–but propaganda. Their massive and unrelenting propaganda campaign over the past sixty years has depicted Israel as a vicious, conspiratorial aggressor against, and oppressor of, the Arab people, and “world Jewry” as parties to and supporters of this conspiracy by “Zionism” and “the Zionist entity.”

Most of the world has come to accept this big lie, as well as the thousands of smaller lies that have been used to construct it like the individual stones that form the Great Pyramid of Giza. Unfortunately, many Jews, including Israeli Jews, have come to accept it, too. Anti-Israel propaganda has been given so much credence within Israel itself that it has sapped the will of the Israeli government and sections of Israel’s people to resist the incessant, murderous terrorist campaign waged against them. The acceptance of the Arab-Islamist “narrative” by many Israeli politicians, journalists, and scholars has been the principal cause of the endless, suicidal concessions that one Israeli government after another has made to the terrorists since 1993. Israel is dying a slow death by poisoning from this propaganda.

And within this arsenal of Arab-Islamist propaganda, by far the most devastating weapon has been those Jews who participate in manufacturing it. An article posted on the website of the American Jewish Committee for the past year, which has received renewed attention recently, documents the published rhetoric of a number of these Jewish anti-Israel propagandists (only a small fraction, unfortunately, of the total number of them). The language used by these American and Canadian Jewish college professors and other “intellectuals” to describe Israel and Jews, as documented by the author of this study, Professor Alvin F. Rosenfeld of Indiana University, includes the following: “belligerent,” “bloody, “brutal,” “cataclysmic,” “corrupt,” “cruel,” “dangerous,” “deadly,” “militaristic,” “apocalyptic,” “blind,” “demonic,” “fanatical,” “insane, ” and “mad.” (Jacqueline Rose). Israel is “amoral,” “barbaric,” “brutal,” “destructive,” “fascistic,” “oppressive,” “racist,” “sordid,” and “uncivilized,” (from the volume Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers: Conversations with Jewish Critics of Israel, edited by Seth Farber). CONTINUE

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  1. How now, N.O.W?
    Look at what Arabs routinely do to their women: forced segregation, forced veiling, arranged marriages, female circumcision, no civil rights, polygamy, stoning adultresses, routine legal honor killings, and more, and yet not a peep of protest out of the National Organization of Women, the American government, the EU, American universities, and the mainstream media. What a disgrace. These disgusting hypocrites should be ashamed, only they don’t know what shame is, and Arab money is too good to pass up.

  2. According to a “religious” decree, virgin women prisoners must as a rule be raped before their execution, “lest they go to Paradise.”

    Now, now Bill – we’re told by leading intellectuals – “the elite” – that no one culture, no one religion, is any better than any other.

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