Biden and Blinken educate Likud about democracy? 

By Steve Apfel, BALEM’S CURSE

Even completely corrupt South Africa could teach the B…s a lesson in democracy

Totalitarian modus operandi

President Joe Biden when asked about the health of democracy in Israel, said: “I’m very concerned, and I’m concerned that they get this straight. They cannot continue down this road.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told AFP that major reforms require consensus, as Israel is rocked by protests over a bid by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remake the nation’s judiciary. “One thing that we know from our own experience as democracies is that when you’re looking to make big changes — major reforms — in your laws, your institutions, consensus maybe is the most important thing.

Comparative fact sheet

South Africa

Free and Fair elections

  • Elections and outcomes are accepted by political parties and the electorate as free and fair and valid.
  • There is one day fixed for polling.
  • Results are announced within a period that everyone finds acceptable
  • An ID book is compulsory to cast a vote at a designated polling station.
  • Public access to ballot papers outside of a polling station is illegal


  • Elections and outcomes meet with vociferous complaints
  • Polling, far from being held on a single day, begins long before the set date and finishes …whenever officials decide to close off.
  • Ballot papers can be mailed to a home address, even when there’s been no request by a potential voter.
  • Party workers go around collecting completed ballot papers and deposit them in designated Drop Boxes, in daylight or darkness.  This is known as harvesting ballots.
  •  A vote may be cast anywhere – as in Russia, under a tree if you like.
  •  One big problem stems from the tens of millions of unverifiable harvested ballots. No one really knows who filled them out and who cast them. An improbably heavy majority of Biden votes arrived in drop boxes after the polls officially closed.”
  • “In Arizona it is legal for one voter to deliver up to 10 ballots as long as he promises they are from family members. All a voter need do is wait more than 75 feet away from a polling place and pay people to take in stacks of pre-filled ballots. In Georgia voting multiple ballots is not legal, but drop boxes achieve the same effect.”
  • “The fundamental principle is that voter fraud works by creating a physical separation between the voter and the ballot paper.”

Government and media meddling in the election process

South Africa

  • As is typical of electioneering in every democracy, false claims and un-keepable promises are made by political parties.
  • The permanent bureaucracy is not overtly politicized. It does nothing to bolster or sabotage any party’s electioneering.
  • The media does not block news or create fake news in order to swing voting in favour of a preferred candidate or party.
  • The security apparatus does not indulge in tactics to discredit a particular party or candidate.


  • Federal agencies like the DOJ, CIA, FBI and IRS work unapologetically on behalf of the Democrats.
  • Their trumped up charges and covert operations are meant to harass and criminalise Republican leaders and supporters.
  • These agencies played a role in rigging the 2020 Presidential election. On the eve of polling, 51 federal security agents signed a letter that the scandalous laptop of Joe Biden’s son was no more than a Russian hoax.
  • Biden waved this letter during the Oct. 22 debate with Trump, and dismissed his son’s laptop as “a Russian plant.”
  • Mainstream and social media colluded with the agents’ bald-face lie. First the media spread the agents’ lie that the laptop was a Russian hoax. Then, after the New York Post tracked it down, the colluding media blocked the breaking story.
  • The hoax letter signed by the federal agents was arranged by Anthony Blinken whom Biden rewarded by appointing him Secretary of State.
  • What all this amounts to is that Democrat leaders, including Hilary Clinton, decided that their radical agenda was too important to trust the electorate to vote for Biden as President.
  • “While it used to be enough for a party simply to lie about what it intends to do or not do, Democrats discovered that it was more effective in the end to disconnect voters from the process of choosing who runs the government. ” Dan Gelernter

At the time of the 20020 election campaign I demonstrated that a protection racket operates in Washington.

I also gave conclusive proofs that the 2020 election must have been rigged.


The b….s Biden and Blinken want to educate Netanyahu about democracy? So here’s what they can teach him:

As the Democrat regime, buttressed by the corporate-media complex, moves into communist China mode (if not N. Korean terror mode) Israel’s judicial reform will move its system the other way – to a purer democracy than before.

“A mixture of gullibility and cynicism is prevalent in totalitarian movements. The essential conviction is that politics is a game of cheating.” (Hannah Arendt “The Origins of Totalitarianism”. P. 382).

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