Biden Criticizes Israel’s Gaza Bombing as Netanyahu Rejects P.A. Rule There after War

By David Mark, PULSE OF iSRAEL   dEC 14/23

Israel was prevented from unleashing its full fire power on Hamas from the air, which allowed the Gazan enemy to prepare accordingly.?While Israel was allowed to use artillery in the beginning -?it has since been discontinued due to the Biden administration’s continued threats.?The most concerning of them is the potential discontinuation of a resupply of weapons and munitions to Israel.

The Biden administration has continued to insist that only enemy combatants that have clear identifications be targeted. As everyone knows, Gazans from all age groups and including females work on behalf of Hamas, actively aiding its war effort against Israel. The most glaring example is that Hamas uses female Gazans as scouts or lookouts, letting them know when IDF soldiers are nearby so the Hamas fighters can either ambush them or set off a detonated device.

No other military in the world, including the US military would consider these women or even teenage boys who work for Hamas in this capacity as non-combatants -?they would in fact be legitimate targets. However, the Biden administration has insisted that Israel refrain from targeting them.

This demand has directly caused the deaths of multiple IDF soldiers.?The latest example is the ambush two days ago in Sajaya, which led to death of eight Golani fighters announced yesterday as well as two more soldiers. The most notable casualty was Col. Tomer Greenberg, who became famous on October 7th when he rescued the newly orphaned twins Roi and Gaya in Kfar Aza.

Ceasefire Led To New Boobytrapped Houses

The other component that has endangered the IDF soldiers in Gaza has been Hamas’ ability to regroup during the latest ceasefire.?The ceasefire or pause in fighting that was forced on Israel ensured the IDF had to pull back from its forward positions. This gave Hamas enough time to boobytrap more houses -?most likely the house Tomer Greenberg and his Golani soldiers went into, where they were not only ambushed, but suffered from an explosion set off by a Hamas tripwire.

The ceasefire was pushed on Israel both externally by the Biden Administration and internally by the Ehud Barak backed Kaplan Brigade’s Hostage Family Forum.?The latter, who represents a small minority of hostage families is funded by the same people that backed the insurgency over the past year against the Netanyahu government’s judicial reforms.

There is no doubt now that the Biden administration’s unrelenting pressure on Israel to fight its enemies with almost two hands tied behind its back as well as the foreign funded insurgency that cynically uses the plight of the hostages to force Israel into dangerous ceasefires is directly responsible for the death of Tomer Greenberg and so many of his heroic comrades.

The reliance on American weapons and munitions has made us into a vassal state where we are forced to follow the US administration’s rules of engagement.?These rules of engagement are designed to placate the growing Arab street in America and Europe. For Israel to truly be victorious against its enemies, it must move towards self reliance in regards to defense equipment and munitions.

Until then, our IDF soldiers fighting to defend the Nation of Israel are in mortal danger, potentially dying due to the Biden Administration’s addiction to seeing Israel fail.

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  1. I think Israel needs to consider alternatives to this situation. If US does insist on cutting off their aid to Israel, they must assume that Israel will have to use other methods and weapons to reach their goal of completely defeating Hamas, not to forget that Hezbollah is also waiting. I hope the backlash in US will back me up here…

  2. Suryeying the landscape, I’m inclined to think that FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, things are about to change. Haggai 2:18-22

  3. @Ted Belman

    one pilot responded that he was ordered to not bomb buildings with possible “innocent civilians”

    Well, who was his commanding officer?

    Was his commanding officer ordered to do this by his commander?

    They have to follow the hierarchy until they find the source of the order and then file a complaint that this order causes a great increase in casualties in the IDF and it has to be rescinded with a possible disciplinary action to whoever came up with this idea in the first place.

    What does it have to do with the protests?

  4. Email received from an Israeli.

    Ted, the father of an airman reported that when his son’s unit was asked to bomb a Hamas target, one pilot responded that he was ordered to not bomb buildings with possible “innocent civilians” inside, even if Israeli infantry were under heavy fire from within. This is terrible and, even if not just the whim of some Leftist airman, should be investigated and those officers involved should be demoted and jailed. Ten ground soldiers were killed last week because there was no air support. I heard Ganz say there was unified command between the air, ground, and sea forces in this war. How then could some pilots refuse to assist ground forces? Is this the same air units that threatened not to report for duty if called during the public debate over judicial reform? This is rebellion. in wartime, it means summary execution for desertion of duty and failure to obey orders.
    Can someone in command be assessed of this horrific criminal act?