Biden Declares War on the Netanyahu Government

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December 13, 2023 | 8 Comments »

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  1. This latest phase of all of these operations began in Yugoslavia

    24 March – 10 June 1999[3] (2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days)

    Bombing from the air

    24 March – 10 June 1999[3] (2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days)

    NATO victory[5]

    Kumanovo Agreement
    Establishment of KFOR[6][7][8][9]
    Kumanovo Treaty initiated
    Withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo
    Deployment of KFOR
    Establishment of UNMIK
    Substantial damage to Yugoslav economy and infrastructure[10][11][12]
    Return of Albanian refugees to Kosovo
    Departure of many Serb and other non-Albanian civilians[a]

  2. @Ted Not many people remember that it’s compensation for the strategic loss of withdrawing from Sinai and poor compensation at that.

  3. Caroline Glick is a national treasure. She more than anyone is sounding the alarm and has been for many years.

    Biden did not surprise us in his speech . Everything Glick points out about his policies, we already knew.
    I am glad she stressed toward the end that the $3.8 billion we get annually from the US, is really a poison pill. It requires us to be dependent on the US for resupply.

  4. “Another morning in Gaza, day 40, but who is even counting? You’ve probably noticed the painfully high number of casualties that we’ve had to bury in the past few days. This is directly related to the IDF’s tactics and its results. At the beginning of the war, the IDF overwhelmed the enemy with fire from the air and from artillery, before the IDF soldiers entered almost without any enemy resistance.

    This changed in recent days in our assault on the area of Jabalia. Here, our fire power is being restrained simply because our leaders might have started prioritizing the enemy’s lives over the lives of our soldiers. …. How can it be that this area isn’t cleared from the air before allowing our soldiers to enter? …. Why don’t we have enough fire? Why don’t we enter with lots of fire support, as needed to enter with an army, first with aerial bombardment, then artillery, only then allowing the infantry to advance? …. Right now, our leaders may regard the lives of our soldiers as a lower priority than the lives of the enemy in Jabalia who maybe “innocent”.

    Listen carefully, I’m sending you a direct message, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . Start speaking Arabic, start crushing the enemy, even before you send our soldiers in. We’re fed up with absorbing these fatalities for no reason.”

  5. While Biden declares war on Israel, the new Presiident of Aegentina declares his love for Israel, Although he is a Gentile, he lit a menora on his first day in office.He invited several well-known Jewish leaders, including President Zelensky of Ukraine, to jpoim him on the speakers platform, and to each light a candle on the menorah. He also lit one. It is nice to know there are some decent, honorable people in the world. Even including a few statesmen.

  6. In 65 days, Israel lost about 100 soldiers, but due to compromising their military stratagems to support the policy demands of the US, Israel lost 10 men in one day, in one single action. This is how the brilliant campaign being waged in Gaza becomes the slaughterhouse which was Bakmut. Such reckless disregard for the lives of Israel’s soldiers can not continue.

    Nearly 10% of all casualties of the war took place due to Washington strategies pressed on Israel. With all due respect to the US military, this is how the political management of wars fought by the US came to be utter failures over the past many decades. Whereas the wars being fought by the US were bouts of military adventurism, this current war being waged against Israel is not one which must not be lost. Israel must act in her own interests, securing the lives of her own people, and fight this war with the greatest determination to penalize the enemy and protect her own soldiers. This is the road to victory, while every other path leads to one form of defeat or another.

  7. I totally agree with Caroline Glick’s interpretation of Biden’s speech. Biden has conditioned US military aid on all kinds of ways of helping Hamas. He has knee-capped Israel’s military ability to fight and defeat Hamas.

    The humanitarian aid they demanded has allowed Hamas to resupply. Now Sinwar is living in a re-supply truck!

    Too many Israeli forces are dying because Israel is not allowed to fight the war the best way they know how to do, to save Israeli lives.

    Now Biden is actually threatening Bibi’s Knesset coalition, looking to empower anyone but Netanyahu and his conservatives in his coalition. He characterizes them in libelous ways as “wanting revenge.” No they want to prevent Hamas or the PA or the Palestinians from killing Jews, they don’t want revenge.

    It is Biden who seems to want revenge on Netanyahu for winning an election that Biden hoped he would lose.

    In addition Glick points out that Biden threatens Israel with losing the support of European countries due to Israel’s “indiscriminate bombing.” There has been no indiscriminate bombing. Israel doesn’t do indiscriminate bombing. So this is an outright lie and a threat.

    I agree with Caroline Glick that Israel must get out from under her dependence upon the US for military supplies and replacements. It is just too easy for the US government to pull the rug out from under Israel and demand all kinds of things that would be suicidal for Israel to agree to.

    What will it take for Israeli leaders to see this and do something about it? I know that Glick has been talking about this for years. Is anyone listening? What happened in this speech by Biden is a perfect example of exactly how much can go wrong if Israel is dependent upon a US government that favors Iran and also that would not be terribly bothered by Israel being destroyed. This is a hugely antisemitic administration. They try to cover that as much as they can, especially in an election year, but their spending habits tell the truth of where their priorities lie.

    These are people that are doing all in their power to make sure Israel loses this war.