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  1. It behooves all who disseminate information publicly or privately to ensure its veracity. This is even more important with photographs which are so easy to “doctor” with the tools available today.

    When Israpundit, which is held to the highest standards, publishes photos which were not taken by its editor or those known to him, it must verify their source and the facts surrounding the incidents to ensure that they are real and undoctored in any way.


  2. If I stumble across any, I’ll pass them on.

    One suggestion Ted, is that as much as practically possible the pictures should be sourced so their veracity can be determined.
    Apart from being good practice in general, it ensures that those promoting Islamofascism don’t get away with spreading bogus pictures of Islamic savagery around the web only to have CAIR (or whoever) come along and show that they’re fakes, thus undermining exposés of Islamofascism generally (IE: “See, we really are a religion of peace! That’s why the Islamophobes need to make fake pictures!”).

    Such duplicity is standard fair for propagandists, and the force we’re dealing with is very skilled in various techniques of propaganda (prop-agenda actually).

    One other suggestion – include some pages with info or links to info on the nexuses which are integral to the spread of Islam.

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