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  1. I don’t like infowars. I suspect it is a fringe source and I don’t trust it. I do have to suspect that this woman is right, however. I watched the events unfold on television for two hours, and I think the white supremacists, or whatever they were, tried to demonstrate peacefully and were attacked by the leftist extremists, which are the same as Antifa and BLM. I also thought the police held back to permit the leftwing counter-demonstrators to unleash their violence on the white supremacists. I think this was the strategy of the Democratic politicians like the mayor of Charlottesville and the governor, Terry McAuliffe.

  2. @ BethesdaDog:
    I agree, BethesdaDog. While I don’t support InfoWars political line or this reporter’s political views, I do find her eyewitness account of what actually happened credible. Some photos that did find their way onto the main stream media also are consistent with her account. The Democrats are attempting to incite an armed revolt against Trump, and saw provoking the white racists to commit violent acts that they could then blame on Trump as one way of mobilizing people to riot against Trump. The Democrats and leftists are playing a very dangerous game. They are trying to revive the extreme right in order to have a bogeyman with which to whip Trump. The left’s violent provocations may lead to civil war.

  3. I follow Infowars because they know what’s really going on and report it. They use inside resources including Roger Stone who is in constant contact with Trump. They break the stories long before they are discussed publicly. Do not be so quick to condemn them because the MSM does.

    Yes, they embrace some conspiracy stories. but they are leading the battle to defeat the globalists. That is their cause.

  4. check out this graphic film of rightist demonstration leader Kessler being punched up by “counter demonstrators” when he tried to hold a press conference to present his group’s side of the story. The assailants are part of a large group. At the precise assault on Kessler takes place, a huge number of cameramen suddenly show up to film the incident. The police don’t show up until several minutes after Kessler has been forced to flee. Really spooky. I don’t like being put into the position of having to agree with the “spin” on events put forward by Infowars, which is an antisemitic website. But as John Adams said, “facts are stubborn things,” and a decent person has to acknowledge them even when they conflict with his own biases.

  5. I never doubted that the violence was originated on the Obamatoid sector. That was perfectly clear.
    And agent provocateurs whose function we know so well here as well.

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