Britain is doomed

After a little sensitivity training that Tory leader David Cameron underwent, Sultan Knish recommended getting out while you can

Tory Leader David Cameron spent two days living with a Muslim family. He reemerged back into the fresh air to write an article about what he learned which ended with the following insight.

    Here the picture is bleak: family breakdown, drugs, crime and incivility are part of the normal experience of modern Britain. Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear – values which we should all hold dear. Asian families and communities are incredibly strong and cohesive, and have a sense of civic responsibility which puts the rest of us to shame. Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.

Read that again. Then read it one more time. Cameron is not a Labor leader but a Tory leader, the leader of what passes in Britain for the right and he proclaims that it’s Britain which is defective and needs to learn to integrate with its Muslim immigrants. In short the message is surrender now and beat the rush.

When the contender for the leadership of the United Kingdom, that moldering remnant of the British Empire states that it’s England which needs to learn to adapt to the enemy, what he’s really stating is that the culture and values of the country he wishes to lead is of less value than that of the invaders. CONTINUE

The truth of the matter is that both cultures leave much to be desired, but for different reasons.
That’s not equate them for I far prefer the rotten British culture, insofar as what he complains of, then I do the rotten Islamic culture.

Freedom is messy but intolerance and control is not the answer.

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12 Comments / 12 Comments

  1. Felix, there is no need to disparage the remarks by B.Poster as comical. I much appreciate his many comments and find him to be knowlegeale and reasonable. Furthermore it is beyond our mission to discuss the pros and cons of socialism v capitalism.

    Now Poster has raised an important issue,

    ..have the US disengaging from most of the places where it is currently engaged. The US would develop more its own oil and gas reserves and it would disengage militarily from the Middle East in short order.

    The advantagest to Israel here are as follows: 1.) Israel would have a freer hand to engage their enemies without any interference from the US or Western Europe. Israel’s enemies can always count on the American Peaceniks to wield their influence to try and pull Israel back from destroying its enemies. 2.) The Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia would recieve less American aid. This would make them easier for Israel to handle.

    I have been thinking of this possibility myself. First of all we are far from a situation where the US could be independent of mid east oil; at least for 10 if not 20 years. But my thought was if Israel showed more backbone and independence, the US would lose much influence over Israel. The less influence it had, the less would be expected of the US to twist Israel’s arm. So I believe that Israel’s independence would serve the interests of both Israel and the US.

  2. Felix

    I found nothing funny about my post. I’m not sure why it would be hard to finish a response to what I wrote. There are a wealth of main stream media talking points that could be used to counter every thing I’ve written. With the execption of your strong pro-Israel, which I strongly applaud, the main stream American and Western media elites would agree with you.

    Can we be sure about global warming? Perhaps not, however, there is much good research that seems to debunk man made global warming. Unfortunately these people have trouble getting their research published. Anyone who dares question the cult of global warming is viciously attacked by the main stream media, furthermore, they have a great deal of trouble getting funding for their research.

    While we may not be entirely sure about man made global warming, a fair debate on this is warranted, however, those folks who think it is bunk are not being given a fair chance to present their case. What I can be sure of is the solutions that the proponents of the theory of man made global warming want to implement will probably not solve the problem and they will completely destroy our economy.

    The bitter fruits of the man made global warming craze are the US and the West are unable to develop more of their oil and gas reserves. This has made us more dependent on others to meet this need. Those others do not always have our best interests at heart.

    You ask if it is possible to churn all of this stuff into the atmosphere and have no payback. I think you over estimate the capability of man. The earth was here long before we got here. The planet that God gave us can survive any thing we can throw at it. I don’t think he would have it any other way. It was he who blessed us with oil and gas. We should use what he blessed us with. By developing more of our own oil and gas reserves we will be richer, more free, and we will have more leverage when dealing with other nations. In any event, the solutions to global warming being put forth by its advocates would completely destroy the economy of my country and probably that of the entire Western world. Before I support them I will need more proof. Rather than debate this issue the proponents of man made global warming use the media to try and silence their opposition!!

    Btw, the EU is to dependent on Russian oil to even ponder any kind of aggressive move towards Russia. If Putin is really serious about silencing his critics, he can refute the arguments of his critics within the British and American free presses. He has numerous allies in these media outlets. He certainly has more allies there than either George W. Bush, Tony Blair, or Javier Solana have. Killing his critics would be unneccessary unless they have things on him that he is unable to refute.

    Perhaps my approach is non historical. I’m more interested in what is happening now than what happened 50 or 60 years ago or longer ago. From what I do know about history, from the textbooks any way, is Britian used to be imperial. The US used to be much more aggressive in its approach to defending its percieved interests than it is today. For a time the US dabbled in policies that could be seen as imperialistic. Since Britian, the US, and the nations of the EU do not behave as aggressively as they once did, those historical models no longer apply.

    Where I do see an eerie parallel between the current situation and history is when today’s situation is compared and contrasted to the conditions of the world during the 1930s. The allies tried to appease Hitler by offering him the Sudatenland. Today many people want to appease the Islamists by offering them Israel or they think that the Islamists will like them better if they sever relations with America. This form of appeasement did not work then and I don;t think it will work now.

    The biggest problem with the West is it has lost its way morally. This happened when we largely abandoned our Judeo-Christian heritage. Due to the decline in morals, many people within high government positions do not sufficiently believe in the civilization that they are charged with defending!! This means they are unable to mount an effective defense of it. I find these people extremely dangerous. Their willingness to go to any lengths to appease any enemy is truly alarming, however, I know that God is a just God and he will deal appropiately with these people. I take great comfort in that.

    I’m not sure how Leon Trotsky is my fellow Jewish man. I am not Jewish. I would be best classified as a Zionist Christian. Personally I think the “Road Map to Peace” is the worst piece of foreign policy in the history of America and the West. Also, Trotsky was a Russian Communist. I am a Capitalist and, while I understand that the system is far from perfect, I make no apologies for that. I look forward to reading your articles. This may shed some light on what we have in common.

    With regards to the foreign policy approach favored by so called Trotskyites I think they favor an interventionalist foreign policy. I do not favor that approach. I’m not sure how famillar you are with American presidential politics. The candidate I prefer is Ron Paul. His approach would have the US disengaging from most of the places where it is currently engaged. The US would develop more its own oil and gas reserves and it would disengage militarily from the Middle East in short order.

    The advantagest to Israel here are as follows: 1.) Israel would have a freer hand to engage their enemies without any interference from the US or Western Europe. Israel’s enemies can always count on the American Peaceniks to wield their influence to try and pull Israel back from destroying its enemies. 2.) The Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia would recieve less American aid. This would make them easier for Israel to handle.

    The only disadvantage to Israel with a Ron Paul presidency would be American foreign aid would likely end or be significantly reduced, however, the advantages that I point out above
    far out weigh that disadvantage. The end result would be America, Israel, and the West would be stronger than they are now. This is why he can’t be elected. The American media will do its darndest to destroy such a pro-American candidate. Also, the peaceniks within the American government would do their best to undermine him.

    I assure you my mind is open to true debate and knowledge, however, if I want articles fawning over Vladimir Putin or treating him with kid glove treatment or if I want articles slaming the free enterprise system or large corporations I can get those from the main stream media any time.

    I look forward to reading your articles. Your staunch pro-Israel stance is very much appreciated. In today’s world it takes a great deal of courage to maintain such a stance. Even though I disagree with you much of the time, I beleive you to be a person of much honor and integrity. Please continue your strong pro-Israel stance.

  3. B Poster

    Without doubt one of the funniest posts I have ever read on this site, even though you are sadly being entirely serious.

    I cannot start to answer because I would never finish.

    Just on global warming. It may be a craze and it may not. But can we be sure!

    Is it possible to churn all this stuff into the atmosphere of the planet and have NO payback.

    If I was to answer you (and I will through my articles) I would deal with the issues historically because you have got a seriously non-historical approach. You could perhaps read some of the things I am going to write about your fellow Jewish man Leon Trotsky and you may learn a lot, if your mind is open to true debate and knowledge.

  4. Felix

    There are no plans for war with Russia, at least not by anyone in the Western world. Of course the Russians and the main stream media would have us believe that such plans are actively being pursued. This makes it much easier to vilify their number main enemies, which are the US, Britian, and Western civilization. In other words the vast majority of the American and Western media elite would largely agree with most of what you have written. The only place I think they would disagree with you on is your strong pro-Israel stance.

    The US, Britian, and the EU do not even have the stomach to properly take on Iraq or Iran let alone to take on the most powerful country on earth, which is Russia. Of course the Russians will claim the US is making aggressive moves toward them. Putin needs an enemy he can vilify in order to remain in power. The Americans and Westerners are not perfect. To few of them believe in their culture enough to mount an effective defense of it.

    Also, the biggest non Islamic supporter of Islam is Russia. The invasion of Yugoslavia was a boon to Islam. As such, other than Islamists the biggest benefactor of Western policy towards Islam in Yugoslavia was Russia. If the Russians are complaining about this, they are lying. After all Russia has a world to conquer, a few lies along the way will be seen as worth it by the Russian leadership.

    There is no world capitalist system per say. Capitalism is but one way to organize an economic system. Capitalism is the best way to manage an economic system but I’m not sure it is the best way to manage national defense. Also, few government leaders or even business leaders are going to try very hard to defend capitalism. The media will try their hardest to destroy capitalism. They have already done a great deal to damage the capitalist system. Right now America, the EU, and Britian are closer to a socialist system than they are to a capitalist system. In addition to this, many in high positions within the US governemnt are trying to destroy the capitalist system. I’m not sure capitalism is the best way to manage the means of production but it is the best mankind has ever done. If capitalism did die, it wouold be a huge loss to the entire world.

    As far as global warming, man is not the primary cause of this. This is caused primarily by changes in the sun. There is nothing man can do to change this. The global warming craze is probably being led by the Russians and their allies within the British and American media. It is part of a psy ops campaign. The purpose of it is to distract their enemies and to block efforts to develop more of our own natural resources.

    Where I think we can agree is Israel needs to be more aggressive in dealing with its “Palestinian” enemies regardless of what the Americans or the Europeans think, say, or do.

  5. I rather think that Jewish people should be rather wary of seeing their future in the bourgeois nation state as suggested above.

    The English are in crisis because the world capitalist system of which it is part is in its death agony.

    Much of the airwaves over there where I was for the past couple of weeks is devoted to global warming. I mean no planet no politics, no Jewish nation either. But can they do anything about the poisoning of our atmosphere. Not a hope in hell.

    The same issues are reflected in the roaring prices of housing, and the massive speculation therein, many Brits are more interested in the price of their shabby units of real estate than politics. What a MISERABLE LIFE THEY LEAD!

    The British workers are completely hamstrung behind a politically correct labour and trade union machine.

    Britain is a hell-hole of the first degree. These ethnics hate each other and hate the Brits.

    Islam is central in this, but do not forget there was the destruction of Yugoslavia such a short time ago, and this was led by the western democratic world.

    It seems that the western democrats can turn to Islam, and its diabolical and medieval nature, when it suits them.

    It has struck me that all of the above coments on this situation all begin and end with the acceptance that bourgeois “democracy” is good and must be accepted.

    But this bourgeois system is a system in deepening crisis.

    I would say that the US and the EU led by the Brits are planning war on Russia. They do have a problem though. Putin (something that should please Randy enormously) has remained a Russian nationalist if not a Russian Bolshevik and has taken the precaution of training their considerable nuclear firepower directly at all American cities. Being true to his bourgeois nationalism, No!!! As they say put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    I just wish that Jewish people would take the same position towards Israel and anybody who raises a hand against a Jew, in Palestine, after Hajj Amin and the Holocaust, should be dealt with shortish and sharpish.

  6. Whether in Britain, Canada or the U.S., those Westerners who openly speak out to their ethnic immigrant citizens about their support for the fundamental multicultural principles that all ethnic cultures are equal, of equal value and are deserving of equal respect and tolerance forget to include the the value of their own Western culture.

    Is Tory leader David Cameron speaking of what he truly believes or what he truly believes is necessary for him to say in order to get him votes from the British Muslim community in the next election?

    Since he has extolled the virtues of Asian and Muslim culture and mores and damned those of the majority of British society, I wonder whether he will lose more votes then he gains.

    Britain it seems in the next election is not going to have much of a choice between voting Labour and Tory when it comes to the very serious matter of protecting Britain from the forces of radical Islam and gaining back what ground Britain has already lost in that struggle.

    Neither the thinking and actions of the current Labour government under T. Blair and Blair’s apparent successor to the PM office, Gordon Brown as regards Britain’s increasingly aggressive and radicalized Muslim community and radical Islam nor that of Tory Leader David Cameron and his party, seem that much different, if different at all.

    It looks at this point that when it comes to the British protecting Britain from the suicidal insanity of multicultural extremes and the dangers posed by an increasingly aggressive and radicalized British Muslim community, regardless of which political party leads Britain after the next election, there will be no one stepping up to the plate and accepting the solemn duty to protect Britain from all that threatens Britain, Britain’s democracy and freedom and to preserve intact British culture and all that word entails.

  7. Actually his attitude doesn’t surprise me. The right often does complain about permissive western culture. But I certainly prefer our messy freedom to “honor” killings, being covered from head to toe, beheadings, genital mutilation etc.

  8. Unfortunately I think the sentiments of David Cameron are the same sentiments that are felt by many people in leadership in the US, Britian, and the Western World. They don’t really believe in the countries and the culture they are trying to defend. As such, it is difficult for them to mount an effective defense of a culture they don’t really believe in.

    I agree with the sentiments that Ted expresses in the last two paragraphs of the post. Western culture leaves much to be desired but it is vastly superior to Islamic culture.

  9. “Read that again. Then read it one more time. Cameron is not a Labor leader but a Tory leader, the leader of what passes in Britain for the right…..”

    Precisely, There is no right in politics today except on the fringe, there is only left and far left. Same for the US, Bush and the Republicans are more like a 1960’s Democrats than true conservatives.

    There is hope in Israel, for even though the left has been able to influence policy there is an underlying current that has the potential to create a movement that will put Israel first.

    Your nation first is the way it should be for all nations or in trying to make nice you sell yourselves out to others that have no concern for your nation or your people. This is why western societies are disintegrating.

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