“Brotherhood of Darkness”

WorldNetDaily asks,

    Do world events seem like they’re spinning out of control?

    Do the explanations you hear from government officials sound like they’re meant to mislead?

    Does the establishment news media leave you feeling like you’ve only hear part of the story – maybe even the wrong part?

    Why are groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers – groups whose members are obviously powerful with connections to wealth and political influence – never the subject of the evening news?

Something’s happening here.

Find out in Dr. Stanley Monteith’s blockbuster expose, “Brotherhood of Darkness.”

Is there a grand conspiracy at work to move the world toward global government and a universal religion?

Who or what is actually behind these sinister forces?

What is the real hard scoop?

Dr. Stanley Monteith, a medical doctor by training, set out on a mission to answer those questions some 40 years ago. The results of his startling research is this amazing, little book, a shocking expose that shines the light of day on the secret societies – some of which have been at work on the world stage for centuries.

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