Buchanan defends Palin

By Ted Belman

If you want to listen to an exciting exchange on the blood libel controversy don’t miss this exchange.

Pat Buchanan stood by Palin eloquently and steadfastly. Don’t miss it.


January 15, 2011 | 12 Comments »

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12 Comments / 12 Comments

  1. Everybody is now searching “blood libels” to learn the circumstances in which it was used by others without comment from anybody. A story has come to light that few knew about.

    Kennedy beat Nixon in the race of the Presidency by the smallest margin ever in such a race. Afterwards Nixon remarked that Kennedy stole the election from him. What was that about? It seems Kennedy arranged to frame Nixon with scurilous charges which just came o light on the eve of the elections. Nixon said he was surprised to learn what goes on of a dirty nature in US politics. This experience probably led to him doing the same thing and the whole Watergate thing.

  2. Long after his resignation, Nixon called Buchanan a confidant and said he was neither an anti-Semite nor a “hater,” but a “decent, patriotic American.” Nixon said Buchanan had “some strong views,” such as his, “isolationist” foreign policy, with which he disagreed. While Nixon did not think Buchanan should become president, he said the commentator “should be heard.”

    I agree with Richard Nixon. I used to watch McLaughlin Group. Buchannan could generally be counted on to jar my mind with fresh, not-politically-correct views. Concerning Israel, he seemed to take a genuinely unsympathetic, isolationist stance (as opposed to lying-through-their-teeth “sympathy” while supporting their enemies). On the other hand, he didn’t seem all that sympathetic to the Pals and the sheikhs either. I personally would be more supportive of Israel than that; but Pat’s tack might have been more beneficial to them, in making them more independent and self-sufficient.

    I also agree with Tricky Dick, that the “anti-semite” charge is bunk. They say you can tell when a politician is lying, namely, when his lips move. I can tell a mindless, hateful, bigoted Jew, the minute he uses the term “anti-semite”. Buchannan’s a Catholic — get over it! He’s not Jewish, and doesn’t pretend to be. Neither is he a whiner nor eternal victim, as most Jews here seem to be; he’s his own man, and I like that. I don’t always agree with him, but I like him.

  3. Yonatan, you complain that I post too many articles on Palin and then invite me to tell you why, so I will. First of all anything to do with Palin is the hottest thing in the media and attracts a huge audience. But it is more than that.

    I have watched every speech she has given and read every facebook entry she has made. I have also read both her books.

    The first is about her 20 year carreer in government and the reasons behind her moves. She comes accross as a very effective campaigner and manager. As Governor for 2.5 years she accomplished more in her short term then other governors accomplish in four years. The Oil execs that she brought to their knees speak of her ability highly.

    The second book is about her values. She deals with her values in a very intellectual way. Whether its her support of life, the constitution, freedom and religion her thinking is very in depth and intellectual. Don’t ever buy into the idea that she is dumb.

    She has a servants heart and does what’s right for the country. She never takes the easy path. She takes the principled path. She quit her job as a high paid Commisioner of the energy industry to expose corruption. She quit as Governor because the constant ethic charges being filed were bankrupting her and preventing the doing of state business. Then she reloaded and moved on a national stage with great success. She didn’t retreat (quit), she advanced in a different direction.

    With the media and the elites of both parties ganging up against her, she has her work cut out for her but she has never backed down from a fight. She believes in herself and her ability. She once said, “Its not my job to move to the center, its my job to get the center to move to me.”

    She will make great strides in getting the US energy independent. This is very important for israel too.

    As for Israel, I firmly believe that she has always been a supporter and will be the best friend Israel ever had in the Whitehouse. Of this I have no doubt.

  4. I’m an American Jew. I’m an Israel-can-do-no-wrong Jew (at least as long as I am not living there I will refrain from criticism; I will always support her democratically elected government). Finally I’m a Zionist.

    I’ve lived there for a year as a teenager and went to regular Israeli school, had my Bar Mitzvah, sang it, at an Orthodox synagogue. Studied later at Hebrew U. Talmud and Rambam (2 separate classes). Visited for my honeymoon (I try to spend whatever tourist dollars I can there).

    I LOVE Sarah Palin despite her flaws. All Politicians have flaws. I’m a 1 issue voter: Israel. Palin or John Bolton are fine in that regard.

    Buchanan is a closet anti-Semite, no question about that. Yes he’s an enemy. On the other hand, he can at times, as he did in the video, control himself just enough such that he can put up a calm and reasonably eloquent argument — and he did so with Palin. I have no problem with the video. The only possible thing I could possibly think of to do would be to put some type of disclaimer on it (under it) for people who (for whatever reason) are unaware of his views on Jews and Israel. Ignorant viewers should be perhaps notified of who he is.

    Towards the very end, as he does whenever he gets excited, he will find a way to bring in either Jews or Israel. And as you saw he mentions Alan Dershowitz (for him, the quintessential Left Wing Jew) who apparently defended the use of the term “Blood Libel.” Buchanin was obviously trying to say, “If it’s OK for that Leftist Jew, it should be alright for you [MSNBC Host + Bill Press].”

    I know Buchanin’s type well. I grew up with many in the South, and am currently back here living with many of them. There’s no question in my mind he’d have been a major Nazi in Germany owing to his beliefs and his skill – he was a speechwriter for Nixon. But present-day American civil society has put a serious clamp on their type. Thank G-d for small favors.

  5. Ted, You commented on another thread about your “agenda” for Palin. I didn’t want to sidetrack that one so waited for my next opportunity. I’m sure you have posted your reasons many times before, but I just don’t care to spend time reading about another american politician who says whatever and does something else. We have enough of that here to keep my belly full! SO – why are you pushing her so much? It seems like a fifth of the articles posted have some Palin bend to them.

  6. Pat Buchanan stood by Palin eloquently and steadfastly. Don’t miss it.

    For all the times Pat Buchanan spoke out against Israel and the stranglehold of AIPAC in governement way before Mershheimer and Walt, I find it very difficult (maybe impossible) to stand on the same side as him in any issue.