CAIR Calls for Arrest and Deportation for Speaking Against Terrorism

Muslim Convert and Refugee from Lebanon Addresses CAIR Canada’s Campaign of Bias

There is a growing and forceful campaign by CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Canada to silence the free speech of Zachariah Anani by calling for his arrest and deportation. Anani is a Muslim convert to Christianity, former terrorist-militant and refugee from Lebanon. CAIR, an organization which claims to be the voice of moderation, should be embracing Anani’s message against violence and the dangers of extremism instead of mounting a witch hunt against him.

It is no wonder that CAIR is attacking Anani, as it has been documented that many of the leaders of CAIR have openly supported the positions of Hamas, Hizballah and al-Queda – all recognized terrorist organizations.

Recently, Anani spoke on the dangers of radical extremism at a church in Ontario. A backlash ensued, with CAIR and other Islamist groups pressuring political leaders to throw Anani and his family out of the country. Two members of Parliament, and one member of City Council joined the mayor of Windsor in denouncing Anani. None of these political officials, however, attended the lecture or even watched a video of it. The content of Anani’s speech was almost exclusively from passages he read directly from the Koran.

Wally Chafchak, a member of the Windsor Police Services Board and the Windsor Islamic Association, is leading the charge to have Anani arrested. According to Arab American News of Michigan, CAIR Canada is also calling for Anani’s arrest.

In the Criminal Code there is a section that deals with spreading hatred in the community, Chafchak said. This instance should fall under those laws. Justice can only be served if this person is charged.

But Walid Shoebat, a former terrorist from the West Bank, believes silencing Anani is a dangerous trend with far reaching implications for the future of Canadian and eventually US freedoms.

“Incarcerating or deporting a former terrorist who wants to warn the world about extremism will set a dangerous precedence in Canada,” Shoebat says. “Instead of censoring free speech, CAIR should be encouraging Muslims to embrace Canadian culture, as other groups have, and not try to change it in a way that will censor the freedoms Canadians have fought and died for.”

Shoebat believes that CAIR and other Islamist organizations should join Anani in encouraging Muslims to speak out against terrorism and the killing, raping, forced conversion, mutilation and other acts of violence perpetrated by Jihadist groups worldwide against non-Muslims.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. audemus jura nostra defendere

    “Let us dare to defend our rights”
    CAIR is an arm of Islamic aggression as are almost all of the Muslim organizations in Canada. “Enraged Muslims” and protestors are Islamic soldiers of hate. Islam is a force intended to conquer Canadian society. The Koran is a guide to War. Canadians need to recognize all of this for what it is. Isalm has it’s vipers amoungst us and they are here to destroy us.

    If Canadians want to survive they would revoke citizenship of all Muslims and declare Islam for what it is, which is a cult of hate, tyranny, repression and oppression and invoke the death penalty for all it’s adult members.

    The Islamics are better at waging war in every way than zombie Canadian nebbishes. Canadains are not even aware that war is being waged upon them. We have here a country that persecutes those who defend it’s liberties and a people that cannot recognize the messengers of death.
    Islamic aggression will continue in Canada and it will get worse without end as they attempt to bring our endtimes. There is only one solution which is to annhilate Islam before it annhilates us.

  2. I think it is important to note that Mr. Francis,the Mayor of Windsor,is of Arabic ancestry,while the other two complainants,are Arabists,and have taken a very proactive Arab stance over the last few years. I`m not surprised that their views are greatly slanted against any idea that is anti-Mulim,as well as anti-Qoran….tk

  3. CAIR-CAN’s Press Release of January 13, 2007:

    There is a call on Canadian authortities to investigage Anani’s comments as a possible hate crime, but no call for throwing him and his family out of the country. I expect that less politically correct Muslim organizations have called for throwing Anani and his family out of the country.

    A news report by Dalson Chen appeared in The Windsor Star of the talk by Anani delivered on January 12, 2007 at Campbell Baptist Church in Windsor, Ontario. See:

    That which is reported does suggest that Anani made his case that Islam is a religion of war not peace and apparently relied heavily on quotes from the Koran. That per se is not hate speech.

    Interestingly one of the enraged Muslims who attended the talk was interviewed and claimed that Anani had taken the quotes from the Koran out of context. That is just one of the tedious and tired repeated unexplained bare accusations made by Muslims who are angered by those who rely on the Koran itself to make their case that Islam is not a religion of peace, but rather of war.

    Other than making allegations that passages from the Koran were taken out of context, none of these offended Muslims ever make the effort to justify those bare accusations of out of context Koranic quotes. Rarely if ever do they ever explain what the correct context is according to them or quote other portions of the Koran that might serve to explain and put the out of context quotes from the Koran, into the context these Muslim critics suggest is correct.

    All one hears from these offended Muslims therefore or at least most offended Muslims is their raucus angry din of bare unsupported accusations.

    I gather that Wally Chafchak, being a member of both the Windsor Police Services Board and the Windsor Islamic Association is Muslim and that he is one of those offended by what Anani had to say. It would be interesting to know whether Chafchak heard Anani first hand or is relying on what others say he said.

    Who are however the two MP’s and the one member of City counsel who are denouncing Anani’s message to war Canadians against the true intentions of radical Islam and just what is the reason for them to get so exercised on this particular issue? Were they there to hear Anani’s words or are they basing their denunciations on hearsay and the interpretations of those who have related that hearsay to them?

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