Totalitarianism On The Rise in Israel

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

Democracies aren’t a perfect. In a dangerous world, they must protect themselves. Yet, who’s the biggest danger to Israel? Well, as you can see from below, clearly the PEOPLE of Israel, anyone who as the nerve to DISSENT from the government’s position. The only problem with that is it’s not democracy, it’s something else (ask Hugo Chavez)… (From IsraelJustice.Com) –

“We are very sensitive to crimes called ‘crimes of expression,’ ” the ISA legal adviser said. “The treatment is different to that of other crimes because there is a thin line between freedom of expression and criminal acts….

“(The program) included the use of agents to infiltrate the anti-withdrawal movement”

“The ISA unit was meant to help authorities block the rise in anti-withdrawal protests.”

“(It includes) the authority of the secret intelligence unit to comb the media and Internet sites for dissent.”

“Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said the unit will go through newspapers every day and try to spot [negative] remarks…”

Credit to Elisheva’s Alerts, who wrote, “Thus, it’s proven yet again that the secular Israeli government is indeed the Enemy of The People! Of course, this was already well known. But any who publicized it were attacked at conspiracy nuts! Illicit program – seems to not have been approved by the Knesset!

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  1. Well then Olmert and his gang of thugs are probably after this website too. The first act of a new responsible government should be to strip Olmert and his punk gang naked and abandon them in Lebanon in Bint Jbeil where good Jewish boys died because of Olmerts’ restrictions on firing on the enemy, the incompetence of Olmert’s appointed IDF commanders and Olmert’s insincerity in prosecuting the war.
    Renounce them as Israeli and renounce them as human and give them to the enemy as the dogs they are.

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