Campus Jew-Hatred

Compiled by Dr Robert Sklaroff

{These musings are not provided in any particular sequence.}

U.K. Warned Anti-Semitism Being Normalized on College Campuses

J Street Chapters Aiding BDS Campaigns on Campuses by Fueling anti-Israel climate through lobbying and activism

Counterpointing such Jew-hatred that envelopes campuses is the type of Muslim speakers who dominate [Muslim cleric who advocates wife-beating, stoning, hatred for non-Muslims speaks at St. John’s University] and the type of education these professors provide [UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT: MUSLIM PROF MADE STUDENTS PRAISE ALLAH BEFORE ENTERING OFFICE; and CHRISTIAN STUDENT WAS FORCED TO WRITE ISLAMIC CONVERSION CREED APPEALS CASE TO SUPREME COURT].

the director of diversity and inclusion at the University of Kansas announced creation of a lunchroom for Muslim women only so they have a “safe space” to eat. The violence-component (inevitable) was notable [Jew-hating Muslim student group at UC-Santa Barbara endorsed ‘Armed Resistance,’ post threatening photos with AK-47, pistols and Rutgers University No Longer Employing Former Syrian Diplomat Who Accused Israel of Trafficking Children’s Organs]; manifesting TDS was a Georgetown Professor who went crazy on a Muslim Trump supporter (‘F**k You! Go To Hell’).

Students for Justice in Palestine {“SJP”} said progress is impossible ‘So Long as Israel Exists’; this is the determinant for multiple manifestations of its efforts to promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions {“BDS”} movement [NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS SHOOT DOWN SJP ATTEMPT TO TARGET ISRAEL WITH BDS REFERENDUMNYU Academics tried to force a professor out of meeting over opposition to BDS; UC Student-Workers Union Demands BDS from ‘Oppression of Palestinians’]. But it gets worse [SJP blasted Stony Brook University’s Muslim chaplain for supporting HillelUSC professor told students that ‘Israeli Zionists’ are ‘Terrorists’COLUMBIA STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS BOYCOTTED A BOOKSTORE FOR SUPPORTING ISRAELCOLUMBIA PROFESSOR CALLED ZIONISTS ‘MASTER THIEVES’ IN FACEBOOK POST and for ‘EVERY DIRTY, TREACHEROUS ACT HAPPENING IN THE WORLD’U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee student advocate ‘Gassing’ campus JewsGEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY’S STUDENT SENATE PASSES RESOLUTION CALLING FOR BDS].

 EPIDEMIC OF JEW HATRED ON CAMPUS (On Campus, Thou Shalt Not Support Israel; and the University of Cincinnati fired a dissenter and NYU stood up to the Israel-haters) plus in K-12 (SEATTLE SCHOOL DISTRICT WANTS TEACHERS TO BLESS MUSLIMS DURING RAMADAN, while two-thirds of U.S. Millennials can’t identify Auschwitz). And Islamism-“Education [kids trained for Jihad] was dramatized not only in Bosnia, but also in Philly, after the Philly Muslim American Society announced it will investigate a ‘disturbing’ video (c/o M.E.M.R.I.) of Muslim children at an Islamic school being taught to behead and to wage Holy War (Jihad) at an Islamic Center that it hadn’t vetted; despite its being “alarmed,” true-to-form, MOSQUES PLAYED THE VICTIM.

 Anti-Judaism infests academe, both in America (Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi’s Cynical Use of AntisemitismDuke University Press demonizes Israel, and Rutgers President Defends ‘Academic Freedom’ of Three Professors Blasted for Comments on Israel and Jews)

Students for Justice in Palestine [“SJP”] has been unmasked as a TERROR-AFFILIATED ANTI-JEWISH NETWORK; exemplifying its version of on-campus anti-Zionism activities is when JEWISH UCLA STUDENTS WERE TERRORIZED AFTER ANTISEMITIC SJP RIOTERS ‘VIOLENTLY’ DISTURBED THEIR EVENT. In general, Anti-Israel Campus Groups Plot to Defame Israel Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day; more recently, in reaction, Pro-Israel groups are planning to pursue criminal charges against those who disrupt on-campus events. Although the SOUTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR URGED A BILL TO COUNTER CAMPUS ANTI-SEMITISMTWITTER SUSPENDED CANARY MISSION (A UNIVERSITY CAMPUS WATCHDOG THAT EXPOSES HATRED AND ANTI-SEMITISM) and, predictably, the Southern Poverty Law Center ignores anti-Semitic hate crimes on campus.

Harvard hosted a lecture likening Eurabia to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

New York’s Barnard College [linked with Columbia University] Students Voted to Divest From 8 Companies That Do Business with Israel

On campuses, a UNC-Duke conference on Gaza was Anti-Semitic, Emory has a reputation as a college with a large Jewish student population, but its history is not so pretty, and JEW-HATERS AT MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY DESTROYED A JEWISH SUKKAH.

COLUMBIA FACULTY BOYCOTTED A BOOKSTORE AFTER IT APOLOGIZES FOR PROMOTING JIHAD VIOLENCE AGAINST THE JEWS. At Stanford, a speech by Robert Spencer (a colleague of Pamela Geller) was disrupted; this was engineered by a dean (per video-evidence

NYU Department Boycotts Tel Aviv [which doesn’t prohibit Muslims] Campus, While Defending Ties With Abu Dhabi [which prohibits Jews] Campus). Finally, note that COLLEGE ADMINISTRATORS ARE AIDING AND ABETTING ANTISEMITES; for example, what distinguished this year’s annual week of harassment of Jewish students on Emory’s campus from other SJP events was that the eviction notices were officially sanctioned by Emory.

 Anti-Israel Lobby campaigned against the nomination of anti-Semitism scholar Ken Marcus to be Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights by smearing him; in fact, the US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION IS INVESTIGATING NYU OVER ANTI-SEMITISM. Know, however, that the ZOA’s legal victory at U of North Carolina can ameliorate stress upon Jewish students across the country. Indeed, Brown University, Vassar and McGill University (Montreal) are hotbeds of anti-Semitism and Israel hatred; Colleges are full of passionate ignoramuses regarding Middle East history. This misbehavior is irrational [Speaker at Pomona College Accused a Jewish Student Journalist of Having Ties to White Nationalists], overt [Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad told an appreciative crowd at Columbia University:  ‘If You Can’t Be Antisemitic, There’s No Free Speech’], national in scope [ISRAEL-ADVOCACY GROUPS URGE CANCELLATION OF ‘ANTISEMITIC,’ PRO-JIHAD CONFERENCE AT UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA], manifest in Judea/Samaria [‘Scholasticide’ Accusations against Israel: Birzeit University as a Case in Point ], and global in scope [BRAZIL UNIVERSITY CANCELED LECTURE AFTER ALLEGED THREATS BY PALESTINIAN JIHAD GROUP]. [From the Modern orthodoxy perspective, college choice is challenging.]

Eleven Swastikas were discovered at Minnesota College in one semester and at Brooklyn’s Kingsborough Community College, an Administrator was targeted with anti-Semitic Graffiti (‘Kill Zionist Entity’)]. Sadly, far more telling is the infiltration of these attitudes within organizational structures [COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS REMOVES ‘CRUSADERS’ MASCOT, SUBMITS TO “ISLAMOPHOBIA” ACCUSATIONSMinority students at U-Md. issue 64 demands, including prayer rooms in every major building and shuttles to Muslim center;  NYC SCHOOL HONORED HAMAS TERRORISTS IN GAZARUTGERS hired MUSLIM EX-DIPLOMAT WHO ACCUSED ISRAELIS OF TRAFFICKING CHILDREN’S ORGANSJohn Jay College in NYC is exhibiting and helping to sell artwork by al-Qaeda jihad terrorists at Guantanamo BayMUSLIM STUDENTS at University of Central Florida WANT STUDENT EXPELLED FOR REFUSING TO TRY A HIJAB ON HIJAB DAYDePaul Students Demand Professor’s Censure and Call Him ‘Xenophobe’ For Supporting Israel In The Federalist; a MUSLIM STUDENT AT CATHOLIC MANHATTAN COLLEGE said the SCHOOL has been OVERRUN BY ISLAMIC PROSELYTIZING, consequent to which BALKAN MUSLIMS IN NYC ARE TURNING TO JIHADWILLIAMS COLLEGE STUDENT LEADERS DENIED RECOGNITION TO ‘PRO-ISRAEL’ GROUP; and TENURED JEW-HATING JIHADI PROFESSOR AT KENT STATE FIRED AND CHARGED FOR HAVING LIED TO FBI]. Counter-reaction has been mild; for example, after the New School put anti-Jew Linda Sarsour on an anti-Jew panel, a major New School donor threatened to cut-off funding.

Anti-Zionist Campus Groups Expressed Outrage and Glorified Violence

Not to be forgotten is what is occurring on the College Campuses [Emory University: Terror-tied SJP Muslim group hangs eviction notices on Jewish dorms and The Anti-Jewish Boycott Scores Victories on Campuses, But University Presidents Refuse to Boycott Israel];

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