Can the EU be counted on to save Israel or to destroy it?

Avigdor Lieberman argues We need to be part of the EU and NATO because

    Today’s world is dividing over values. On the one side is the free, democratic world, and on the other side is the radical, fundamentalist world. We might have disagreements with Europe and the international community over foreign policy, but we share the same values system that is the target of the radical, fundamentalist war against the West.

One of he disagreements is that it wants us dead. No small matter. As for sharing their value system, I ask for how long. They are a sinking ship and it would be wrong to climb on board.

The problem Israel has is that it does share their value system in so far as capitulation and anti-nationalism are concerned. Too bad.

Who believes the the EU can be counted on to go to war to save Israel?

January 3, 2007 | 6 Comments »

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