Chinese Theory: Bush Aim to Divide and Rule Islam

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[I believe that Francisco Gil-White has always indicated a continuing relationship between Iran and the US. This seems to agree.
How the U.S. & Iran have Cooperated to Sponsor Muslim Terror
Is Islamic terrorism a tool of US foreign policy
Will the US attack Iran?
Francisco Gil-White has argued in the negative in Historical Investigative Research.]

Sign of the times….

Examining the Iraq war, certain Chinese foreign affairs analysts, including experts close to special Middle East envoy Sun Bigan, have supposedly come to some startling conclusions that constitute a grand, divide-and-rule conspiracy theory. As such, it is certain to resonate in the region.

The Chinese theory credits the Bush administration with cunning and ruthlessness instead of criticizing it for incompetence and ignorance. Sources say the reasoning goes like this: the United States never believed Saddam Hussein’s regime possessed weapons of mass destruction–WMD was a manufactured pretext from the start. The Bush administration is accused of deliberately deceiving the US public and the international community into backing an unnecessary war against a secular foe that had no serious Islamist ties or Al Qaeda connections.

Nor, according to the Chinese theory, originating in at least one state-run think tank, did the Bush administration really believe it could transform the Middle East by removing Saddam and Sons and installing a Western-style democracy in place of the demented despotism. The Chinese charge that the democracy crusade was also a deception, which its key authors–prominent administration neoconservatives–have only recently come to recognize. Hence, their unexpected turn against Bush, blaming him for incompetence.

The Chinese speculate that the US actually invaded Iraq in order to put Shiite Islamists in power, albeit ones allegedly allied with so-called moderate elements within the Iranian mullahocracy–which the Bush administration mistakenly bet would come to power following 9/11. The broad objective of US policy, according to the Chinese who subscribe to this theory, was to defeat Radical Islam (a) by fomenting a pan-Islamic Sunni-Shiite religious war, and (b) to work with pliable Shiite Islamists wherever possible.

Though it obviously failed with regard to Iran, the Chinese contend, the policy achieved its main goals–and is still driving the US war effort, as shown by the macabre circus surrounding Saddam’s end-of-year execution. Handing him over to an Islamist Shiite death squad was a calculated, cynical stroke, say the Chinese, aimed at stirring up more sectarian violence.

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