The JDL and the EDL

By Ted Belman

Meir Weinstein heads the JDL in Toronto. They do great work. They picket what must be picketed and oppose what must be opposed. Recently they voiced their solidarity with the EDL in Britain and even planned a rally in Toronto at which the EDL leader was to speak by hook up.. This caused a reaction in in the conservative, pro Israel, National Post. You can imagine it also caused a reaction from the Jewish establishment in Canada.

As a result of a National post story this letter was written to the author Stuart Bell. I know Stuart Bell and Meir Weinstein. As readers of Israpundit know, we support the work of EDL and believe they are getting a raw deal from the establishment. The JDL in Canada is a great organization which stands up for Jews throughout the country. They do not in any way resort to violence but don’t shrink from it in self defence.

Dear Mr. Bell:

Re: “National Post Story: Controversial anti-Islamic group plans rally in Toronto

Let me begin by recommending that you take the time to read the Hudson Institute’s well researched, and balanced article “The English Defense League: The New Face of Europe?” – A. Miller

Negligent immigration, social policies, and trade deals, have created very serious problems throughout the entire EU. Groups like the EDL, SIOE, etc. are putting their lives on the line, to defend freedom and Western civilization from Islamic Fascism, and are not enemies of democracy. The real enemies of democracy are:

    (1) Corrupt EU governments and politicians that have crawled into bed with Islamic Fascists, (reminiscent of those who did the same with Nazi Fascists) – betraying the citizens they are sworn to protect.

    (2) Marxists in the mainstream press who continually whitewash the truth about Islamic Fascism;

    (3) Academics in Universities, who willfully corrupt and brainwash students (sometimes using intimidation tactics) to serve their Marxist/Islamist agenda;

    (4) Corporations involved in business deals with the Saudis and other Islamists; and

    (5) Islamic Fascists, who are highly financed by Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc., and encouraged to wage War against the Infidel and the West.

Europe’s problems with Islamic Fascists foreshadow what is coming to Canada. Islamic attacks against innocent people of all ages, races, and religions, have manifested into: beatings that frequently cause facial disfigurement, or permanent physical and brain damage; kidnappings and agonizing torture leading to the death of the victim; murders by stabbing or beatings, etc; gang rapes of females from all age groups – including very young children and the elderly; forced prostitution of young school girls, etc.

Roving gangs of Islamist thugs are wreaking havoc and heartache, in every EU country. They are encouraged by Islamist clerics and community leaders to view non-Muslims and Secular Muslims as fair game, because attacks against the Infidel are appropriate actions in Islam’s Jihad against the West.

The attacks occur regularly (sometimes daily or weekly) throughout the entire region. Information about these crimes is readily available on the internet, for anyone willing to take the time to research the problems. The UK’s press refers to Muslim thugs as “Asians”, and the French press, and others refer to them as “youths”. Politicians and the press do not want people to know that Islamic Fascists are committing these crimes. For the sake of political correctness, “multicultural ideals”, trade deals, oil, etc., decent, law abiding citizens, of all racial and religious backgrounds, have been sacrificed to Islamic Fascists.

What would you do if your community was taken over by Islamic Fascists, who continually attack innocent people? What would you do if the authorities did little or absolutely nothing to stop the attacks because of political correctness, or the Government’s alliance with Islamists? For political reasons, the OPP didn’t protect victims of Native unrest in Ontario, and are unlikely to protect victims of Islamic Fascists, so how would these problems get resolved? Frustration, and desperation, led to the establishment of groups like EDL, and SIOE. Their demos are an effort to put pressure on politicians and police to do their jobs, and clean up the mess caused by Islamic Fascists.

It’s only a matter of time before Canada’s Islamic Fascists behave as violently as the EU’s. Ultimately Canadians will have to decide whether they are going to submit to Islamic Fascism, or take a stand to defend our way of life. JDL has already made their decision, and work hard to combat Islamic Fascists. As the daughter of a World War II Vet, I have made my decision, and will do whatever I can to stop Islamic Fascism, despite my advanced age, and serious health issues. What will you do?

Regarding your statement: “A British right-wing group responsible for a wave of violent anti-Islamist street protests in the United Kingdom…” While there have been some incidents of violence on the part of the EDL, the organization is working very hard to put an end to violent outbursts. Far too often Islamists and the left have attacked EDL demonstrators with bricks, rocks, bottles, knives, bats, metal bars, and Molotov cocktails. On some occasions, British police caged the EDL demonstrators – trapping them like animals – and turned a blind eye when Islamists/leftists attacked them with a variety of flying objects.

When the EDL attended a demonstration in Holland supporting Geert Wilders, Dutch police set them up to be attacked. EDL buses were directed towards a gauntlet with weapon carrying Islamists and leftists on both sides of the buses. Bus windows were broken, and people were attacked while inside the buses. Then the police ordered EDL demonstrators off the buses, and forced them to walk through the gauntlet, unprotected and unarmed, while being viciously attacked on both sides. Dutch police did absolutely nothing to stop the attacks. Some members of the British police force accompanied the EDL to this demo, and witnessed the attacks. It was shocking that Dutch police would deliberately compromise the safety of EDL demonstrators, and painfully apparent that Dutch authorities wanted to send a violent message to supporters of Geert Wilders.

With regard to the charges against Mr. Lennon for assaulting a police officer at the Remembrance Day service – if you had watched the video of that incident, you would clearly see that Mr. Lennon accidentally bumped into the officer when he jumped a barrier, while attempting to grab an Islamist flag that he felt was insulting the Vets. Obviously, Mr. Lennon’s decision to jump the barrier was rash, and foolhardy. But, he did not attack the police officer. The bogus charges, like many others that have been laid against EDL members, are deliberate efforts on the part of the British Government, to curtail all criticism of Islamic Fascism, and destroy the EDL movement.

There is a disgusting double standard throughout the entire EU. Islamic Fascists are open about their goals to destroy the West, often violent, and frequently make threats against individuals or the host country. Yet, little or nothing is done about these fascists. However, when citizens speak out, or demonstrate against Islamic Fascism, they are viciously targeted by the authorities, and bogus criminal charges are frequently laid.

In case you haven’t noticed, Britain and other European countries have quietly become totalitarian states that cruelly work against citizens from all economic, racial and religious backgrounds, in favour of Islamic Fascists and the Marxist agenda. Decent citizens have been thoroughly betrayed by Governments, the press, and others. The authorities don’t hesitate to harass, fine, criminally charge, and lie about citizens who oppose the status quo.

In Europe, freedom of speech really only exists if you are on the left, or an Islamist. Voices of dissent are constantly at risk of some form of punishment, and many have been forced out of their jobs. Totalitarian tactics such as those used by Communist and Islamist regimes, are prevalent throughout the EU. Orwell was right, and what is occurring at the hands of the authorities, is frighteningly out of a Kafka novel. Therefore, before labeling the EDL as the cause of violent demonstrations, etc. please investigate what is really going on in Europe.

Regarding Professor Goodwin’s statement: “It (EDL) wants members of the Sikh community, similarly members of the Jewish community to become involved as a way of opposing…” The EDL already has Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, black, gay, etc. members of its organization, who have been active for quite some time.

Professor Goodwin also stated: “…he doubts the EDL message will resonate in Canada. He said it appeals primarily in working class districts of northern England that have little experience with multiculturalism.” That is an absurd statement. Many of my family members live in the north of England, so I know exactly what is going on in the region. All of Britain, including the North has had extensive experience with multiculturalism for several decades.

Despite Professor Goodwin’s failed attempt to paint the EDL as inexperienced with other races, it is well documented that they welcome all races, and religions. The EDL is only opposed to political Islam aka Islamic Fascism. EDL has gained popularity in all walks of life – not just among the “working class”. Aside from being an utterly snobbish and stupid remark, it is blatantly untrue.

If you are going to refer to “experts” like Professor Goodwin to discuss organizations like EDL, please ensure that their statements will be accurate, and that they don’t have a Marxist agenda when it comes to Islamic Fascism.

The Jewish Defense League deserves high praise for having the guts to stand with the EDL. Unlike other organizations, JDL actively works to protect Canada from the evils of Islamic Fascism. Anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout the West. In the EU, Jews, including their young children, are viciously attacked by Muslim thugs. Many Jews are leaving the region, because it is no longer safe. It is the 30’s all over again, thanks to Muslim bigotry against Jews that has been imported into our National Homes.

In Canadian Universities Jewish students have been marginalized by pro-Islamist, anti-Israel/anti-Jewish Administrations; professors, and students. On Canadian streets Islamic Fascists and their leftist supporters called for Jews to be sent to the gas chambers. Present at some of those demos were MPs and Union leaders. Vicious hatred towards Jews, and other Infidels, is rampant in Mosques, community centers, schools, and universities. JDL is out on the streets drawing attention to these matters, and fighting Islamic Fascism, while “official” Jews like Farber worry about being politically correct.

I want no part of political correctness when it comes to Islamic Fascism, because I know it will be the death of us. Farber, and others like him, definitely don’t speak for my family. We lost many loved ones during the Holocaust, and others who fought the Nazis as members of the Allied Forces. First hand experience has taught my family the devastating consequences of fascism.

Fascism must be fought at every turn, even when it hides behind the phony cloak of a “religious” label. Good for the JDL in their decision to join with EDL, so that they can work together to stop Islamic Fascism wherever, and whenever, it rears its ugly head.

Never Again means Never Again!

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. In such awareness the Jews are MILES AHEAD of the Indians (HINDUS)…

    In my experience all of India should begin reading (or re-reading) the works of that great lover of India, Swami Vivekananda…

  2. Important email rec’d.

    CONGRATULATIONS for excellent, proud and wide awake Jewish community in Canada.

    After World War 2 you showed the GENIUS to comprehend the dangers to your community, and established the only Jewish State on earth.

    The reason for doing so has proved to be correct and absolutely essential for the survival of Jewish people on earth.

    In such awareness the Jews are MILES AHEAD of the Indians (HINDUS) who face the same existential threat from the Muslims (and Christians), but are still in the same “frozen” state due to CENTURIES of SLAVERY.

    Moreover the HIndus in their own land are being watched, controlled and demoralised by Government of India, a bunch of crooks subservient to ANGLO-ISLAMIC collusion due to which ONE THIRD OF INDIA was ceded to ISLAM to establish world’s largest ISLAMIC country on earth.

    The idea was to WIPE OUT the surviving Hindus in the “Rest of India” that is still called “India” in order to fool her people.

    India and Israel should share media and scholars to forge a UNITED front. In Asia the deadly IDEOLOGICAL FAULT LINE passes between LAHORE and AMRITSAR.

  3. Yes it is alarming Bill. How easily we can still be deceived. I have a hard time understanding why people dont seem to see what I see. What more proof do they need?

  4. I was proud to serve in Kach (Rav. Kahane’s, zt”l party) and the Jewish Defense League.

    While I’m no longer in either organization, last I heard the JDL here is headed by Mike Slomich, a mighty starkha known for his strength and courage.