Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’

Nov 8/12

September 29, 2012 | 11 Comments »

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. Canada grants Russians a look at military bases

    O Canada!
    Canada Allows Russia to Make Surveillance Flyovers

    “Canada granted Russia the right to fly over Canada and check out their military bases.
    They will take full advantage of that.

    Canada, too much fluoride in your water has softened your brain.
    The USA is not the only nation that has stopped standing up for itself, stopped really defending itself.
    It is spreading all over as nation after nation loses its mind and slides down into insanity”.

  2. The Canadian PM really puts all other western leaders to shame. Our PM recently spoke at the Useless Nations, plugging Australia for a seat on the security council. She said we are a friend of Israel but we support self-determination for the “Palestinians”.

    I was embarrassed and ashamed. As a reporter said “she was having a bob each way”

  3. Thank you dearly M. Prime Minister Harper!
    May G_D bless you and your family in every steps you take.
    Quebec, Canada

  4. @ Vardit:
    He must know that this cannot be solved by peaceful means. He must know that eventually a military strike will be necessary. There is no other way to stop Iran from getting nukes. Given this fact, it would seem to me that Harper is therefore willing to allow Iran to have nukes. If I am right, then his proclamation that he will defend Israel whatever the cost, rings hollow. I hope I am wrong. I don’t expect Canada to involve itself militarily, but if Harper means what he says about supporting Israel whatever the cost, then he should provide diplomatic and moral support for Israel when Israel strikes Iran. If he will not stand with Israel regarding the most serious threat to her existence, then his words are not sincere.

  5. PM Harper has told PM Netanyahu he will not go with Israel militarily but will try to solve the issue via peaceful means..

  6. Canada is not in a position to set “red lines”. It can do nothing militarily. BUT the U.S.A is a different animal. It possesses the largest airforce in the world. It possesses bunker busting bombs. Canada’s “red lines” would represent the words of a “paper tiger”. The United Staes words would, ordinarily, represents the words of a real tiger. Of course now the United States, led by an Islamic nitwit, is truly a paper tiger and Iran knows it. Indeed the whole world knows it. God help us because the once most freedom-loving, democratic country in the world certainly won’t.