China’s ‘CEO Whisperers’: Chinese Communist Party Takes Over Canada

by Robert Williams, GATESTONE •  September 17, 2023 at 5:00 am

  • “I was pretty dismayed at the extent of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in the federal Parliament. I should probably not say any more to stay on the right side of the libel laws… [W]hat are the authorities doing about this? I think that’s the real measure of China’s influence.” — Australian professor Clive Hamilton, National Post, April 15, 2019.
  • Despite leaked intelligence reports about Chinese interference in Canada’s last two federal elections in 2019 and 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to hold a public probe into the matter.

  • [T]he passivity of Trudeau’s Liberal Party is “permitting China to colonize Canada.” — Tasha Kheiriddin, Canadian political columnist, National Post, August 22, 2023.
  • “On housing: Chinese money laundering inflated Canadian property values for decades and helped push home ownership out of reach for today’s buyers. On drug addiction: China is the main source country of fentanyl found in Canada, paving the way for thousands of overdose deaths. On the economy: China has targeted a host of Canadian industries for control, from lobsters to lithium.” — Tasha Kheiriddin, National Post, August 22, 2023.
  • “The CCP’s basic strategy of overseas influence and interference is to capture elites in politics, business, media, think tanks, universities, and cultural institutions…It deploys a range of techniques including flattery, financial inducement, exploitation of anti-racist and anti-American sentiment, bribery, and honey traps… Key figures in the Liberal Party have long historical ties to the CCP, not least through business connections…” — Clive Hamilton,, June 2, 2023.
  • “I’ve often said that Chinese leaders are what I call CEO whisperers, they’re very, very skillful when meeting foreigners, particularly senior foreigners. China inspires a kind of excessive affection in people and an excessive sense of wonder and a desire not to apply the usual sort of critical thinking skills, and people are seduced by it.” — Former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney,, June 2, 2023.
  • China has reportedly openly been trying to influence [Canadian PM] Justin Trudeau for the past ten years. One unnamed CSIS source said that the CCP had its eyes on Justin Trudeau well before he became prime minister.
  • Trudeau, during his first election campaign in 2016, visited the homes of “wealthy Chinese-Canadians for private fundraising events. Some of the hosts had close connections with the CCP and had been actively promoting Beijing’s takeover of islands in the South China Sea.” — Professor Clive Hamilton, in his book, Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World.
  • The influence of the CCP is so pervasive that Canada’s minister of environment, Steven Guilbeault, at the same time as being Canadian minister, is also an “official adviser to the Chinese government.” –, August 16,
  • China…is a real threat to Canada’s sovereignty. “Recent Chinese actions and announcements are pointing to Beijing’s determination to have a military capability in the region that will exceed that of Canada.” — Rob Hueber, senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and associate professor of political science at the University of Calgary,, August 25-27, 2023
  • “What has not received as much attention is a research paper, published in 2021, in which Chinese scientists explain their success in developing Arctic-resilient underwater listening systems. The paper says the listening systems are for peaceful purposes, but the actual ramifications of the HABs [high-altitude balloons], buoys and research systems are inescapable. China is refining its means of monitoring the Canadian North.” — Rob Hueber, senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and associate professor of political science at the University of Calgary,, August 27, 2023
  • “China will very soon enjoy a major advantage in monitoring Arctic waters, especially under the surface, and it will have confidence that Canada has little ability to see what is going on or do anything about it. Factor in the overwhelming evidence of Beijing’s efforts to target and interfere in our political system – and our reluctance or inability to respond to these actions – and the larger threat to Canada’s very sovereignty comes starkly into view.” — Rob Hueber, senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and associate professor of political science at the University of Calgary,, August 27, 2023



“When I look… at the subtle but intense influence of China on Canadian institutions — parliaments, provincial governments, local governments, universities, the intellectual community, the policy community — it makes me deadly worried,” said Australian professor Clive Hamilton, author of Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World (co-authored by Mareike Ohlberg), speaking to Canada’s National Post in 2019. “I’ve met some very well-informed Canadians who aren’t sure Canada will be able to extricate itself from this situation.”

Hamilton, who “blew the whistle on Australia says Canada is in even worse trouble.”

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  1. @Peloni you are correct negotiations are way way better than war. You may not like this comment but the inner Kissinger in you just came out. He has been for real politic and talking and giving the Russians a seat at the table.

  2. @Michael

    Those here who think the US should somehow be allied with Russia against NATO

    This is neither accurate nor even rational. NATO is overwhelmingly led, armed and controlled by the US. So it would be both absurd and impossible for the US to be allied against NATO, and if this is what you have come to understand from anything I said here, well, you misread it or i miswrote it, but in any eventuality, it does not in anyway represent my views, such as they are.

    Rather, NATO was a remnant of the Cold War which outlived its purpose of defeating the Soviet Union after the Soviets themselves defeated the Soviet Union. Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, NATO should have either dissolved itself as well or have redesigned itself to support a pan European security framework which included rather than isolated Russia. The Russians were open to either forming a new international structure to do exactly this or remaking NATO to this end, but their interests in doing so were soundly rebuffed. This misstep, following which the West has consistently kept misstepping, is what should be corrected going forward. A new pan-European security framework, not NATO, which is framed around peaceful cooperation of Europe, rather than the isolation of Russian from Europe, must be formed. Having failed to do exactly this in the past is why we are exactly where we stand today, in a proxy war against the largest nuclear power in the world. Russia has security interests, just as the US, England and others, including Ukraine, which need to be addressed and not ignored. Unfortunately, Russia’s interests are not only ignored, they have been specifically threatened and thoroughly abused. Her stated red lines have been purposely crossed and her attempts to enter diplomatic negotiations have been either spurned or negotiated for false purposes of furthering the war which the negotiations were meant to prevent.

    Regarding NATO today, the US completely controls it without any interest of what the Europeans have to say. Against European interests they forced thru the 2008 commitment to include Ukraine in NATO in the future, they overthrew the 2014 Ukrainian govt while stating ‘F*** the EU’, and ignored the European interest in negotiating with Putin prior to the Russian support of Lughansk and Donetsz in Feb 2022. More than this, the US blew up the Nordstream, condemning the German economy to a state of deindustrialization which had previously fed the entire European economy. So, there is no distinction to be drawn between the US and NATO. NATO is simply an American rhetorical tool to wield US international policy.

    Regarding the issue of the Artic, it is very little different from the issue of Ukraine. It requires diplomatic negotiation, with both sides demonstrating an understanding that, as was recognized during the Cuban missile crises, negotiated solutions are to be preferred to war. So it is not a sum zero event where the US wins and Russia loses vs Russia wins and the US loses. This lack of empathic understanding of the Russian security concerns, as briefly discussed above, are why missiles are flying over Ukraine today.

    NEGOTIATION. It is an ancient art completely ignored after the Russians won the Cold War for the West and the West came to believe that the values they championed were no longer relevant given their ‘lone superpower’ status. Well, they are no longer the lone superpower, but they are still running roughshod over the world as if they were.

    So, what comes from the contest in the Artic will depend upon how the West proceeds with their attempt to project domination of the world while not having the means to dominate even Europe. And the impact of this revelation will not just be upon the Russians and her allies, as the Europeans are awakening to the fact, too late unfortunately, that the US is no more interested in the livelihood and welfare of the rest of Europe than they are of those miserable Ukrainians who have been left to bear the brunt of America’s poorly waged contest against Russia.

  3. Hi, Adam

    I’m glad you noticed that I hadn’t actually taken a “stand”. Bear is correct in the current alignment of nations, which I might call “Team Russia” vs. “Team Ukraine”.

    Team Russia includes, as Bear said, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. Others can be added, such as Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and probably Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.

    Team Ukraine includes NATO, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and others.

    What is happening now is practically a replay of WWII, where local conflicts such as the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the German invasion of Czechoslovakia ended up merging into a worldwide conflagration. I have no doubt that such a conflagration is imminent, and the US will HAVE TO “support” the Ukrainian side because the Russian side will all be at war with us.

    This is complicated, because we are also on the brink of ANOTHER war, with a whole different set of antagonists. This is, essentially, a war for control of Atlantis.: MAGA vs. the DC-City of London-Rome Axis, the financial heart of NATO, G-7 and most of the world’s economy.

    Some of the voices here, including my own at times, have taken a pious stance AGAINST the “fat cats” of DC-London-Rome. They are the ones, of course, who have caused the gender-confusing attack on our children, the worldwide energy and economic crises, border crises in the US and Europe, you name it. But they are doing it with OUR (MAGA aka “Deplorable”) money:

    We put our retirement savings into mutual funds such as Vanguard, who invest in and essentially control, say, GM, and Woke & Green pressure groups go after Vanguard’s advisor to pressure him to pressure GM to get rid of fossil-fuel engines. In few years, then, we can expect the planet to be ravaged by strip-mining for scarce electronically important minerals, etc. This and other mad schemes will, of course, end up with famines and wars.

    It’s as though the world’s leaders of governments and industry are all sowing minefields wherever they walk, thinking that they personally will not have to walk through them; and we are supplying them with the mines through our investments. Note that I include ALL world leaders here: Kim Jong Un along with Joe Biden, Xi Jinping along with Emanuel Macron, ALL of them.

    My point is that we are moving into very interesting times, wherein no matter what stand one makes, he could be stepping on someone’s mines. These are times when the best move might be to sit back and have a fine cup of tea.

  4. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are allies. They are all enemies of the USA. Also Israel in one way or the other (China not as much an enemy of Israel).

    Ukraine may not be some perfect admirable country but they are physically fighting the USA’s enemy Russia. That they have weakened the Russian military and at this point in time are not strong enough to attack other European countries is a benefit to the USA and Israel.

  5. I don’t understand what Michael S is trying to say. I “Atlanricism” a good policy or a bad policy? I can’t figure out where Michael stands on this issue.

    I agree with him that it makes no sense for the U.S. to be aligned with Russia and against NATO in the Russo-Ukraine war. If Russia wins, all hell will break loose. Russia will proceed to occupy the Baltic states–Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which are NATO members. The U.S. and the other NATO members would then feel obligated to take some sort of military action against Russia, since their national prestige and their credibility as allies will be on the line. Rightly or wrongly, nations always out theur national prestige, and their credibility as allies, above all else. Not a pretty scenario, But probably what will happen,

  6. In the Arctic seas, China and Russia are in direct confrontation with the US (Sarah Palin’s Alaska), Canada, Denmark (Greenland) and Norway. In other words, it’s the SCO vs. NATO.

    Those here who think the US should somehow be allied with Russia against NATO over Ukraine (Ted and Peloni) — Have you thought these things through? It would be like giving not only Alaska to the Russians, but the whole country! It would also mean starting a “Cold War” against Europe and isolating Japan — a replay of WWII.

    I just posed that as a question, a matter of curiosity. The “Atlanticist” orientation behind NATO is at the heart of Soros’s thinking, as well as of the WEF crowd and Bilderbergers. It is also attacked without ceasing by some here. The only times, recently, that this alignment has been challenged, was in WWI and WWII — accompanied by vicious wars in Europe and Asia. Non-Atlanticism is a notion that is naturally in conflict with geography.

    In the US, the Blue states and many Globalists are naturally inclined toward Atlanticism, for better or for worse. Attempting to overthrow it, means engulfing the US in a horrific civil war. I don’t welcome that scenario.

    BTW. Don’t conflate Joe Biden and his controllers with Atlanticism. Joe & friends are self-seeking mafioso, who will alternately throw America, Ukraine, Russia, China and Taiwan all under the bus as the wind grifts.

    It looks to me, as though the world is headed toward a great train wreck.