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Muslims go crazy during anti-islamic movie sweden

October 21, 2014 | 8 Comments »

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Those seeking the Jews to capitulate and “live” with the Muslims are being overrun by the Muslims and forced to live with them as a learning experience. the muslims are aware that the euros respond to threats of violence and it takes few of them to create this scenario.

  2. wherever there are muslims in significant numbers there is intolerance, censorship, threats of violence and violence. they were successful in censoring this film through threats of violence. The answer is to ban Islam or to ban Muslims. It is clear what the future of Sweden is: civil strife or capitulation. This is why they attack the Jews: they hope to appease their local muslims as they appeased the nazis. I dont think it will work for them.

  3. @ Eric R.:

    Are you serious??? Any swede who wants to leave Sweden for any other country is free to do so…. Most are perfectly able to buy an air plane ticket and if they choose Israel and can’t afford the fare It will be provided free of charge.

    I doubt many Swedes if they ever choose to leave Sweden would choose to move to Israel….

  4. Israel really needs to airlift the Jews out of Sweden (at 15,000 or so, it is less than they airlifted out of Ethiopia or Yemen), sever diplomatic relations with it, and do something to spark Islamofascist rioting on such a scale that the country is reduced to a blood in the streets civil war in which Muslims and Swedes are literally at each other’s throats and thousands are killed. In the end of course, the Swedes are too effeminate to do what it takes to win, and they will be enslaved.

    In short, they will get what they deserve.

  5. @ yamit82:In that theater there were clearly identified and it appeared that the police got them in some cases well clobbered.
    Remove all not Islamic and proceed to bag the horde.

  6. Marvelous peace partners, are they not?
    They must be so because Lieberman wants to make peace with their local hordes in 2015 as does Netanyahu, Livni, Peres, etc.
    The islamic bestial aggregate must be destroyed leaving no trace.