Condeleeza Rice wasn’t all bad

Rice was the person who insisted that Hamas be allowed to contest the elections in the PA. She also insisted on the Rafah Agreement which removed Israel from the Rafah crossing which lead to the smuggling of arms into Gaza. But she wasn’t all bad.

According to the Palestinian Papers,

Arutz Sheva

    Condoleezza Rice offered the idea as a way to bypass the PA’s demand for the “return” of displaced Arabs and their progeny to the Land of Israel. During a discussion about international funding to compensate refugees, Rice said: “Maybe we will be able to find countries that can contribute in kind. Chile, Argentina, etc..” “In kind” refers to land, according to the newspaper,


    During closed-door 2008 negotiations, the US affirmed its understanding that the Ma’aleh Adumim and Ariel settlements along with the east Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods would likely remain part of Israel in any final-status agreement with the Palestinians, according to the “Palestine Papers” that were published this week.

    “Everyone understands that what is Jewish is Israeli and what is Arab is Palestinian,” then-US secretary of state Condoleeza Rice told Palestinian negotiators when talking with them about Jerusalem on July 16, 2008.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. When I see everyone going crazy over Obama I have to wonder why the same reaction was not there with Bush

    I never bought into the American conservative liberal divide especially where Israel is concerned. In every election cycle Jews become a smaller proportion of the electorate and Jews are less concentrated geographically today than ever before. It’s Jewish money that buys influence and even here most funding by Jews have little or nothing to do with Israel. Politicians from both parties pay lip service of pro Israel sentiments because it doesn’t cost them anything and they might pick up donations and a few votes. How many of these so called pro Israel legislators conditioned sales or aid to Israels enemies with the proviso of making peace with Israel. How many have blocked mammoth arms sales to Israel’s enemies because it fuels an arms race that Israel will lose?

    Every time our interests conflict with Americas of-course American interests win out and that truism crosses party lines and liberal conservative differences. Friendship has little to do with our relationship with America only interests and always American interests are dominant.

  2. yamit82

    I agree with you a thousand percent. The reason however I bring up the ‘best friend status’ is because that is how the conservative media and the Bush handlers including many prominent republican Jews presented him. When I see everyone going crazy over Obama I have to wonder why the same reaction was not there with Bush. Therein lies the rub. Allow me to explain. Truth be told there are thousands of defectors from the Republican party because of it. Bush provided their awakening of sorts. I can’t speak for everyone but obviously the defection was not to the left, no way, but to a kind of “nomansland” where we hold forth the litmus test for anyone and especially politicians willing to take it. Our promise is that it will no longer be acceptable to just say one “pro Israel” or the best friend of Israel. One has to prove it first. Seeing an election cycle repeats itself in seemingly short periods of time, we hold our vote til the next time around. Imagine how hard all our politicians would work if they knew we were going to hold their feet to the fire but holding back our vote.

    A current example. There was a thread on this blog about Rand Paul and his proclamation to cut foreign aid and while only two, one including myself commented, there are no other conservative blogs as of now from what myself and others have found with even mention of this. For that alone, we hunker down in that nomansland I described above.

  3. We can not expect anything from openly hostile occupiers of the oval office when our best friend of Israel let us down so miserably.

    Bush was never our best friend, he just managed a smile and a stupid Texas drawl to put a friendly face over the knife he impaled us with.

    In 2007,Just before he left office: Bush/ The United States increased its military aid to Israel by over 25%, to an average of $3 billion per year for the following ten year period (starting at $2.550 billion for 2008, growing by $150 million each year). The package is scheduled to start October 2008, when regular economic aid to Israel’s economy is to end. Officials have insisted the aid is not tied, or meant to balance, simultaneous American plans to sell $20 billion worth of sophisticated arms to its Arab allies in the region, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia. U.S. President George W. Bush assured Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the U.S. would help keep a “qualitative advantage” to Israel over other nations in the region. Of course, this is total Bull Shit as the numbers indicate.

  4. neither were the SS guards I guess but your point is? Nonsense! She is antisemitic and the result of gender and racial entitlements. Nothing more. A walikng billboard of what affirmative action breeds and results. And we wonder why America is about to end?

  5. From PMW

    Abbas gives terrorist’s family $2000

    Why not? Look how much cash TENS OF MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS Abbas OUR MAN OF PEACE denier of the holocaust was given.

    So in the end, it is not just our known enemies we should be angry with but those who make it all possible the appeasers and panderers in high places who know better for them. in the name of peace! by way of sticking it to the Jews AGAIN.

  6. Shy Guy.

    Shh. We are only suppose to notice how the other side selects the news “fit to print.”

    Remember, selection of which part of history to omit is ok, when it is our guy’s doing it.

  7. “Condeleeza Rice wasn’t all bad”

    Of course she wasn’t all bad. She is a remarkable woman of many talents. She stands as in inspiration to all woman. I traveled quite a distance once to hear her speak in hopes I could ask her some question. I even read her book, Memoir of Family. It was quite beautiful account of her life. Now I part ways. Condeleeza Rice was State Department all the way and furthermore, George Bush took instruction from her. She was his mentor on all things foreign diplomacy. He said this himself. So just because she didn’t beat us up all together does not make her forgiven, not in my book anyway.

    She and her boss together because of ‘shared interests’ appeasement had no interest in signing the embassy act even though it was a campaign promise to do so…even while the assumption continued that George Bush was the best friend of Israel. Furthermore, never in the history of pushing for Palestinian statehood was the push greater and more urgent and record amounts of money spent than in the administration of George Bush made most puzzling because that happened post 9-11, post intifada and war on terror to the truest most stable ally of the U.S. in the middle east.

    So like children starving for recognition, (metaphoric for what Jews are) someone throws us a crumb or two of bread and we forgive by saying they were not all bad.

    Can’t have it both ways. He/She who denies Jerusalem denies JEWS, denies Israel.


    No embassy in Jerusalem. Not even a three word letter of recognition of the reunification of Jerusalem to which countless Jews gave their very lives SCREAMS the world JERUSALEM
    IS NOT:


    Actually, if the current occupier of the Oval office backed by the State Department goes bonkers over a hotel on Israel soil where a supporter of the Holocaust once lived is not that far out of line from the views of Bush and company who elevated a denier of the Shoah to a MAN OF PEACE after all. (while said man of peace continued to uphold PA charter while sanctioning a painting which shows all of Israel, Palestine while allowing his U.S trained security forces to march to the nazi goose-step) This means the views of the Obama administration concerning Jerusalem are not that different then those of the Bush administration. Indeed Obama is openly hostile from day one but in the end the proof is always in the pudding. If this were not true there would now be a U.S. embassy on JEWISH soil in the heart of Jerusalem. Standing tall along with every nation on the planet who has a U.S. embassy in their capital city, mind you. There would be framed pictures proudly lining the walls of the Knesset and the PM office from the very auspicious occasion of the Reunification of Jerusalem by Bush administration representatives who attended the anniversary ceremonies. Next to those pictures would be the hole in one. A glorious well deserved letter to the citizens of Israel and world Jewry signed and sealed by the President of the United States stating that everything Israel has gone through culminates in Jerusalem for indeed,Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel. Congratulations Israel on this the Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem. NOT!!

    We can not expect anything from openly hostile occupiers of the oval office when our best friend of Israel let us down so miserably.