Cuomo: Footage from Oct. 7 attack on Israel shows ‘Hamas wanted war’

Chris Cuomo, NewsNation Dec 15, 2023

NewsNation host Chris Cuomo is among the journalists who have attended a private screening of raw footage from Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel. After watching it, Cuomo says it’s clear that “Hamas wanted war and wanted the Jews to know that they want them to burn. Again.”

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  1. I agreed with most of what Cuomo said, and he appeared to be genuinely moved. However, anyone who uses statistics provided by Hamas about “civilian deaths” is disingenuous. Hamas uses statistics to slander Israel. Anyone who uses their statistics participates in that slander.

    So on the one hand, Cuomo says he understands how Israelis feel, then he accepts Hamas’ statistics on civilian deaths and undoes his empathy by doing so. He should have rejected those statistics and explained that they can’t be trusted.

    But he tried to make the point that once you see clearly that Hamas purposely burned Israelis and did everything they could to torture and humiliate the living, as well as desecrate bodies of the dead, you realize Hamas is not a bunch of freedom fighters. They simply want to burn and destroy all Jews. And once they achieve that they are coming for the Christians. And once Israel is gone, they are going elsewhere to accomplish the same thing.

    This is a barbaric death cult out for death and destruction, and there is just no other way to describe Hamas.

    All the US college students who have been indoctrinated to think of Hamas as poor suffering victims have been taught lies. In calling for genocide, these students will at some point have blood on their hands too.

    Given that colleges have condoned this call for genocide, we will only have more of it until the American people can overturn this criminal cartel that calls itself our government and return to us our Constitutional Republic.

    Then we will overturn our current indoctrination university system and replace it with an educational system. Universities that continue with DEI will lose all government funding until every single DEI hire is fired and until every single DEI and CRT course is ended.

    We should probably also revoke the diplomas of graduates who have been indoctrinated by DEI and CRT and offer the students remedial learning opportunities with which they can earn back their diploma and degree.