Dayan: ‘No substitute for sovereignty’ in Jordan Valley

It is very important to distinguish between security and sovereignty. Stationing the IDF in the Jordan valley is not good enough. We must be sovereign there. Dayan, unfortunately, only makes the argument that we are entitled to defensible borders. He fails to make the argument, perhaps because he is a General, that we are legally entitled to sovereignty in J&S.

Besides, Poll: overwhelming majority of Jews want to claim sovereignty in Jordan Valley.

    “Most respondents believe that Israel should not only maintain a military presence in the Jordan Valley, but should declare sovereignty in the region as well. That view was held by 93% of Likud voters, 86% of Shas voters, 75% of Kadima voters, and 69% of Labor voters”.

T. Belman

by Gavriel Queenann, INN

In an interview with Israel National News, Gen. Uzi Dayan (res.), who serves as the president of the Israel Security Council, praised Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s statement that the IDF would remain in the Jordan Valley irrespective of any future agreements with the Palestinian Authority – but insisted mere military presence was insufficient.

“This is indeed a clear statement designed to clarify that Israel has a right to defensible borders, but I’m sure he understands not only should the IDF be placed on the border with Jordan, but Israel must also continue to be sovereign in the valley, because there is no substitute for a soldier defending his land,” Dayan said.

Dayan maintained Jordan Valley settlements are an integral part of an entire region, “This region has the ridges overlooking the Jordan Valley on its west [side]. The Jordan Valley and the ridges are the only way to maintain a secure border, a border with strategic depth. The average distance between Jordan and the Mediterranean is only 64 miles. It is minimal and necessary strategic depth. ”

Dayan told INN that at present, in an era of uncertainty, the State of Israel should be prepared for all possible scenarios. “We should be prepared for the attack from the east. We’ve gone back to a world of uncertainty. We have no idea what will happen in Iraq, Jordan and Egypt and must therefore maintain a strategic area providing for the possibility of war” .

He said defense experts today know well we can not repeat the mistake of abandoning Gush Katif, “It is impossible to understand today how we can demilitarize Judea and Samaria without a control envelope, and not repeat the mistake in Gaza due to leaving an open border between Israel and Egypt. In a world of uncertainty we must not repeat these mistakes. There is no substitute for the settlements in the Jordan Valley. ”

Dayan called on the Prime Minister not to consider the pressure being applied on him by the international community, “There is pressure, but he refuted that today. More than ever it has been proven the Arab-Israeli conflict is not at the root of the region’s ills. I think this pressure [for a peace agreement] comes from all directions, by Israelis, for political reasons. This pressure helps, but today it is clear to everyone in the Middle East that Israel is a strategic asset of the first order.”

Dayan’s comments may be intended to dissuade the Prime Minister from considering a previous suggestion by the United States that Israel lease the Jordan Valley from the PA in any future agreement.

Dayan’s sentiments are shared by the majority of Israelis.

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  1. When Olmert was Mayor of Jerusalem and BB was then PM, BB asked Olmert about concessions before BB went to Wye River Plantation. Olmert replied to BB: that if BB believed Arafat to give Araft most of what he demanded but if BB didn’t believe Arafat to nothing up. Apparently BB believed Arafat and will give up the Jordan valley if he believes he can get away with it politically. He will then spin it with all the reasons why we should rely on American guarantees and as many military talking heads here as he can muster for support. SOP.

  2. Next thing you know, you’ll claim that Natalie Portman gave millions of dollars to Hadassah Hospital. 🙂

    I heard she had to sell most of her jewelry!! All in a good cause. 🙂

  3. Besides, Poll: 83% of Likud Members Against Concessions

    It doesn’t say that anywhere in the article. The only reference to the Liduk is that 93% of the Likudniks polled are for declaring Israeli sovereignty of the Jordan Valley. There is no indication about Likudniks and other concessions, or acceptance of an Arab terrorist state or other entity on Israel’s borders.

    Next thing you know, you’ll claim that Natalie Portman gave millions of dollars to Hadassah Hospital. 🙂