Defense Min.: ‘Jewish Israel may be limited to the center of the country only’

T. Belman. So, Min. Gantz, what are you going to do about it?  When is Israel going to take charge of its life and stop allowing the Arabs to use illegal construction, propaganda and violence to achieve their ends.

In closed conversations, Defense Min. Gantz warns Israel may lose Negev and Galilee, with Jewish state limited to central Israel only.


Benny GantzYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) has warned that Jewish Israel may soon be limited to the center of the country only, Israel Hayom reported.

In a closed meeting with his party last week, Gantz read aloud a WhatsApp containing threats from unnamed Arab sources, warning that they would take over Israel.

Among other things, the WhatsApp said, “Continue to curse, you have no chance against Allah. Slowly slowly we are eating away at your country. We have land in the Negev that is the size of Gush Dan (central Israel -ed.), which is filled with tin shacks with little Bedouin children. What are you going to do? This is Palestinian land, essentially, and the moment a single tractor comes – we will use the leftist organizations such as ‘Peace Now’ and ‘B’tselem,’ which will turn to the real ruler of the country (the Supreme Court) to issue a cease and desist order. We will send children and youths to throw stones and barricade themselves at the scene until you run like mice from the area.”

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24 Comments / 24 Comments

  1. @Edgar G.

    As fo filling up Israel faster by having fewer abortions,is this a problem??

    Of course not except that it is not going to happen – no one can or will stop this process, at least until many years from now, and there is a question of how the mothers who might have been forced to have children they didn’t want would treat those children after birth.

    trying to coax and entice grown adults from a different world, with settled opinions and desires for particular kinds of employment and lifestyles.

    Maybe when you made aliyah they tried to entice people to come to Israel, now they are trying to prevent most Jews from moving to Israel.


    Certainly. But, as I said, more people are turned away than approved these days, and the idea of the Jewish state was to save the Jews from persecution in the Diaspora, not to give them the wealth and lifestyles they left in the Diaspora.

    …it will impel government to convert presently useless desert into towns and cities.It will squeeze the Bedouin and their useless flocks of goats. This creates jobs, industries and medical advancement.

    Well, that’s not what the Defence Minister Gantz is saying – he is convinced that the Jewish state will be between Hadera and Gedera.

    Then what created the pre-state settlement, growth of the economy, drying of the swamps, “making the desert bloom”?

    “Natural growth” of the pre-1880s Yishuv OR the birth of Zionism (including religious) and the arrival of the European Jews (mostly Russian who everybody now so loves to hate) and who did all the work of the settlement, restoration, etc. without demanding the jobs and comforts they left behind?

  2. READER-

    I didn’t think we were “arguing” but having an interesting discussion. Which we were. It can/will stop right here.

    As fo filling up Israel faster by having fewer abortions,is this a problem??. These babies are being legally murdered by Jews…Jewish babies.

    And there is a HUGE difference (apart from the HUGE cost saving, which is ALWAYS a big consideration) between babies being born and growing up in the milieu, and trying to coax and entice grown adults from a different world, with settled opinions and desires for particular kinds of employment and lifestyles.

    ALIYAH should be VOLUNTARY…VOLUNTARY…not coaxed and persuaded by free trips and an exciting tour. Do we even know the percentage that come on these FREE trips but who don’t make aliyah… ???? The fact that they are where they are, is a good indication of where they really want to be. My relatives-and I- came to Israel from conviction of the mitzvah of aliyah.

    There is simple NO comparison. Also, with a “natural” population growth, it will impel government to convert presently useless desert into towns and cities.It will squeeze the Bedouin and their useless flocks of goats. This creates jobs, industries and medical advancement.

  3. I am not going to keep arguing about this but I’ve just found something interesting – the anti-abortion organization in Israel called Be’ad Chaim claims that there are 40-50 thousand abortions in Israel.

    This means (for those who argue that it is better not to abort than to encourage aliyah) that there are roughly twice as many babies aborted in Israel as the number of Jews coming annually on aliyah, so if there are NO abortions and NO aliyah, the population density would increase even faster!

    In terms of Israel being an imperfect (to say the least) state, we already know what happened to those who proudly said “”Po lin!” and stayed in Europe before the war waiting for Moshiach to bring them the perfect state, and what happened to those who managed to leave (which wasn’t at all simple then, and it isn’t simple now).

    About the Diaspora having always been there, I side with the view that God is destroying the Diaspora, and with the view of Jabotinsky: “Eliminate the Diaspora or the Diaspora will eliminate you!”

    BTW, he was known to hold this opinion already in 1931.

    Of course, this is something one can argue about endlessly which I am not going to do.

  4. @READER-

    I assume you’ve read my experiences with the “Irish” shaliach, that I posted yesterday.

    I should tell you that before all this began, I went to a shaliach in Canada, Vancouver to be exact. He was a completely different sort of person who knew what he was doing.

    The very first thing he asked me was “why do you want to go to Israel”…I just stared at him, hardly believing my ears. But he persisted and I finally said. “Because it’s Israel and I’m a Jew”….etc.

    I asked him why he had such a simple question for me, and he said…” I just wanted to make sure that you were not a gung-ho guy who wanted to to go there to shoot Arabs.” He said that he turns down those who are like that, and they are not just a few.

    So I can understand why there are certain difficulties in making aliyah. But of course, many are compounded by the innate stupidity of the average shaliach, …that is…unless they’ve upped their standard for getting the job.

    What I went through with my crooked, utterly stupid Irish guy was nothing compared to my problems after I got there. I posted them here some years ago-and I only scratched the surface. If I hadn’t been completely independent, and not looking for a job, I’d never have been able to stand it. About 80% of those who came that year, returned back home within a year, I heard. I knew quite a few personally too, and damned decent, VERY disappointed people they were too. They needed jobs, and for that they needed Hebrew, and even with the Ulpanim they only scraped the language surface. And they found the people unhelpful and jealous to them. Because they had import privileges etc. Jealous beyond belief.

    Their parents were very remiss in not making sure that as well as the usual school subjects they didn’t give them a Hebrew speaking education too. This shows that the parents were settled in the Diaspora with no interest except superficially, in Israel. They never thought that one day their children would want to go on aliyah, back to their roots.

    My time in Israel is so involved with controversy and downright crookedness that I really could write 2-3 books about it.
    An old irish girlfriend, who had been to Israel for a year told me that “Israel is the sump-hole of the Mediterranean. All the crooks that have to get out of town, are gathered there. Their filth is indescribable.

    I assumed it was all just because she was a very attractive girl, but outspoken and assertive. But I found that what she said was absolutely true. Of course as a Jew, there were other attractions there for me. I was married and had my children there. I found relatives who were very happy there……and more.

    But, one of the things that sticks in my mind is during a complaint I made to the Mayor of Karmiel, (where I was building my house) on finding that my plot had been made smaller by enough to destroy my blueprint outcome, (in other words a large slice had been stolen and given to my neighbour) The mayor stared at me for about a minute (I thought he didn’t understand English) said….”if you don’t like it, go back where you came from'”.. I later found that my neighbour was the Chief Engineer in the Moetza Mekomit, and a close friend of the mayor.

    THAT’S the sort of thing that went on there in those days…a real Wild West scenario. Labour was governing then. I was even threatened with Jail by the police chief, had my finger prints taken and MUCH more…with my wife, and child with me and a baby in her arms also….

    Yes…Much MUCH more.

  5. Israel ranks about 30th in population density. But is is a country, not a city like Singapore or Hong Kong, Gibralter and other more dense areas.

    Over 90% of the population is urban. Much of the rest of the Land is desert, over 60%. and non productive. This makes the urban density comparatively very high. Bnei Brak with about 220,000 people is the FOURTH most densely populated city in the world. Modi’in is the 56th. out of 65 cities tabulated.

  6. READER-

    One of the BIG problems in Israel is that they don’t pay much-if any- attention to the Torah. How else to explain the stores that openly sell chazar, the pig farms etc. They are strictly forbidden in theTorah. More strictly forbidden than any other chuk of prohibition.

  7. @READER-

    Israel has a self-sustaining population without aliyah, I differ with you here, and you may have read my post of the constant abortion binge.

    The problem I find with aliyah is that they have to be coaxed, and flattered and induced with lollypops to make aliyah. It should be from CONVICTION, not coercion and bribery. The bribery is needed for the Arabs. And aliyah, contrary to your comment, has a LOT to do with costs. Ted has pointed this out in an earlier post today.

    Otherwise, as I wrote some years ago elsewhere. Israel will end iup as “wall to wall apartment blocks”;…. Not at all attractive, and in fact a strong incentive for Yorida as soon as possible. There are already far too many Israelis living abroad who have no intention of coming back..

    …..except maybe when they’re old and worn out, for whatever social benefits they may get, and perhaps a desire to be buried in Israel. But that’s only a tenuous speculation.

    Since biblical times there has always been a diaspora, and many times it has been a great help, but not always . To always be a suppliant is not a good image.

  8. @Reader
    The two issues, though each is focused on increasing Israeli population levels, are not mutually exclusive. I don’t believe that was the intent of any of us, but it certainly was not my own intent. I do support your never ending advocacy for Aliyah as i noted previously, and I find your consistency on the topic to be quite important, for what it is worth.

  9. @Ted Belman

    If Israel is densely populated, it is because the Jewish population is concentrated in the center of the country, there are 4 million Arabs within the Green Line and Judea and Samaria, and Israel is nowhere near its true Biblical borders.

    Aliyah has nothing to do with costs, density, abortions, making a small population larger, situational ethics, etc.

    If there is no aliyah, both Israel AND the Diaspora may cease to exist (except for a small remnant).

    I don’t think God gave us Israel after the Holocaust for us to turn it into a ghettoized “Monaco with a university” within a Muslim state.

    The biggest problem Jews have is that they always separate different groups of Jews into “us” and “them” – as long as “we” are OK, “they” can drop dead, or whatever (it is all “their” fault, anyway).

  10. @Reader
    The name of the organization is EFRAT.
    When women want to abort because of financial reasons, this organizations steps in an provides the money necessary to support the mother in order to get her t carry the baby to term.

  11. @Edgar @Ted Belman @peloni

    There is an organization in Israel which encourages women not to abort and even provides some financial help.

    Israel needs aliyah to settle the land and to prevent the slaughter of the Jews during the destruction of the Diaspora (which is coming).

    Israel could not be spending less money, attention, and time in promoting aliyah, it stifles it as much as it can by making the process difficult, selective, and humiliating.

    If there is another Holocaust (and I think there will be), anyone who tries to prevent the Diaspora Jews from making aliyah is nothing less than a murderer who stands by his brother’s blood which is prohibited by the Torah.

  12. @Edgar

    To me, it’s a sin of monstrous proportions to abort a child except for strong medical reasons.

    I quite agree. I often chided my parents that my birthday celebration was the celebration of the fact that they did not terminate my life before I had an opportunity to screw it up, LOL.

    Also, your Aliyah Thru Non-Abortive Practices easily gains my support (you could use the anacronym of ATNAP, which presents its own cynical irony). The simplicity and affordability of your suggestion demonstrates it obvious brilliance. Well described!

  13. Thank you Ted. For a very long time I’ve advocated this, on here and other forums. But the Aliyah craze seems to attract more publicity as an “achievement” than allowing for natural births, which brings little “nachas” to recognition-driven egotists It was needed at the beginning to bolster the small Jewish population vis a vis the Arabs, but that time is LONG past. Look at that meshuggena Freund spending dozens of millions, and corrupting rabonim to support his outrageous nonsense.
    If it were left up to his like, there would be little genuine Jewish blood in 100 years. As it is, there are many in Israel who are NOT Jewish in any way, but “got in’ by the Law of Return.

    To me, it’s a sin of monstrous proportions to abort a child except for strong medical reasons. We destroy 40,000 potential discoverers of cancer cures yearly.

  14. @Edgar
    It is much cheaper for Israel to support all unwanted children than it is for them to finance each Oleh.

    I am all for it. Many countries have supported otherwise aborted children as a means of making up for their low birthrate.

  15. I would prefer that Israel spends less effort and fewer billions, on persuading a reluctant Diaspora to come on aliya, and MORE on aiding to prevent the obscene amount of abortions, around 40,000 a year. THERE is the answer to reluctant Aliyah.

    Those in the Diaspora are all very welcome to come, they KNOW they can, but the babies who should be born, have no say in their pathetic future. If Israeli women don’t want babies, they shouldn’t so enthusiastically create them. There are enough medical preventatives, to mitigate against that happening.

    They need not have to murder helpless potential Israeli citizens.

  16. @Michael S.

    Thanks, but it seems that the word “aliyah” is out of fashion now even on

    All the top military people in Israel have been trained in the US, as far as I know.

  17. This scoundrel sounds the alarm, as some pyromaniac calling the fire dept timed just as the pyre of flames he set has swallowed the first two floors of an apartment building.

    Min. Gantz has single-handedly moved to reaffirm support for the terrorist PA and the TSS, and his party helped empowered the Brotherhood, paid them a stately prize of ready cash, raised their leader to the position of Deputy PM and donated them a landed gift in the Negev, but now he is now informing us of his concerns of what might result from the laundry list of treacheries he has thus far supported and made possible by his actions. His confession of concern is a useless pine twig of defiance to an oakened policy he has in part supported and in part led. In opposition to his own PM in this current Israeli govt, he has also helped revive the spectre of the TSS. Furthermore, his devotion to his America First policy would seem completely disconnected to the infamy of any role in laying a furtive foundation for the warning he is now sharing. Like some victim of a schizophrenic separation between what he has supported and the concerns he currently shares, he warns his party of the potential outcome of policies that he and they have enacted and, thus, made the threat of which now alarms him a more real potential than existed before the unfortunate role Gantz and/or Blue and White have played in the Israeli political system.

    If he can’t offer a solution for the madness he has helped establish, he might at minimum provide an open seat in the Knesset as a potential that anyone else might be better capable of not supporting what he has supported, and not championing what he has championed. His concerns may be sincere, but so too is the role he has played in permitting these matters to grow to a larger threat than might have been true with wiser leadership than he has provided the nation.

  18. Hi, Reader. You said to Ted,

    I think you should devote a part of your blog to aliyah (a permanent column like the CHIT CHAT) – news, discussions, etc.

    I agree, for the following reason: Aliyah, while viewed primarily as a religious act, is also intensely political. It is based upon the same affirmation as (Zabotinskian) Zionism itself: that Israel was given to the Jewish people by GOD, as their HOMELAND, and that no other piece of territory on earth is suitable as that homeland.

    Years ago, I used to regularly follow . They brought up the matter of aliyah often, and gave good practical advice for potential olim. I imagine they still do this.

  19. @Ted Belman

    I think you should devote a part of your blog to aliyah (a permanent column like the CHIT CHAT) – news, discussions, etc.

  20. Maybe it’s a trick?

    What if Gantz is trying to scare them with the worst case scenario so they’ll rush to accept the Two-state Final Solution which is “so much better” than what the “anonymous Arabs” say they want?

    After all, they will be promised PEACE in exchange for the painful concessions!

  21. It looks like some people are trying to implement the 1947 partition plan.

    They think they’ll be rewarded with American citizenship while watching the next Holocaust unfold.

    They should remember that “Rome does not reward traitors”.

    The only remedy against this is a huge aliyah right now.

    The Arabs act this way because they see that the Jews of Diaspora show almost no interest in Israel.

    There must be a totally new aliyah organization (completely non-selective) to replace both NBN and the JAFI.

    3,000 – 4,000 aliyah applications a day, and everyone will shut up.

  22. I say the same as I did about Gaza. Move in with a fleet of armoured bulldozers and flatten every building there. The EU ones should be sent back in shattered pieces, transport paid by them, The illegal Arabs should be chased out fo the country back to Jordan and Syria. Into the Sinai also.

    I’ve warned about the Bedouin in the Negev and the Galil several times. AND the so-called Black Hebrews. They have no rights in our country. Gantz is a ninny. And a traitor.

    Are we Jews or are we rabbits….?????