Democracy is a dangerous thing.

“Foundations of Betrayal:How the Liberal Super Rich Undermine America” by Phil Kent

    Says Laura Chasin Rockefeller (the 3rd generation):

    “It’s hard to get rid of the money in a way that does more good than harm. One of the ways is to subsidize people who are trying to change the system and get rid of people like us.”

There is something bigger in all that, and it is historically unprecedented: never before the ruling and richest elites in entire Western world voluntarily and readily conceded their power and wealth in pandemic insane obsession and concerns about the “poor” and low class. It is much more than lack of civilizational confidence or a “liberal fear of being envied” (Jack Wheeler), which both are only symptoms of a bigger and even more puzzling historical trend.

This global liberal brain melting began a couple of centuries ago. In 1800 (and before) it was generally acknowledged that the highest class is objectively better than the lower, thus fully deserving their wealth, privileges, power (inherited or acquired), while the lower is low mostly because of their objectively limited knowledge, skills et cetera. (Some were unjustly disadvantaged indeed, but that did not change the general concept of objective inequality).

Since then unprecedented in the human history events began to happen (to name a few):

    1) European monarchies willingly reduced their power to zero, turning themselves into poppet figures (those who were lucky to not be murdered);

    2) In the 1920s American Congress granted voting rights to all citizens disregarding their property status. By granting the right to vote to those who do not want or cannot make their living, the ruling class willingly placed our country under pressure of the poor who seek only more and more entitlements.

    3) The same ruling elite willingly taxed themselves “progressively” – unevenly! – above 50% (in Eurabia even higher), thus willingly robbing themselves in favor of lower classes.

    4) Eurabia and America in 1960s completely abandoned the unshakeable axiom that the aspiring immigrants must match racial, cultural and religious identity of the hosts (plus other limitations).

    5) There exist too many very visible and extremely wealthy individuals who publicly support and invest money having the goal to destroy the capitalist system – George Soros being the most notorious of them. A few other “new riches” and financial or technological geniuses are either explicit America’s haters (like former Soviet Jew Brin, founder of Google), or supporters of utopian projects (like Bill Gates). Those riches and the political elites of the West are members of the Bilderberg club and few other organizations, promoting the so called One World order (that is the Socialist order).

    6) Paradoxically the One World Order crowed (socialist by its very nature) somehow embraces Islam. Not only does it ignore the strategic danger of Islam unprecedentedly empowered by the oil money in 20th century. The West under these elites widely opened the door to Islam turning the home polices into a grotesque dhimmitude.

    7) On the other hand, by pushing the sham of the nonexistent “Global warming” and various “cap and trade” scheme, the One World Order attempts to spread the wealth of the West into backwards of the world.

    8) At that, no, literally not one person of such a financial caliber is visible (or perhaps does not even exist) on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Why? Such a lack of rich and powerful, standing for the core values of the West, spells the doom by itself.

You see: this suicidal trend is more fundamental than decadent soul searching, liberal complex of guilt, et cetera.

Is it all the case when a (suicidal) idea has possessed the masses becoming a material force (as damned Marx/Lenin put it)?

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Not one of Catarin’s examples above has anything to do with “undermining America.” That’s besides being ridiculous, like the 9-11 Clinton claim. Boo-hoo.

    Try again.

  2. What ever happened to the book _How the Super Rich Conservatives undermine America_?

    Here are some recent examples:

    The Oil super rich Koch Brothers. They fund many conservative groups and absolutely demand that their philosophy is followed or they withdraw their money. They are funding the Tea Party groups, telling them what to say and do in practice sessions held all over the country. They do so through “foundations” they control so their names are not attached to their cause. But you can be sure, it is THEIR propaganda that the Tea Party promotes, no individual thoughts allowed.

    T. Boone Pickens. Also rich from oil, it was his money that funded the slaughter of John Kerry’s run for the presidency six years ago. He was the Swift Boater Extraordinaire, which turned out to be about lies. But then, John Kerry is not a street fighter, he was shocked by these tactics. It did my heart good when he tried to shake the hand of Senator Al Franken, but Franken walked away.

    Richard Melon Scaife, a super rich heir of the Melon family who has donated over $600 million to conservative causes. He used to drink and was mean as hell, and it is he who financed the attacks against President Bill Clinton in the 90s which almost led to his impeachment over an affair. I believe the Republicans who took part in these attacks, like Gnewt Gingrich, are partly responsible for the 9-11 attacks because Bill’s attention was taken away from the security of America.

    Rich Republicans? Bah! Humbug!

  3. I’ve read somewhere,”Capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich.” I believe this rings true with all the bailouts and corporate welfare. The elites have conspired to destroy the North American manufacturing base. We’ve become a service based economy that produces very little on our way to third worldism status. When there are 10 people who own everything what will they own?

  4. This article and the book are superclass propaganda. They are afraid of popular movements that would take away their fascist power and wealth so they make up propaganda like this.
    Part of their propaganda is to pretend that their fascist control of economics is “capitalist” when in fact they killed capitalism a long time ago when they took more than 95 percent of the capital.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad that people swallow the baloney so willingly and so willingly defend the superclass’s right to enslave them.

    As it stands the superclass is in o danger of losing it’s wealth and power.

    and there is no “liberal” superclass – the entire superclass which is a very small group is totally fascist.

  5. 2) In the 1920s American Congress granted voting rights to all citizens disregarding their property status. By granting the right to vote to those who do not want or cannot make their living, the ruling class willingly placed our country under pressure of the poor who seek only more and more entitlements.

    I don’t believe one should have to be a property owner to have the right to vote.