Dershowitz: “Trump was dead wrong” to believe the election was stolen.

August 4, 2023 | 18 Comments »

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  1. I wonder if he really believes the election wasn’t rigged or if he is just going along with the lie because if he didn’t, rather than being in a position to defend Trump’s civil rights, he’d be in the dock, himself.

  2. @Vivarto
    Rumi’s verse is clever, but, in the context in which it’s offered, it’s not true. Everybody has an identity, and everybody believes in something. I would offer the following wisdom, as a more realistic alternative:

    Mirrors on the ceiling
    The pink champagne on ice
    And she said, “We are all just prisoners here
    Of our own device

    This explains you, and me, and Dershowitz, too, I suppose.

  3. @John Galt III
    As far as I know, Dersh has only offered his opinions, but has not worked for Trump.

    I think that Dersh really cannot conceive of election fraud on such massive scale. If he allowed for such possibility, his whole world would collapse.
    He still thinks that he lives in a free and democratic country…

  4. @Raphael

    Unfortunately it is quite common than even highly intelligent people are unable to free themselves from their religions.

    Dershowitz’s leftist-pro-democrat leaning is his religion.
    He has slightly liberated himself, but still a prisoner.

    ALL BELIEF SYSTEM (including all so called “religions”) are stupid.

    This of course includes the Jewish religion, too.
    And the amazing thing is that believers can easily see the absurdity of other group’s beliefs, but not their own.
    Conservatives can easily see the faults if the leftist ideology, and vice versa.
    Muhammadans can see the absurdity of Christian, Hindu beliefs, etc, but they are entirely blind to their own idiocy.

    It is extremely rare to find someone who is free from all these prisons.

    Once I read a poem of Rumi
    I am neither Christian, nor Jew, nor Magian, nor Muslim.

    I am not of the East, nor of the West, nor of the land, nor of the sea;
    I am not of Nature’s quarry, nor of the heaven circling above.
    I am not made of earth, nor of water, nor of wind, nor fire;
    nor of the Divine Throne, nor the carpet, nor the cosmos, nor mineral.
    I am not from India, nor China, nor Bulgaria, nor Turkestan;
    I am not from the kingdom of the two Iraqs, nor from the earth of Khurasan.
    Neither of this world, nor the next, I am, nor of Heaven, nor of Hell;

  5. He is a partisan fool. More votes than registered voters.. Pennsylvania. Many more examples of fraud. You don’t need to be a genius to work it out, just the TRUTH

  6. There are 6 unindicted co-conspirators in the latest Stalinist Show Trial indictment – 4 of them at least – are lawyers who gave Trump advice on the fraudulent election. Dershowitz is just being smart and distancing himself so he doesn’t go to prison as Dershowitz in the past has worked for Trump in a legal capacity.

  7. So what is Dershowitz’s game? He’s not stupid, and I’m sure that he’s not unaware. There were ‘smoking guns’ everywhere after the so-called election. Maybe he is blinded by Trump hatred. It would be nice to know where Dersh is coming from.

  8. Hi, Hund

    I’m glad to help. Concerning Mr. Derschowitz, he is a very, very smart man — which is why I didn’t excuse him for saying what he did about our real President, Donald Trump. At times, “Dersch” has said supportive things, things which are true and which we all should know; but for a man as smart as him, to say with a straight face that he didn’t see the obvious, rampant fraud of the 2020 election — and, at that, being a lawyer who should have known as much — there’s just no excuse. Not only is Mr. Trump’s life and reputation at stake, but the safety and security of every American, as Dersch and others stand by and watch villains like Smith try to tear apart the fabric of our republic.

  9. I have a great deal of respect for Professor Dershowitz, but there are times – as in this instance – when he seems to exist in an alternate reality.

  10. @Hund
    Thank you for your praise. Israpundit is a labour of love.
    The comment section is most important. Israpundit is indebted to all those who share their knowledge and opinion in it. You guys and girls make Israpundit what it is.

  11. @ Michael S: Thank you for showing or correcting me. I’m not a native speaker.
    I support your view as well as those of the others here.

    What a great forum that is here at Israpundit. Lots of different opinions, but in the end we are all family and one.

    Thank you for all of you for contributing your thoughts and opinions. They all really mean a lot to me! I go to Israpundit every single day, and also because of the comments, i.e. the discussion behind the articles.

    And especially thank you for you, dear Mr. Belman. You’re an outstanding person, a gentleman, very smart, intellectual, and – or but what matters the most – with a good heart! G’d bless you. [And all the others of you here, too, of course 😉 ]

  12. Actually, its Dershovitz who has it dead wrong.
    I was an organiser of the UK elections for the WZO for several elections from the late 90s until around 2015. The 2010 election was agreed to be decided by digital voting on a specially set up website. One of the participants requested the possibility of a paper vote for people without computers. This was agreed.
    On the day before the end of the election (I think it was held over a one or two week period), the group who requested the paper vote walked into the office with a large pile of voting papers with around a thousand votes for their group. This completely slewed the votes previously cast on the website and moved them from last to first by a significant margin. The other groups were not happy and smelt a rat so the committee compared the signatures on the voting papers against those on the registration forms. It was clearly obvious that many of these signatures, just fake squiggles, did not match and thus the paper votes should be invalid. The matter was taken to the election committee court in Israel to protest the result. The court met before a judge who said it would be too time consuming and expensive to take the matter further and allowed the result to stand. This disenfranchised all the other participants and gave an overall majority the the cheating party who sent the largest number of delegates to the congress. In addition at the following congress the UK election committee was entitled to be controlled by the largest party from the previous congress (the dishonest one) and was completly stacked in its favour. They were able to select and refuse new applicants putting unreasonable unfair demands on new Zionist groups who wanted to be a part of Congress. New groups were kept out. They also were able to determine the method of election for that year which was biaised to their favoured paper election. Basically this group did exactly what Trump accused the Democrats of having done in the election which he lost and convinced me that Trump was robbed and America subsequently ruined by a dishonest party.
    America has gone to the dogs and Zionism in Britain, ruined, has all but disappeared. The Zionist Federation is no more and effectively gone.
    My sympathies are with Trump. Those people who said that “it could not happen” and that he was wrong to say he was robbed are just dangerously heralding the end of democracy and sentencing the USA to a future with an unassailable and woke Democratic party in charge, just like Russia and China. The paper voting by mail is being pushed, for the same reasons, by Labour in the UK with the same terrifying potential results.

  13. So what”s with Dersh? Not for a second do I think he is evil as Michael claims. Is he simply accepting the fact that there is no criminal conviction? Not likely. Then what? My guess is that he has reviewed the claims and found them wanting. But upon what grounds? By what standard?
    In his conversation with Hannity in 2021, he says “the evidence seems to strongly suggest that it wasn’t stolen”. That’s really odd. To most of us, the evidence strongly suggests it was stolen.

    Does anyone know of an article or video in which Dershowitz supports his opinion?

  14. There’s ample evidence to show that the election WAS significantly compromised, if not outright stolen. Virtually every case brought to prove it was dismissed NOT on the evidence but rather on purported technicalities (i.e. lack of standing on the part of the paintiffs in one case). They are TERRIFIED of having the real truth come to light, because the same theft is being planned again.
    While I generally agree with Alan Dershowitz, in this instance he’s flat out wrong.